Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 4 Kigali Rwanda...Marriage, baptism, driving, conference,, what a week!

Hello! This week has been awesome! I love hearing what is going on back home, definitely miss everyone! On Monday after emailing, we visited Mama Cecilia. She is the one we gave a blessing to. She is doing better and I think she is already out of her house doing the things she does. 

On Tuesday it was a pretty normal day, but we started the Baptismal papers for Dieudonne and Kellen. Pretty exciting. There wedding was on Thursday. I also was able to drive for the first time today. I got my license and President said that Elder Empey could let me drive a little. It is weird driving here in Rwanda. Lots of hills and really no rules.haha. You kind of just creep out into the road until someone stops and lets you go. It is weird. The truck is manual so I am glad I learned how to drive manual back home.

Wednesday we had district meeting with the other district because Elder Empey had to see how they were doing. (he is the zone leader). We taught a members family that are refugees from Burundy. They only speak Swahili and French so it is a translated lesson. They cheered and clapped when we finished the lesson and told them the General Conference would be in Swahili. Haha very funny. On Thursday me and Elder Empey went and got pizza! It is pretty expensive and so we can't go there very often, but it was good. Then we went to Dieudonne and Kellens wedding. It was really cool. They hold the flag with one hand and raise the other and say something and then they are married. Pretty cool. Then we had a small after party. There was this guy that was in a picture and while he was in the picture he pulled out his phone and started taking pictures of me and Elder Empey. haha. The wedding was awesome and Dieudonne bore a strong testimony at it. We got like 3 new people to call and go visit from it, so it was a win-win.

Friday we had a normal day. Weekly planning and did a little service for one of our investigators. We planted flowers. A bit of a tough day, but still good. On Saturday we got to watch Conference! We were at the church most of the day. We watched Satuday and Priesthood Sessions. It was great and I learned so much. We also had Dieudonnes and Kellens baptismal interviews. They passed!

Sunday we watched the Sunday morning session and we had 54 people at church. That is good. Then we had our Baptisms! We had a great talk on Baptism from one of the members and then we did the baptisms. I was able to baptize Kellen and Elder Empey was able to baptize Dieudonne. It was an awesome experience and one that I will never forget and hope that they never forget. It was such a great day! This family was definitely prepared and they are what we call Golden Investigators. They were so faithful and kept every commitment. They are going to be a great family in the church. Awesome day. Today for P-day we washed clothes and me and Elder Anderson got into  a few ferocious games of ERC. It is a card game. He won the first and I won the second. We might play the last one tonight.

It was a great week. The baptism and wedding were awesome. General Conference was awesome. We still have to watch Sunday Afternoon session. One thing I loved was how a few talks mentioned how the weak and simple are called to procaim the gospel. Anyone can proclaim the gospel it doesn't matter how old you are because it isn't the person that matters, but the messege and the spirit that matter. I have come to know that that is true so far on my mission. I also like Dieter F. Uchtdorfs talk on Satuday Morning. He talked about focusing on things that matter. There we be a lot of questions that no one can answer but we shouldn't focus on those things. Focus on what we need to know and do. One scripture I really liked this week was Alma 30:44. It talks about how we can look around us and know that there is a God. I love that scripture because everything around us testifies of God. Anyways It was a great week. Thanks for the letters. Love you all.

Love Elder Beck

Answers to Mom's questions:
1.How are feeling physically? are you walking a lot?
Physically I am doing pretty well. I am sleeping well and am able to get up every morning. It depends on the day on how much we walk, but when we are walking it is either up a hill or down a hill. No flat ground. 

2. Do you want some spices for your food? Some seasoning would be nice 

3. what are the names of your companion's parents? I am not sure on what there parents names are. I'm  sure you can Facebook stalk them or something. haha. 

4. Do you have any advice for my sunday school class? Only advice I have for Sunday School is to make sure they watch all of General Conference a lot of great stuff in there. 

Thanks Mom. I love the letters and I love you.

wedding couple with the missionaries

Dieudonne and Kellens wedding

wedding jitters?
Wedding festivities

see the next post for more pictures.....

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