Monday, January 30, 2017

First full week in Entebbe!

Thoughtful Elder Beck

Hello. SO this week was awesome. It seemed like everything happened in not a lot of time and it flew by. It started off right after emailing we were getting some food and we were buying a pineapple and we talked to this guy that was also buying a pineapple and now he is a progressing investigator that came to church and has a baptism date. The Lord is preparing people and we just have to open our mouths.

Tuesday was an awesome day. We taught a lot of lessons. Did some awesome finding and also found some good people and some stubborn people. They said that we changed the name of the church from Mormons to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. haha and we were moving with 3 of us because we had a member and they were wondering if our leader was changing things. hahaha. Also I scared a kid so bad that he peed his pants. hahaha. Only in the uganda kampala mission. and we found a new family!

Wednesday we had Zone meeting. It was good. Then we had a good day after that. Taught some awesome lessons. Getting used to the area and the truck.


Thursday was a weird day. Most of it was going to Kampala to learn about the changes to the missionary schedule. For lunch we went to a mexican restaurant. It was actually pretty good. The changes that came were that we don't do planning at night, but in the morning. We can choose when to do some of the other things like Comp study whenever we have time during the day. so we have a little more freedom and flexibility. It is nice. Also we have different key indicators or we have less of them and P-day is a little different. We have more time to do things. I was just tired of sitting in a car by the end of the day..........

On friday we started working out at the boxing gym. It was fun and nice because we have a trainer and he is going to teach us how to box! Then we had a good day. We had a nice lesson with Kasburt and set a baptism date with him. On Saturday we had a weird day. Elder Andersen was feeling sick and had a headache. We also had interviews with President Collings. HE is inspired and called of God! But we didn't get much missionary work because Elder Andersen was sick. He even got permission to get a massage! (that sounds awesome!)

Sunday, we were all healthy and it was my first time in the ward. It was really nice! We had 3 investigators at church and the church building was actually quite. Lugazi is very loud and you can't hear anything. It was nice here. There was a baptism as well. It went well. There are some powerful members here. Then we had a good rest of the day. Today we went to Kampala to do some things. It is not easy driving in Kampala. It makes you want to take a nap. hahaha. Everything is good. loving life.  :)

This week I studied Jacob 5. It is a really long chapter, but one verse really stood out to me and that is verse 41. It shows the love that our Heavenly Father has for us and how he knows each of us. He weeps when we do wrong and he rejoices when we do right! It led me to the scripture Alma 26:37. I really love this scripture. I know that Heavenly Father really loves us and his Son Jesus Christ loves us. They want all of us to return to them and they are here to help us every step of the way! Have a great week.    

Love Elder Beck

KFC?? That doesn't seem African

MOM questions:
1.  What do you use for toilet paper?

I use good old Luxury Toilet paper for 500 shs. Maybe i will take a picture of it. ALso the daily planner pages as neccesary. haha.

2. Do you give out many book of mormons in your day or wait until someone has a discussion and wants to listen?

WE usually don't give out book of mormons like candy here. We wait till we teach them and they are serious. Usually if they come to church.

3.  We had a great stake conference this week.  A lot about missionary work, fellowshipping and reaching out to others.  Just being kind and being a friend.  How do the members of your ward reach out to others and support them?

There are some really good members here. I am not sure how excatly they reach out and help them, but they are nice people. I don;t think there is much home or visiting teaching here. nice people though.

4. If you had a pile of snow in Uganda what would you do with it??

I would make a snowball and throw it at a boda man!

5.  SUPERBOWL 2017... PATRIOTS V FALCONS...who's going to win?

I am rooting for the falcons to win it this year!

6.  Did you get your package? 

 I got the package today. Thanks I am going to enjoy those shoes! becasue we are working out at a boxing gym now. It is pretty awesome! ME and Elder Andersen had a great week. We are excited for the rest of the transfer and it seems to be flying by already! We are finding success. I am getting used to my new place in the mission and things are good.

Elder Beck (Uganda), Elder Kirby (Nebraska), Elder Belnap (Canada), Elder Nielsen (Russia)
(with former Elder Jensen- California)
Motto:  ym who bowl together go on missions!! ha ha! or something like that!

Entebbe is a major town in Central Uganda. On a Lake Victoria peninsula, approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi) southwest of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, it was once the seat of government for the Protectorate of Uganda prior to independence, in 1962. Entebbe is the location of Entebbe International AirportEntebbe is also the location of State House, the official office and residence of the President of Uganda.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Transfer Week! Goodbye Lugazi, Hello Entebbe, committing, finding, stake splitting

Elder Dibatayi and Elder Beck
practicing their wake-boarding position?
working on a new approach technique?
I have no idea

Hello, This week flew by and it was a great week.

It started off when we visited a family that we were teaching. Me and Elder Dibatayi ......and I was set on setting a baptism date with them before I left. They had been hesitant to do that. So we got there and shared a thought and I committed them and they felt like that is what they were suppose to do! It is awesome! The Lord is softening hearts and changing people everyday! ON Tuesday we visited a lot of people and said goodbye. It wasn't easy and then i got a call I was getting picked up in the evening instead of on Wednesday. SO I had to leave early and got picked up and spent the night in Kampala.

Lugazi friends

Lugazi family

Favorite Lugazi eatery...chapate!!

Favorite Lugazi latrine??
(I have no clue, he just send pictures...what do you think?)

Cute family in Lugazi...goofing around with Elder Beck

Farewell Lugazi!!
(the steps to his apartment?  site of the stolen shoes?? who knows..ha ha)

Elder D?

Lugazi...the road less traveled

Elder Beck and young friends

Serious missionary business....word!

On Wednesday, morning I got up early and the AP's dropped me off in Kajansi (which is in my zone) and I was with the elders for most of the day. Then in the evening Elder Andersen picked me up and we went to Entebbe. Entebbe is really nice. I am excited. Thursday we had a nice day. We even found a new family to teach that day. It was awesome and also set a baptism date with a new investigator and got fed by them. Yes!!!!

ON Friday we had MLC. It was a super nice meeting. The spirit was awesome and I know this is really the Lord's work. Saturday we came back to Entebbe and did a lot of planning and also got some good work in the area.
Sunday, we had Stake Conference and the stake creation. (Side note: according to Sister Collings, the stake was created 6 years ago and now it has been split into 2 stakes this past weekend.) It was awesome!!! Like 1000 people at the place and the spirit was awesome. Got to see a lot of missionaries. Then we had a good day in the area. Things are looking good here. There is no one really progressing right now, but we are looking to change that this week and transfer. Elder Andersen is good. WE know each other from my first transfer on mission in Rwanda.  (Elder Anderson is from Morgan , UT). Today we played risk and had donuts and pork. Good p-day. (he loves his meat!!)

Elder Dowdle and Elder Beck repping Idaho!!

Stake conference and splitting into 2 stakes
(over a 1000 people. Sister Collings reports: It's hard to sneak a picture from the stand. 😉There is another area that's almost as large, that was full. Members watched it on a tv screen.)

Missionaries and cutie patootie at stake conference

Look at those!

Missionaries and members

This week I have been studying the words of Nephi at the end of second Nephi. His words are really there to strengthen our faith in Christ. They are so simple yet so powerful. And lately I have been working on increasing my faith and testimony of Jesus CHrist. Jesus is the very Christ and he has paid for us and he is inviting everyone to partake of his goodness and salvation. 2 Nephi 25:26, 2 Nephi 26:33.
Love ,Elder Beck

Lugazi crew/roomies...

almost all smiles  :) :)
(Note: left over right and right over left)

1.What is the craziest thing you have witnessed on your mission?

The craziest thing I have witnessed is when they circumcise someone from a certain tribe. they do it at the age of 18 and they go around town with drums and loud things with the kid in a loin cloth preparing for his circumcision. Crazy...  (OUCH!!!)

2. How do you stay cool in Africa?

You stay in the shade. Sometimes I wear a hat. But now I have a truck with ac........... aaaaaahhh!  :)

3. What is the weirdest odor that you've experienced on your mission?

At the sugar can factory in Lugazi. It produces a nasty smell, but I got used to it after a while, because I was there so long.

Never alone

Monday, January 16, 2017


(recalling his foot chase after the shoe thief)

will now team up with

in Entebbe, Uganda

Hello. So today we had transfer news. I am finally leaving Lugazi and I will be headed to Entebbe to be with Elder Andersen. I was in the same district as him in my first transfer in my mission. Should be good. Excited, but sad at the same time. I am going to miss a lot of awesome people here.

Elder Anderson in Rwanda!!!
seems like a long time ago

This week was a great week. We found a ton of new people and also taught a ton of awesome people and even had a couple of baptisms. The week started off though with me in Mukono with Elder Foster and Elder Haines. WE all came on mission at the same time, so it was an awesome exchange. (cue the music...reunited cuz it feels so good! la la la)  Also met a member that reads all the standards works every year except for either the new testament or the old testament. That is awesome. The scriptures are true and they help us so much. ON wednesday I was back in Lugazi. We had a nice day.

Thursday we made sure our candidates were ready for baptism interviews. They both are awesome. On Friday we had a nice day, but also got a good dinner appointment because some of us were probably leaving. Gotta love those appointments. (I'm going to get him a shirt that says...FEED ME!!) Saturday we had the interviews they all went well. Except one guy on their side said he wasn't ready for baptism yet..... Too bad. Also I drank root beer A&W! It had been a long time. That can was too small though. Straight from America though..... (excellent!!)

Then Sunday we had an awesome day. We had a good attendance with a lot of investigators on our side that came. Then we finished it off with some awesome baptisms. David ( the blind man) was very very happy. It has been two years since he started coming to church, Fred( a brother of a member) is a great guy, George ( someone that me and Elder Goodrich found) is very humble and really wants to follow Christ. They are great people and I was filled with joy when I saw their baptism and heard their testimonies. Also visited some people in the evening that I wanted to say goodbye to......

For P-day we stayed in Lugazi and watched some church movies. Chill day. Also packing for Transfers.

This week I have been in 2 Nephi. I really like chapter 4 when Nephi is telling us the feelings of his soul. Powerful words in that chapter. Also I like the words of Isaiah from Jacob. He talks a lot about Godly fear and Manly fear. WE need not fear man. God is the creator of all. Fear is the opposite of Faith and we have no need to fear. God is always there. WE know the truth. WE have his power and authority! Look unto Christ in every thought, Doubt not, Fear not! D&C 6:36. If we are ever worried or fearing or unsure. Put your trust in Christ and those will be swept away from us! Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions.... 
1.  did you think you know who stole your shoes?  Do you lock your door to your apartment?
I saw him, but I can't really recognize africans as well unless I really get to know them. Yes we locked our door. My shoes were outside the door because the house is inside a big fenced compound.

2.  How are you feeling about transfers?  Ready for a change?
Transfers.... I am leaving beloved Lugazi. I will be going to Entebee to be with Elder Andersen who was in the same apartment with me my first transfer in Rwanda. Should be good. I am excited, but I will miss these people here.

3.  I found this yesterday from a talk in oct conference 2016 by Pres monson.  "Essential to the plan is our Savior, Jesus Christ.  without his atoning sacrifice, all would be lost.  It is not enough, however, merely to believe in HIm and His mission. WE need to work and learn, search and pray, repent and improve.  We need to know God's laws and live them.We need to receive His saving ordinances.  ONLY BY SO DOING WILL WE OTAIN TRUE, ETERNAL HAPPINESS

I guess what this reminded me is that we need to LIVE the truth that we are given to be happy.  That we need to act. So, how are you doing with working, learning, searching, praying, repenting and improving?  I'm trying but I have a lot to do.

I am doing pretty good, but i can always improve a lot! We can all ask Heavenly Father in Prayer what is something that i can change or improve on in my life and he will show and whisper to us what we should do in our lives and we can always do that.

FRIENDS IN LUGAZI..members and recent converts


Elder Goodrich, friend , Elder Beck

funny boys

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Time is flying!!!

hello everyone . this week was very nice.

Tuesday was a great day. We set a baptism date with a long time investigator. the one that is blind. His name is Bro David and he was excited!! Even this Sunday he made sure he was there and looking smart. Also I was sitting there and I realized that I see many animals do really weird and funny things here in Uganda that I wouldn't normally see. (small tender mercy there to observe nature).

Wednesday we had ZDM. Really nice. Then we came back and had some good lessons. We even taught a lesson about Temples and Families to a family that is progressing and the spirit was very strong. I love the temple and families!

On Thursday we had a nice day. I was feeling that I wasn't excited about missionary work earlier in the week, but I decided I wanted to be excited about it and I went out and taught with the spirit and opened my mouth and we had a really awesome day even though it was scorching hot. Attitude means everything. We met a RC and now his brother is staying there with him, so we started teaching him as well. Tender Mercy.....

On Friday we set another baptism date with an investigator who is a referral from another investigator and he is really powerful, but we just have to get him to come to church consistently. 

On Saturday I went on exchanges with my former companion Elder Goodrich. It was a fun day and we saw some great blessings.  Also got to see some people I was teaching before. an investigator that me and Elder Goodrich were teaching and found is getting ready for baptism this Sunday.

On Sunday we had a crazy day. So it started off normal, but as we left to go to church my companion said he forgot something so we went back to the apartment and he went inside to get it and I went around back to go to the bathroom. I saw a guy that was jumping over the wall of our compound and he was wearing my nike shoes...... So after some chasing and other stuff..... We locked up the place and headed to church and sent the guard to go to the house and guard the place. Then we had some other things with some potential suspects that is hard to explain in an email.    But in other words my shoes got stolen, but luckily the lord loves us and in his plan we went back and probably stopped him from entering the house and stealing more important things.  It kind of reminded me of the incident in San Diego 2015 (now there's a crazy story that happened a week before he left for Africa.) Things are good. We are safe and the Lord is blessing us. We also had a good Sunday and got fed and stuff and taught some good lessons. 

Today we played basketball in Kampala, but because my shoes got stolen I was playing in my proselyting shoes. hahaha   Still fun though.   It was an awesome week and we are preparing for 2 baptisms this week and 3 for the other guys this week. 

This week I have been going through 1 Nephi.  It is awesome as usual, but I really like some of the teachings of Nephi in chapter 19 verses 7-9. He talks about how some people set things at naught when others esteem it to be of great worth and that is how it is with Christ. Nephi taught us that we are trampling Christ under our feet when we don't hearken to his teachings and put other things ahead of Him. Wow! But I like in verse 9 that talks about Christ suffering all things because he loves us. Even if we are not righteous he is patiently waiting for us to change and to remember him and his gospel. So let us repent and have faith in Christ and not trample Him under our feet, but put Him first in our lives and I know we will find joy and happiness and peace and Love. Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions....?
1.  When you are having a hard day what scripture helps you or boosts your spirit
 don't know, but usually I just read a random part of the scriptures, but I really focus and think about the situation and it always brings the spirit and makes me want to go do good.

2.  Where is your favorite spot in Lugazi?
My favorite spot in Lugazi is the outskirts where it is quite and you can think. Also a restaurant called Chilly Willy's. Nice food.....

3.  If you could encourage us to be better at one thing, what would that be?
Remembering the Lord. Being Grateful for blessings and seeing them everyday in your lives. It will keep you on the strait and narrow. We sometimes forget the Lord in our everyday lives, but he is always there.

4.  How do you say hello in the native language?  goodbye?  how are you? Where's the toilet?
Hello- Jambo (I could use a Jamba)
Goodbye- Not sure
Good night-Sula Balunge, 
How are you- Oleote-ah
Where's the toilet- Long Drop Alewah. (this sounds like he made it up...ha ha!)

 Not sure if I am saying those things right,but I tried.  :)

Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! ..... being grateful

did you know there's snow in Uganda? snow in Uganda but snow at Pebble Creek
(he didn't send pictures this week...waaaaa)

Hello! I can't believe it is a new year al ready. 2017! crazy. I still can't really believe it. Time is flying right now. Things are good here.

We had a great week so I am going to keep it short. We have a new goal for the mission and some new news. There are no more areas. It is a free for all. We just have to stay in our districts, but other than that we can go wherever and just have to stay near the church. Pretty crazy. it didn't change things this week, but as time goes on it will probably change things.

We have some people preparing for baptism on the 15th of January. We have Fred and David. Fred is a part member. He is a brother to a powerful member and he is awesome as well. Everything is looking good for him. David is a guy that has been coming to church for awhile and he is blind, but he hasn't been baptized because of marriage issues, but it looks like he will be able to be  baptized because of some new information we have received. Then going into the next transfer some of these families look as if they will get baptized so we are seeing the blessings here in Lugazi.

Time is flying and it is already 2017. It is a great time to set some meaningful goals and also to look back and be grateful for the TENDER MERCIES of 2016. that is something the mission has been focusing on lately. Is BEING GRATEFUL. And it has really helped me stay positive and realize the Lord's hand in my life everyday. A great example of Gratitude is Lehi. He shows gratitude every time he receives a blessing. The first thing he does. let us be grateful everyday for what the Lord does for us and I know he will continue to bless us..... Have a great week.

love Elder Beck

Dear MOM,
This week was nice and we were truly blessed. We have some things that are falling into place for some people to progress towards baptism and really it is all from the Lord. It is not us. Things are good. Last two weeks of the transfer are coming up.

MOM questions.
1. are you feeling better?  can you breath deep without pain? ( he thought he might have bronchitis)

Yes I am feeling better. I still sometimes have it, but it doesn't effect me at all.

2. What is the hardest thing to get used to in Africa? bugs? food?

The hardest thing to get used to is probably the food and the language everything else wasn't too bad.

3.  do you have a favorite part of PMG?

My favorite part of PMG is chapter 6 the Christ like Attributes. I want to focus on those this year.

Thanks mother for the email. Love you.

Love Elder Beck


These folks are Elder Becks Mission Prez and wife..
President Collings and Sister Collings
They are from Utah but we won't hold that against them...jk!
They are super young and energetic and Elder Beck loves their spirits.
They have left family, friends, grandkids at home to serve the Lord.
Their youngest son is on a mission in Hawaii.
They keep us updated on the happenings in the Uganda Kampala mission.
They are AWESOME.
check out their blog for more about their adventures

Not mission related but when Elder Beck was asked if he missed skiing.....he said...YES.  Here are 2 pictures from the same spot with different weather conditions.

looking towards Inkom

Where's the bottom of the hill?
Look you can walk on the clouds over to scout mountain!