Monday, October 19, 2015


"I can't really capture the beauty of Kigali in a picture!"
{I think Elder Beck has already fallen in love with the landscape and the people here)

Hello! It sounds like everything back home is awesome. A lot is going on and I definitely miss that, but it is good here in Rwanda. This week flew by and I can't believe I am here emailing again.

This week has been a good one. On Monday after we emailed we went to FHE at 6, but no one showed up so that was a bust. Then Elder Empey had to do some zone leader stuff (have I mentioned that he is the zone leader? I can't remember). It was kind of a bust of a night, but still a good P-day. On Tuesdaywe had a pretty busy day. We taught a new investigator for the first time. She is Dieu Donne's neighbor. She is a really nice person, but she has a few red flags that make it hard for us to teach her. Then afterwards we taught Dieu Donne and his wife. They are the ones that are getting married on the 22nd and getting baptized on the 25th. They are golden investigators. They keep every commitment, they read the BOM a ton, and they are just really good people. So we are working really hard to help them get to those dates as smoothly as possible. Afterwards we taught Benard and his family. They are a great family, but something is stopping them from getting married. Here in Rwanda a lot of families only get married traditionally, but not legally and they need to be married legally to get baptized. Then we met with a Recent Convert later that night, so a pretty normal day.

On Wednesday we had District Development Meeting in  the morning and I did the training part of it. It went well, but it is always hard to teach and train people that are a lot more experienced than you. Then we met with a funny lady named Imaculee. She loves to laugh. It is great. Then we met with Frances and his wife (both members). The wife was sick so she wanted a blessing. It was my first opportunity to give a priesthood blessing. I did the anointing. Really good experience the spirit was definitely there. Then we had a dinner appointment with Erik and Rachelle (Investigators). It was my first traditional dinner. It was alright, but not that good. Bugali is that maize flour stuff.  my body is like why do I need to swallow this it has no taste and has no nutritional value, but it was a good experience to have greens ( a vegetable mix), beans, rice, a piece of meat, and bugali. Then on Thursday I had my first exchanges. I went to Kigali 1st branch. There are 3 branche in Kigali, my branch is the Kigali 2nd. I went with Elder Gondwe and Elder Erckanbrack. There are two because one of the elders still hadn't made to Rwanda by then. We did a lot of finding, contacting, and tracting that day. One cool experience was when we met a brother and a sister. The brother had a stroke not to long ago and couldn't use his left arm and had trouble speaking. He said that everyday he usually goes to the Doctor, but on that day he didn't go. I am pretty sure that wasn't just a coincidence. It was cool to get to know the other Elders in Rwanda. I've come to the conclusion that the Elders here in Rwanda are the best in the entire world. haha.

On Friday we woke up and we exchanged back to our original places and then went to the airport to pick up the new Elder. Elder Osei Tu Tu. He is from Ghana and seems like a really cool guy. The rest of the day was a normal day of missionary work except when we met with Mama Cecilia. She had just gotten out of the hospital. She was diagnosed with Diabetes. She left the hospital early so she could get a priesthood blessing.Lots of Faith. She was really sick. She couldn't talk very well and she was laying down. This time I did the sealing and blessing. I was really nervous, but just relied on the spirit and did my best. The spirit was strong and after the blessing and just talking with her she was already doing better. The priesthood and faith really do work. On Saturday we went back to Mama Cecilia to drop some Joseph Smith movies she could watch on her laptop. She was sitting up and eating and seemed to be doing a lot better. It was amazing and good to see. She is the Relief Society President in the Branch. Then the rest of the day went pretty normal with teaching and finding.

Sunday President Chatfield, his wife, Elder Goodwin, and Sister Goodwin showed up for interviews and to see how it was going in Rwanda. They all came to our branch. We had 57 in sacrament this week which is one higher than last weeks record for the year! It was a very good Church Service. President Chatfield spoke everyone was glued to him and it was silent. He is powerful and it was really good to have our branch hear from him. Sunday school went well and then I taught Priesthood. It went well, but it is weird teaching Fathers about having a harmonious family. haha, but they had a good discussion and I didn't have to do much teaching. After Church we had to run President Chatfield and the others around so we only got one lesson in before 6, when the training started. Training and interviews was really good. Lots of things that I learned. It was a great Sunday. Then today we said goodbye to Pres. Chatfield and the others. They drove here from Kampala. 9 hour drive. Then did Laundry, went shopping in town, and then emailed. Overall really good week.
This week was a little frustrating at times, but I really learned that we need to be patient with ourselves and as we continue to work hard and give it our best we will become better and those things that we struggle with will get better. I am really coming to love the people here. Especially the members and the investigators. Really awesome people. Something president Chatfield said was that we need to make sure everyone around us is a better person because of you. That is a great goal to have. Thanks for the letters and keep writing me. I love you too..
Elder Beck
PS I am starting to understand there English better, but over the phone I am still struggling. Also I have learned a few words in there language kinyarwanda, but not much.
Kigali 2nd Branch with Pres/Sister Chatfield and Bro/Sis Goodwin
(Elder Beck is hiding by the pillar)

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