Monday, February 27, 2017

TRANSFERS!!!!! Just enjoying life right now :)

Elder Anderson and Beck on the equator

service project

strike a pose Entebbe missionaries!!!

So this week was great. Transfers.... I am staying with Elder Andersen. Elder Brogan my former companion is coming to entebbe. So things are good right now. We are looking forward to another transfer.

This week was awesome. So some cool things that happened this week was on Tuesday we were going to do some service for a member, but they bounced us, but as we were getting bounced there was this guy who asked us if we needed any help so of course we wanted to share our special message with him so we shared with him and his brother. We needed to be there at that time, just not for what we originally thought.Also another time all our appointments were bouncing so we decided to pray and after I felt we needed to go to the church, SO we headed there, we checked inside first no one, but just outside the church was a guy and his friend sitting in the shade and we taught them. The lord is in truly blessing us and guiding us if we just rely on him and turn to him.

We have this one investigator that is super funny and annoying. He is always asking weird questions and always wants us to bring foreigners for us him to meet and we just say we can't do that. haha. Also Juma the blind man is doing well. WE are just trying to figure out how to get him to church, but he loves us and he loves the message we share.

We also had a really nice baptism on Sunday for sister Mary. She was very happy and everything went well even though the water was cold. haha. We are excited for her. It was a really nice Sabbath except Elder Andersen was a little sick......... but better now.

Mary and company

what the croc?
the croc pot

For P-day we went to the croc farm and the equator. It was awesome. We got to hold baby crocodiles. and Feed a huge one a chicken, There is apparently one that ate 62 people when it was in the river. Also got to ride on a ferry across part of the lake that was cool. It was a fun day. Looking forward to this day. We have a busy week with transfer and MLC, so we are hoping to find some time for the missionary work this week.

"I'm looking for my 63rd human meal...yum yum!"

Oh look, Elder Beck wrestled a baby croc
Maybe he'll bring one home for his sisters

Chicken on a flimsy stick...time to feed the croc

Lurking croc.... ready to pounce

This week I really liked Alma 7 when it talks about the atonement and change through the atonement. Jesus Christ really did suffer everything already, We just have to come unto him and lay aside every sin that easily besets us and get baptized and if we are already baptized then partake of the sacrament and make that commitment never to do it again and always follow Christ. The atonement can help us with anything even when we think it can't it can. SO pray and ask for that help and you can guarantee it will come and you can change through the atonement of Jesus Christ! Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions...
1.  Ok, we might need more stories about what makes you laugh.  I cracked up about the can't breath laughing episode that reminded you of dad..ha ha.  and the fact that you think eryn's blanket looks so hot!  (it's thin and she is freezing in the colder temps down in the basement).  Do you miss the cold and snow?

I will try to think of some more of those stories............ I do miss  the cold and the snow a lot. 

2.  Eryn is considering golf and natty tennis for a spring sport...... which would you recommend?

Both of those I enjoy playing and want to play when I get back. I have played golf on mission, so I would have to go with Golf

3.  you seem to be eating a variety of different foods lately.... mexican, ethiopian, etc... is there a certain food that you get all the time that you're ready to take a break from?  (the ward missionaries requested NO MORE PIZZA .... haha... they are pizza'ed out!)

We always get rolex or kikomando a lot or rice and meat. SO getting mexican food or kfc or ethiopian is a real treat. We don't have the funds to go there everyday......

4.  what do you see when you look into the eyes of the people you teach?

I see people who are humble and loving and also some people that are confused and not understanding what is most important. But overall good eyes.

5.  have you had any animals attack you?

We had a dog bite a member. A crocodile tried to bite Elder Shelton. SO I have been protected pretty good. So I am happy with that.

MORE PICTURES!!!!! woot!

Where's Idaho?

AmI I really here?

On both sides of the equator

Equator hops!

something about how water flows on the north hemisphere

flowing opp on southern hemisphere
not sure...someone google this!!

workout center..... boxing.... yo Adrian!!

Church and nice warm baptismal font..... or maybe coldish

hey...this is our nice and clean

crossing the waters.... to croc farm?

what? goshen?  I thought that was in Utah

Home sweet home Dad...ok maybe it was
goshen, UT elementary.... but still..
pretty cool, huh?

Friday, February 24, 2017

This transfer is flying. ... service, eating clay, baptism, on being thankful

Elder Osei-tutu and Beck moving the rabbit cage.  (He looks happy but it makes me miss him)

Hello. This transfer is flying by. I can't believe it is the last week of the transfer and we will be getting transfer news on Saturday night....... WHo knows what will happen, but me and Elder Andersen are hoping to be staying another. THis week was also another great week.

On Tuesday I was on exchanges with ELder Osei-tutu. He came into my area. He is from Ghana and he came on mission the same time as me. We were both in Rwanda at the same time and his birthday is APril 9th! Crazy. It was also our third time going on exchanges together. SO we are good friends and we had a nice day. The Lord brought more people to us to teach and we had a really fun day. He loves soccer, so we talked about that for most of the day. We also did service for a guy. We carried his rabbit cage to a new location. It was good. ON Wednesday me and Elder ANdersen went to Kampala to be on exchanges with the AP"s and the other elder's there. I was with the AP's Elder Malaza and Elder Dean. They are both awesome guys and  have a fun time while doing awesome missionary work. They are bold. We had a nice day.

Thursday we got back to Entebbe just after lunch in kampala(we had some nice mexican food) and we got to work. One of our investigators was eating a rock looking thing and she said it was clay. So we asked if we could try it and we did..... It tastes just like dirt....... SO it was disappointing. haha. We had a nice day though. ON friday we also had a solid day.

ON the weekend we had some ethiopian food with the Ethiopian Americans. IT was good. Definitely got to go try it. We had a powerful day. A lot of bounces, but a really nice day. SUnday was awesome. We had a nice sacrament attendence, we had a lot of investigators at church, and we have someone progressing to baptism this SUnday! Her name is Mary, She is a good person. She loves the Hymns. Ate some free Mandaze! Worked with an awesome Member named Dan! Just a really nice day. For p-day played some basketball. Realized I am out of shape in terms of running...........

This week I was studying about Alma's people escaping and going back to Zarahemla in the book of Mosiah. These people were truly converted. When they were in bondage to the Lamanites they never doubted the Lord and when they escaped they didn't forget the Lord, but actually thanked the Lord and right after that Alma received the impression to continue because the Lamanites were following them. What if they forgot the Lord and relaxed and became prideful. They would have been captured again and be in the same place they just escaped. Even in our lives we do something great or we follow the spirit or we see a miracle and we sometimes relax and forget the Lord and think that all is done, that we are good. But we need to continue to listen to the spirit and thank and remember the Lord always, continually. If we do, we won't miss out on important things we need to know and follow.

Love you. Have a great week.
Elder Beck
Entebbe wild life

Elder Beck loves food!  MexIcan food?

Hello lovely Lake Victoria 

1.  how are the shoes working out that we sent?
The shoes are nice. I used them today to play some bball and I use them for the gym everydaY

2.  Tell us about something that made you
 laugh out loud this week
We have an investigator named Juma and he was telling us about people that want money instead of the gospel and he started laughing so hard, like when dad laughs so hard he falls over and is barely breathing. haha. It made me laugh so hard. haha. Also I was on exchanges with Elder Dean and we were street contacting and there was this Nyabo(girl) that blew him off when he tried to talk to her so he was like "OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OOOOKKKKKK, We got a hot shot here..... Look out!" It was funny

3. How goes the kick boxing (and neat that you are teaching your instructor)? do you go there every day?
It is only boxing, not kickboxing, but it is going well. I am enjoying.

4. Do you have access to a washer and dryer?

I have access to a washer not a dryer.

Monday, February 13, 2017

the weeks continue......

Elder Anderson and Elder Beck and THE TRUCK

Hello, this was another great week and we continued the momentum from last week. It started on Tuesday when we went on exchanges with Kajjansi elders and I was with my former companion Elder Koopmans. We had a great time and had an awesome day. Elder Koopmans is hillarious and we found some awesome people. WE are doing a lot of finding in an army barracks. WE are finding a lot of soldiers that are educated, friendly, and with families. YOu could say it is a honey hole........ ON wednesday we had a great day.

ON THursday we had an awesome day and we met with a new guy and he led us to his home where he stays with another family that is legally married and very interested. The Lord is bringing people to us and it is funny to look back and see how all the different things that me and Elder ANdersen decided to do led to us finding and teaching different people. The Lord is truly guiding us and it is His plan. Friday we had a tiring day. First we had Zone COnference in Kampala, so we drove there. WE had a nice zone conference, got fed by president, and me and Elder Andersen were the ones that were running it so we were glad it went well. Then we had to do some other stuff and head back to Entebbe. I was very tired from driving...... Tiring day.

ON Saturday we had an awesome day. We taught the trainer and the boxing gym and his family. They are good people. Sunday was a good day as well. We didn't have some investigators come to church that we thought were going to come, but it was still good. ALso met a new investigator and as we met him and were about to go to the home to teach him a member of the church (or one of the three nephites) that we have never seen before came up to us and gave us a referral right on the spot. Crazy! THe lord is blessing us. TOday we played some games and chilled. We saw a monkey with one arm still climbing trees and stuff. Pretty cool. We have some investigators progressing to baptism. One for the 26th of Feb, and some others for the beginning of March.

This week I gave a training on the D.O.C in ZOne conference and I learned a lot as I prepared for it. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and ENduring to the ENd. IT is the only way to receive the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ and become clean again (3 Nephi 27;19). I focused a lot on Faith and Repentance. Those two we repeat over and over again throughout our lives. As we try to increase our faith unto repentance and try to change to align with God's will everyday that is when we see a difference in our lives. IT is so simple, but overlooked. It is the only way shown to us by Jesus Christ himself. The Priesthood authority has been restored today and is found in The CHurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

1.  We are getting a lot of flooding here after all the snow and melting with the warm weather. In fact, they closed I86  by raft river for a few days last week due to flooding.  do you get much flooding there?

There is some flooding here, but I haven't heard of it being much of a problem for anyone. They just wait for the water to go away and continue on with life. haha. I have seen a road turn into a river though. Pretty cool and a house be surrounded by water for like 30 foot radius around it. SO ya......


2.  Natty is almost done with drivers ed.... do you think she would be capable of driving in Uganda or does she need to be more an expert to drive there? ha ha

Woww...... There needs to be another drivers ed for Uganda. She wouldn't last here...... She would be too scared to even drive. It is also on the other side of the road. Good luck if she ever tries.

3.  How 's the AC working on the truck?

The AC is not to nice right now. It only has been working in the very early morning when we go to the gym and when we don't need it or as we are going home for the night...........

4.How long do you think you and Elder Anderson will get to be companions?

WE are hoping for another one, but we don't know. It is up in the air right now.

5. We fed the Elders on Sunday. How goes feeding of the missionaries in Uganda?

Nice job feeding the Elder's. Missionaries love food appointments. We are good and continue to find a lot of success and have a lot of fun doing it. The Lord is blessing us and helping us find those prepared people.

A gaggle of bodas?

someone get your goat?

Traffic ugandan style

Monday, February 6, 2017

Straight up week!! Cow on a boda, anything goes on a boda

Hello! THis week was awesome! WE saw the Lord's hand in our lives this week. It started on Tuesday when I went on exchanges with Elder Richardson from Rigby Idaho. He is an awesome kid and we had a fun day together. we even saw someone carrying a cow on the back of a boda! Crazy. hahaha. Then the rest of the week me and Elder Andersen had a good ol' time. WE got to work and strove to reach our goals and the Lord helped us reach them.


Cow on a comfy!!

Snuggle time with boda and bessie the cow!

Friends and cows who ride a boda are bonded for life!

Suburban style boda or soccer mom boda.. holy cow!

Where's the boda?

Last but not least...boda on boda!!

Everyday we found new people to teach. We had some truly great lessons with some people. ALso a lot of the investigators we have are getting answers to their prayers or they feel in their heart that what we share is true. The Lord was blessing them with answers to their prayers. WE even had an investigator come to us and tell us she wanted to be baptized! It is truly awesome here in Entebbe. We also had a guy call us that Elder Andersen street contacted and said he felt different about us and wanted to meet with us. We taught him on the tailgate of the truck. It was awesome!

We seem to be finding a lot of people that have been confused about churches for a long time, or haven't prayed for a while, or feel they are not close to God. These ones are the ones that are prepared. The lord somehow puts these people in our paths and we stumble upon them. People have been really open to baptism as well lately and even coming to church. Entebbe hasn't been having much success in getting people to church, but the Lord blessed us and helped a good number of them come to church and even a lot of members. WE had 128 at sacrament! Elder Andersen said that is the most he has seen since he has been here.. THe work is great right now. The lord truly blesses us as we work towards worthy goals. WE have awesome missionaries in the zone as well. WE had a chill day and played some games with some of them. Overall things are good.

This week I have been studying about King Benjamin's address and also the Old Testament about Abraham. King Benjamin's address might be one of the best in all of scripture. He teaches simply yet so profound of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Abraham is the perfect example of trusting in the Lord even when we don't understand everything or something is hard. Increase faith and repent. Then do it over and over again consistently. That is a man  that has salvation. Mosiah 4:?Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

1. Do you all ever watch movies in your mission?

We sometimes watch the church movies or the church videos, but not very often.

2. Tell us about your companion....Elder Anderson... I hope he was feeling better... a massage?  who couldn't use a massage....good play Elder.....

Elder Andersen is originally from California and moved to Utah. He is a great person. He is obedient. He loves this mission. He is a thinker. He always has different ideas. He loves games, especially ones with strategy. He makes really dumb jokes that are hilarious. He is feeling better from his Back and headache thing.

3. What is different about your new area Entebbe v Lugazi?

Entebbe is more wealthy. It is bigger and more population. There is a little bit less dust here. More spread out area. More members that have been for a while. More returned missionaries. Both are awesome though.

4. I'm glad you got the shoes...yippee!  Do you need anything else as your birthday will be here before you know it?
Ummm.  face wash, More of those taco seasonings, or gravy packet, or alfredo packets are nice. Candy is always much appreciated.

Things here are going really well. We saw a lot of tender mercies and the Lord blessing us with his work. We are finding a lot of new people and teaching a lot of people right now. It was a great week! It is amazing what the Lord can help you accomplish when you work together than just doing everything on your own. The only way is through Christ. Everything is awesome right now. Entebbe is great!

love, Elder Beck

Elder Richardson from Rigby Idaho doing some sleep studying

PEACE OUT...... Elder Beck