Monday, October 31, 2016

Week 1....getting to my new area safely......across the hall... :)

Elder Goodrich, ?, Elder Beck (he didn't give me details on who ?)

Hello! Happy Halloween! They don't celebrate at all here. haha. THis week was good. Got to my new area safely, which was just across the hall. haha. Elder Chifamba left and ELder Packer came in from Rwanda. It was fun talking to him about what is going on in Rwanda and my old areas. It sounds like things are going well there.

This week was good. It started of with Elder Chifamba leaving on Tuesday. SO we were in a threesome for more than 24 hours. IT was good, but just wish we could get straight to our areas. I got to visit some people at there homes before I went to the other side so that was good. ON WEdnesday. WE had a good day. WE were in my new area. WE have some great people on this side. WE even are teaching someone who can't hear because of an accident. He was been taught for a while now. He is amazing. He reads everything. He knows it is true. WE go there and he always has questions for us to answer. It is really amazing. Just stinks that he can't come to church and be baptized because of his hearing and stuff. ALso on Wednesday we received Elder Packer who is Elder Goodrich's new companion. He is a good guy. 

On THursday. It was my first complete day in my new area. It was fun to see it. I didn't realize how big it actually was and how many places it has and houses and people. I am excited for this area. It also rained super hard and there was a path that turned into a river. haha.  ON friday we had a good day. WE taught some powerful lessons. 

On Saturday we had a baptism interview for the other side. Which was for two people that I was teaching. It was good to see them again. We also went to visit this RC that stays super far away, but she is super powerful and comes to everything. On Sunday we had a nice church meeting. We had 2 baptisms of Bruno and Sam. But the only problem was that we ran out of water so the font only got filled half way. SO Bruno is a pretty large guy so it took 3 tries to get him baptized. IT was good though. Then we did some great finding and even taught this guy who was talking and telling us exactly about the apostasy and the confusion that is in the world. It was a good lesson. Today we went to Jinja. We got some nice food and saw a ton of white people. I am not used to that. IT is weird. hahaha. It was a fun day though and a good week.

Got water??

This week I was studying in the BOok of MOrmon about King Benjamin's speech to his people. I love when he stops and he sees the people and they realize their sins and then they repent and are filled with love and peace. Mosiah 4:2-3. We can learn the steps of repentance and the blessings of repentance in those verses. Repentance is such a blessing to each of us. I was also reading in the New Testament when Jesus Christ sends forth the 12 apostles to go and teach people. He tells them it is going to be hard and you are going to have to sacrifice a lot, but he promises them that he Will always be with them Matthew 10. This gospel takes a lot of sacrifice, but as we sacrifice and we put our trust in the True and Living GOd. Miracles will happen. We will be happy and we can gain eternal Salvation. The sacrifice that it requires is definitely worth it! This church is true and the plan of Salvation is true. have a great week.Love you.

Love ELder Beck
Elder Beck chillin' n snapping a selfie!

MOM questions....

1.What is your favorite memory of a family vacation?
My favorite family memory. I just think of boating and camping together and being together at night playing a card game together or watching a movie together. SImple things that we do together are the best.

2. Do you use much technology at all?  computers? just a phone?
NOt really. Our phone is a NOkia brick and we just use computers to email. SO not to much technology.

Elder Goodrich with next newest church members

Sister Collings and President Collings of the Uganda Kampala Mission challenged us to read the Book of Mormon starting on November 1st.  If we read 10 pages a day, you will finish by Christmas.  They stated..

We have given a challenge to our mission branches, and I would love to challenge anyone reading this blog to do the same thing. If you start reading the Book of Mormon on November 1st, and read 10 pages a day, you will finish by Christmas. What a wonderful gift to give yourself! I also looked up the promises that have been given to us by our prophets if we read the Book of Mormon. I tried to condense them down to only 18. 1. There will come into your hearts an added measure of the Spirit of the Lord. 2. There will come a strengthened resolution to walk in obedience to his commandments. 3. There will come a stronger testimony of the living reality of the Son of God. 4. You will have greater discernment, insight, conviction, and spirit than those who do not. 5. It will bring you 'nearer to God'. 6. A power will begin to flow into your lives the moment you begin a serious study of the book. 7. Greater power to resist temptation. 8. Power to avoid deception. 9. Power to stay on the strait and narrow path. 10. You will find life in greater and greater abundance. 11. The spirit of that great book will come to permeate our homes and all who dwell therein. 12. The spirit of reverence will increase. 13. Mutual respect and consideration for each other will grow. 14. The spirit of contention will depart. 15. Parents will counsel their children in greater love and wisdom. 16. Children will be more responsive and submissive to the counsel of their parents. 17. Righteousness will increase. 18. Faith, hope, and charity--the pure love of Christ--will abound in our homes and lives, bringing in their wake peace, joy, and happiness. We are going to do this, and have encouraged all of our missionaries, and Branches to do the same thing. It will obviously be a wonderful blessing! I would love to hear who will be joining us!

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lugazi, Uganda and TRANSFERS!!! (changing but not moving)

NOTE....due being busy, 2 weeks of emails are posted today.  Please keep praying that the missionaries in Uganda will find families to teach.


Hello. This week was great, but I am going to keep it short this week probably.

On Tuesday we had a great day. Nothing too amazing. On Wednesday we had another good day. Just a little frustrating when members come up with excuses of why they don't come to church . Church is sometimes a seen as a burden not a blessing. We should make it a blessing. 

On thursday, we had a good day and I was prompted to write down the house number of a home that we passed. On Friday we went to Mukono for a ZOne Conference. President was there and even a new senior couple was there. It was amazing the spirit is awesome. Our president is inspired and I learned a lot of things. One thing I liked is that attitude is so important. If we have a great attitude than miracles will happen. President also talked a lot about Grace and how we can access it. We need to have faith and we need to repent and do all that we can do. Study Grace and learn how you can access it.

Zone Conference

Zone conference.... hello Elder Beck and other missionaries

On Saturday. WE had a great day. We taught a lesson in the morning and were bounced in our next appointment, but I remembered  that house number I wrote down on THursday. SO we went there and there was a family! WE taught them and it was really awesome. They want to learn. I don't know if they will work out, but it was cool to experience in how the spirit can guide us to do the things that we need to do. Then in the evening we did some finding and we stumbled across a couple families. It was a real blessing because we have been praying that we can find some families to teach.  

ON sunday we had a great day, but we had a little low on Attendence and investigators at church, but that will change this next week. To day we played pool and I am getting better at pool as well. 

This week I was studying a lot of things, but one thing I studied that I really enjoyed was the Conference talk Stay by the Tree by Keving W. Pearson. It is what I gave my Farwell talk on when I left home last year. It was fun to pass through it again. SOme things I liked from it: "Enduring to the end means constantly coming unto Christ and Being Perfected in Him" "Average is the enemy of excellence, and average commitment will prevent you from enduring to the end" He also talks about how the Book of MOrmon is the best way to get us back on the track and to stay on the track. So again or continue to prayerfully study the book of Mormon. It is a true book and it helps us come closer to Christ. Thank you for the love and support. Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

Hello,so I am going to keep this short this week because of time.
This week was a great week. It was full of hard work and mini miracles. WE are finding more families this week and I see some great potential in them, so thank you for the prayers. (keep praying!)  Me and Elder Goodrich had a really good week and we finished it off by watching General COnference. It is amazing how powerful the spirit can be! Also how tiring it can make you. haha. I really loved conference this time. A lot about missionary work, repentence, the book of mormon, and the Plan of Salvation. WE have inspired leaders that guide us and direct us for our good. We need to listen and ponder their words. A couple of talks I really liked were Dieter F. Uchtdorf's to start conference. The Gospel really is amazing, the plan of happiness is amazing, but do we always realize that or live like we know that?  Also Dallin H. Oaks talk on MIssionary work. Some really good advice that even I want to apply in my work.

Then we started this week with getting transfer news. SO what is happening is that I am going to stay in Lugazi, but switch areas. My new companion will be Elder Dibatayi from DRC. He is awesome and is a funny guy. Elder Goodrich will stay and get a new companion. I will be the District LEader. It should be a fun transfer. It was a surprise and I never really expected just to move sides, but it should be good. I am excited to help Lugazi to continue to progress. The work is moving here!
A scripture that I really liked this week was Jacob 4:12. Why not talk speak of the atonement of Jesus Christ? Is there a reason not to talk about Christ and to share this wonderful news of His atonement with others. There really isn't! Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He is the center of our Heavenly Father's plan for us! Isn't that wonderful! They do nothing except for the benefit of us! They love us and want us to have everything that they have. The great plan of Happiness is real! It is great! Go and share it with others. Love you. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

mom questions......
1.  do they celebrate anything like halloween there?


2.  any good ideas for your sisters 16th birthday?
Make her a posho cake. Hahahha

3. Elections are coming up...Hillary or Trump? ( choose wisely)
Probably Trump. I don't know though. Who is going to win?

4. Have you had any experiences with your investigators where you knew that you were the one that should be there and be teaching them?
I kind of felt like that with Benard and Hanifa.

5.  what is your favorite part about being a missionary?
My favorite part of being a missionary is feeling the spirit work through me and my companion.

6.What's one of your favorite memories of the birthday girl Eryn Victoria Beck?
My favorite memory of Eryn...... That is tough right now, but I just remember playing volleyball and her smart jokes.
7. What is a favorite family vacation memory?
Good question ask me next week.

8. When did you know that the Book of Mormon was true and that you believed in the gospel of Jesus Christ?
I knew that the book of MOrmon was true for a long time, but in high school when I really started to get a small idea. and the gospel and things was probably more till the end of high school, but really my testimony and belief and knowledge has completely changed and I know those things are true from being on a mission.

9.  What is the best new food that you have tasted while being on your mission?  For ex...if i went to your mission, you would tell me, you gotta try ________!!
The best new food ......... I like Matoke. Cooked bananas..... ALso Kikomando and ROlex. THey are super nice.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ANOTHER POWERFUL WEEK! food, font, finding, more food

Brothers in the gospel... branch president? and Akwam

Hello. Well this week was great. Things continue to improve. I am truly blessed right now.

We have some powerful refferals that are progressing and I am so grateful for the branch and the help they have given us missionaries. The members are so important to this work. We had a great lesson with a new investigator this week. He was a born again and usually that means they are pretty stubborn to listen to us, but as we taught we used the scriptures and we taught with the spirit. His heart was softened and you could see him change. He accepted a baptism date. It is amazing what the truth and the spirit can do. The church is true!

We also got Akwam James ready for baptism this week and his baptism was on Sunday. He has wanted to be baptized so bad for the last couple of weeks, but has just gotten some bad luck and he finally got what he desired. It was awesome. He is an awesome guy. He used to be a drunkard and jobless. Now he is a changed man. Also on Sunday we had 99 at sacrament and a primary program. (99? THAT'S AMAZING!!) A little different than the ones back home. hahaha.  Still good though. (I'M GOING TO FIND OUT WHAT WAS DIFFERENT FOR NEXT WEEK..CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR!)
Elder Beck, Akwam, Elder Goodrich hangin' loose!

Also got fed big! a couple of times this week. Super nice. Celebrated Andrew's (the elder's quorum president) Birthday on the 9th and also Teigan's but more pesonally. hhaha. It was good. There are some great people here in Lugazi. Some powerful missionaries as well. We are looking at some other investigators to be baptized maybe on the 23rd.So that is good. 

Elder Beck LOVES food!
When he gets a good meal, we hear all about it!

Yum yum...slurp slurp.... I think this is Andrew on the left.
Happy birthday Andrew!

Happy birthday to Elder Beck's sister Teigan.... from Elder Beck with love!

This week I was studying in PMG and I was in chapter 6 under christ-like attributes. I realized that we may find success or we may be good as missionaries or even in life, but are we becoming like Christ? Are we developing those Christ-like attributes that we need for salvation? When we do the work are we doing it with those attributes or are we doing it just to do it? In 3 Nephi 27:21. 27. We are commanded to become like Christ not just to go through the motions of the gospel. Just as important as what we do is who we are becoming. Let us all become like Jesus Christ or at least do everything we can to become like Him. Thanks have a great week. Love YOU.

Love Elder Beck

Letter from last week....POWERFUL WEEK....

Hello. This week was really a great week for me. Things are moving forward for the work of the Lord. ALso it has rained a lot this week so it has kept it cool. The only problem is the mud...... 

So we started off the week well. WE taught a refferal from the Elder's QUorum President and he is a really awesome guy. We had some good lessons throughout the day. ON Wednesday we had a good DIstrict meeting and then we got Benard ready for his baptism Interview and he even fed us sme nice food. haha. we ALso met this guy we had a program with to teach, but after talking to him for awhile he said he didn't have time. ha. We got bounced face to face.

On Thursday we had a good day. We helped carry some geri cans for a member.  I was sweating like crazy, but it was good. Also our favorite Drunk guy named Noah.... We were talkng to him when we were waiting for the other Elders and he is funny. He doesn't like his fellow AFricans, but he loves the Mzungu's. He thinks that the white people control everthing in the world. hahaha. He also bought us a pineapple and he was saying it was a pumpkin. haha. He also likes to chase out demons. ha. Man he is funny. ON friday we had a good day. Met with Noah again. and he bought us avacado's. The work was good as well.

On Satuday we had ZDM in Mukuno. Benard passed his baptism interview. We got a refferal from an investigator. Actually two referals from him. Powerful. Then we had some powerful lessons in the evening. with people that actually keep there commitments. Then Sunday we had an awesome day. 91 at sacrament. They had to pull chairs from other rooms so people could sit. Powerful testimonies. ANd then a baptism of Benard to finish it off. Also 12 investigators at church..... Then we taught some great lessons to finish the day off. It was a great week and there are a lot of promising people that we are teaching. Today we didn't do anything special, just chill. 

This week I have been studying at the end of 1 Nephi and the beginning of 2 Nephi. I love the scripture 1 Nephi 19:9. Jesus Christ suffered so much in his life. More than anyone else, but he was the one that deserved it the least, but he did it becaus he loves us. He did it so he can help us through our trials and our sufferings. I also love the teachings and advice of Lehi to his sons. in 2 Nephi 1:21. Let us be united! Let us stand together for the cause of Christ. The book of Mormon is true without a doubt. The work of the Lord is real and nothing can stop it from progressing. Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Branch mission leader, Elder Beck, Bernerd, Elder Goodrich

Most powerful branch mission leader...He loves this guy!
(and I love how refers to the people in Lugazi!)

Questions from MOM and others (Mostly matt stucki,Lindsi Smith) ....
1.  How do you feel about being the son of a bishop?
Crazy! Good luck with being the bishops wife, 
Being the bishop's son....... WOw. I am really speechless right now. I
am shocked, but happy at the same time. Not much to say.

2.  Do you recall feeling the after affects of the Rwandan genocide ordeal?  do people talk about that much or the wars and aftereffects? (matt)
Ya I could tell, but at the same time not so much. It has it's
effects, but Rwanda is really recovering well from it. They talk about
it some, but not just freely. Even in Gulu there was a war there and I
heard some stories from that as well.

3.  What is the current political state in Uganda? (matt)
The President has been there for 30 years and the poleitical system is
practically rigged.

4.  What occupation was Matthew in the Bible?  (matt)
That is a good question at this time I am not really remembering.  tax collector or something.

5. I'm assuming that you will watch general conference on dvd in a few weeks?  Is that correct or do you get to watch in when it was on this past weekend? (btw it has been awesome.....our leaders are inspired and love us as the Savior does!  A lot packed into 2 days....feeling spiritually fed.)

General Conference... I want to watch that so bad, but I like the pictures. 

Ya we should get to watch it. I heard on the 23rd of october that weekend we should be watching. 

6.. Do you have a favorite scripture in the Doctrine and Covenants and Bible?My favorite scripture in DOctrine and Covenants is..... D&C 108:7. Let us make everyone around us better. In the bible maybe it is Romans 8:18. The things that we go through will be but a small moment especially when we see what is waiting on the other side if we are faithful. But I have many scriptures that I like, but I really like those ones.

7. From Lindsi Jo (armstrong clan).....What has been your worst bathroom experience?  We know that you took a bunch of anti diarrhea medicine...Lindsi is dying to know if you've pooped your pants or had a close call...ha ha.
Wow... That is a real question. I would probably count myself a more lucky one when it comes to the bathroom, but we all have our problems. Lets just say when it is dark and you have to use a long drop. YOu don't really know what you step in sometimes and it is really hard to find the hole......... ANd the follow up question........ yes......

8. Lindsi....What is the coolest name you have heard so far? 
There are some strange names. I like the names bigsmall. Boneface. Toyota. There are more, but I am not remembering them, but most names that I can even pronounce are just your usual CHristian names. 

9. Have you had to pee in the wilderness? (Lindsi is all about body fluids...ha ha..)
Peeing in the wilderness is something that happens regularly. Sugar cane fields. Maze fields. Pine forrest. Old building. Banana Tree. 


BECK girls!  woot!

Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hello, this week was great. Also got some rain. No baptisms though.

We had some great lessons this week and we got some more referrals.
The members are awesome! We are teaching this family that is from
Sudan because of the wars and stuff going on there. They are super
nice family. Also we had scheduled an appointment with this guy and so
we were waiting for him to show. Of course he never showed, but this
guy saw us and came over to us and we started talking and before you
know it we taught him the Restoration and he wanted to come to church
and wanted to meet us again. I love it when people come to us! Tender
Mercies of the Lord! 

On thursday it rained like crazy in the afternoon. We were at a members 
house teaching a referral and it just
started coming down like nothing. The wind was going crazy. It is hard
to teach a lesson here because all of the houses have metal roofs or
tin roofs and the rain is crazy loud! hahaha. Also the member said
when the rain was coming that it was the second coming of Jesus
Christ! hahaha Super funny.

Also we met with our friend Joel for the last time. Joel is a guy that
was a leader in the church of Uganda, but he came to our church just
to see and he has come every week for like 3 or 4 months now. He knows
Joseph Smith is a true prophet. He knows the church is true. The only
problem. he is not legally married and he went back to his home
village. Far away, but we prepared him with BoM's pamphlets and such
to go and share the gospel with people from his home. He is funny! he
always says "Sincerely" after everything we say. hahaha. But he went
home this Saturday. 
Elder Beck's friend Joel

This week we were preparing the 2 candidates for
baptism, but at the end of the week. Benard said he wanted to first
tell his parents why he is getting baptized and James, his sister got
sick or something so he had to go leave to see her at the end of the
week. But they are both looking good for this Sunday coming up. The
work is good here and things are continuing to pick up from our hard

This week I started the Book of Mormon again. Reading through Nephi's
story again, but still learning from it. Nephi he always tells his
brothers why have ye forgotten. Remember what you have seen. what you
have experienced! The way we remember is by always doing and living
it. Nephi always went and did. His brothers never went and did and they
soon forgot what they had experienced. He put it into ACTION what
others didn't. Even I am reading the Book of Mormon again so I can
always remember! We need to always remember the spirit we have felt,
the things we have experienced, and that is by continually having
those experiences in our life. Continually partaking of the fruit of
the tree of life. Never stop doing and living the Word and Always
remember the Savior Jesus Christ!

Thanks for the love and support you show. It helps me every week. You
da best. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

this fella always give them food and advice... thx  sir

MOM questions....
1. Following sister collings blog...she posted a picture of Rwanda.  Looks like they have more missionaries and now a set of sisters....very cool.  Any other changes going on?  

Ya Rwanda went from 6 missionaries at one point to now having 12. 2
sisters and 4 missionaries in each branch. Pretty crazy. Maybe I will
go back. hahaha.

2. are the rains down in Africa?   Crazy down pours?  can you get a picture of how crazy the rain is?
The rain is super nice here. and it has been raining lately so that is
nice. We had a pretty crazy storm this week. One of the members said
that Jesus Christ was coming again. hahaha. It is hard to get a good
picture of the rain. The pictures just don't do justice.\

3.  do you need anything?
Great.  supa great.  nope. I don't need anything.

4.  How heavy are those gerry cans that the people carry?

The Geri cans are heavy!  Not easy to carry. The people here carry
them on their heads. Still don't know how they do it!....

not geri cans but hands....
(pic thx to the Goodwins)

Hey, the Becks had the missionaries in their home.
Photo opportunity sent to their mommas!  woot!
Mommas love their missionary photos!
CHALLENGE...find a missionary, take photo and send to moms.  GO!