Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Starting the Transfer off! / .....Time.....

Blogger behind.... (2 wks worth! and only 2 more transfers)


Hello. This week was great let me try and remember what happened because it is a blur right now.....................

RIght after emailing last week. I walk out of the internet cafe and guess who I see walking down the road. Alex from Lugazi!!!!!!!!! (I don't know if you remember who that is). He is someone that I found and was teaching and later got baptized after I left! It was so good to see him and it was God's plan because he usually leaves earlier, but had something hold him up and that is why we were able to meet! It was so good to see him! and we set a program to meet the following day. He also gave me his popcorn that he just bought...... What a great guy!

So good to see Alex from Lugazi (not a coincidence)

So on Tuesday it was the 4th of July!!!!!!! God Bless America! How grateful I am for that country and even how it came to be! We had a nice day. Got fed by bishop and had all the missionaries together for lunch and got to say goodbye to all of them! Then we met up with Alex and got to share with him again. Such a powerful guy and he knows the gospel is true! Also celebrated the 4th of July by going to KFC for lunch and waving an American flag around for most of the day! hahaha.

Happy Day "Merica!!

Nothing says USA like coke and KFC!!

Look at dem fries!!!

Another cool thing that happened was me and E. Phiri had a wonderful experience during comp study. We just simply read a chapter from the Book of Mormon and discussed it and the spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife! The power of the Book of Mormon is unreal. It gives you a greater desire to keep the commandments and to do your very best for the Lord. It is a true book and anyone who sincerely reads it will feel of the power of the Book of Mormon and how it can answer the questions in their life and help them come unto Christ!

Thursday we had a nice day,b ut I can't remember what happened right now. Then on Friday we went to MLC. It was so nice and again the spirit was so strong and it gave good direction for this transfer. So much to do this transfer!

Then on Saturday we just had a busy day. We had some great lessons and prepared for the Sabbath!

THen on SUnday we had a great sunday. We didn't have too many investigators show up this Sunday which was sad because we were hoping for a lot, but we did have David show up and his baptism was very nice and he was very happy! He is such a funny man and someone that just wants to follow Jesus Christ! Then we headed up to Kampala for another meeting with President. It is fun to council and learn from President Collings. He is a great man and someone that is called of God! Then today we didn't do much, but just cleaned and I got to talk to E. Grant and E. Farnsworth the AP's for a bit today. I can't remember much from what happened this week, but it was good!

David's baptism

Ladder to the font??

Elder Phiri, Alex, ?, Elder Beck

I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the World. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I know that God has restored the fullness of his gospel again on this earth with so many blessings and so many greater things in store for us as we follow his Son! 3 Nephi 27:21. Love you.

Love Elder Beck


hello! so this week I don't remember anything, so let me try to make something up about what happened................
ha ha

So this week it started off well. We visited a member and we were about to teach his fiance when a drunk guy came and the member invited him in to join the lesson..........(still questioning that decision). the lesson was a bit disorganized, but it was so funny and the drunk guy bought us a soda. Let us just say that those people make life interesting. he was a sweet guy and like he said 'a bouncing believer' (while dancing for us). hahahaha. But we were able to do some contacting that day and we got work done! We met a lot of powerful people and even one of our investigators named Alex got an answer that the church and gospel was true (but we are still trying to help him come to church)..............

On Wednesday we had a tough lesson. We met this stubborn guy that was basically an Atheist, but we did our best to testify. We also had a powerful lesson with an investigator when we read from Alma 7 with her. there was no doubt that the book of mormon was true!

On thursday we learned that Ugandan movies are really cheesy and hilarious....these people are funny.............Also met a stubborn goat that I will send a picture of it..........

Uganda goats

Stubborn goat

ON Friday we had a nice day ................ Saturday we had some powerful lesson's in the morning and we also had a nice talk with bishop and how we can help the members more. then we met and taught a guy named george. he is a sweet guy. So humble and willing to learn.

then on SUnday we had a nice day. Except people don't like to keep promises of coming to church. We had a baptism in the ward which was so nice. then we had a meeting with the Stake PResident and Mission President. then Pres. and Sis collings fed us! yes! then we visited  couple of members that were sick in the evening. Solid day and solid week.

today we played some basketball and lost the keys to the truck..... We still don't know where they are. good thing we have the spare!

this week I enjoyed a talk by Dallin h. Oaks this last conference. 'the godhead and the plan of salvation'. It is amazing talk and I really like the scripture in John 17:3. We need to come to know who our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are! If we understand who they are and what they are like, everything else can make sense to us. It is something that is commonly misunderstood in Christianity today. I know we do have a loving heavenly Father. that he sent his Son and our older brother Jesus Christ to make salvation possible, and that we have a helper, comforter, and testator in the holy ghost. they are 3 distinct beings with one purpose, for us to gain Immortality and Eternal Life! have a great week.

Love you.

Love Elder Beck


1. How are the living conditions in Entebbe compared to the other areas you've served in.? What does a typical home look like?

the living conditions are pretty much the same as any other place, Maybe a little nicer because there are more nice homes here. MOst homes either have 1 room or 2 rooms. they maybe have a curtain to divide the sleeping place from the sitting place.

2.   Does it smell pretty good there after a rain?

I don't know. It can smell nice or it can smell bad. It depends where you are.....

3.  What is something that has inspired you this week?

We had a meeting with the Stake president and the mission president and just talking to them it inspired me to help Entebbe ward more and serve them and try new things. SO it was good to be excited for the ward!

4.  Do you think you'll stay in entebbe for the rest of your mission or transfer out for the last part?

I am probably going to leave from what President told me in my last talk with him, but you never know, but I am expecting to leave! but who knows.

Bad pic of making Chapati

God Bless the USA

Mom's bday gift.....
(thanks to some helpers for this gift)


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

TRANSFERS!!!! (I'm staying in Entebbe!). Families.

Hello. SO this week we can just go to the good stuff............ just kidding......... For transfers I am staying in Entebbe for another and also staying with E. Phiri. Not much change in the zone except and new sister is coming and they are taking out one area from the zone.............. So that is transfers. have a great week! Love you.................ha ha

....I love this pic...esp as Elder Beck nears
the end of his mission in Uganda

Elder Phiri

Beck and Phiri!!  Comps!

I guess I will tell a bit about the week as well. So this week was a straight up Supa NIce Week! We re-vamped our efforts and saw some great blessings come our way. We did some powerful finding and tried to make it finding full of faith! We found and talked to a lot of people this week and the lord blessed us with some people to teach! One of them we met on wednesday and taught them on Thursday. Their names are Charles and Phibi. They are a humble familiy with one little baby. We had a wonderful lesson with them and at the end of the lesson I asked how the feel right now..... Charles said" I feel that the church of Jesus Christ is True!" He came to church on Sunday and is going to bring the rest of the family next Sunday!
THe other one was from pushing water out of our house last week( if you can remember). I contacted the guy that was helping us push the water out and we met with him on Friday and his family. We had a great lesson and they were asking some inspired questions. They didn't come to church, but promised to this Sunday. SO let us hope and pray for them. 2 great families that the lord has blessed us with this week. Teaching a husband and wife and children together is simply the best experience on mission, especially when they are all understanding together!
the kiddos all want their picture taken!!! cute!

Security guard!  I think they are teaching him

p-day w elders and sisters!

Other things that happened. On thursday in the morning we did some sweet digging for a member in the rain and she fed us some nice Pork and Cassava!On sunday we had a wonderful fast and testimony Sunday! WE even had one of our investigators ( the same one that was saying hallelujah last fast Sunday) come again and bear his testimony. His name is David and he is getting baptized this Sunday. He is a great man. He bore his testimony again. He told us what JESUS stands for. IT stands for Jesus Eye Saving Us Seriously! hahahaha. So funny. (oh my!!  lol!))  Seriously! He is a great man and we hope he is ready for his baptism...........
Today we even had a district activity to say goodbye to E. Malaza who is going back to South Africa this week. It was fun and E. Malaza is a great missionary and is a great example to me of hard work until the end and making mission fun. i WILL miss that guy...........

buh bye!  miss ya!

This week was a great week and something that I thought about and learned about a lot was SERVICE! I was studying the words of King Benjamin about service in the book of Mormon and also on Sunday we talked about SERVICE in Priesthood Class. SERVICE is truly one of the greatest medicine's. If you are sad or disappointed or depressed go and SERVE someone and help someone! You will be happy and overcome those sicknesses. I also like a quote from Gordon B. Hinckley "if we complain about life, it is because we are thinking only of ourselves!" Wow! Let us think more of others and truly lose ourselves in the SERVICE of others! I have never been happier than as I have served as a missionary, serving others and the lord. It is because of SERVICE to others! Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Mom note..... he is sooooo happy  :) :) :)  I've never seen him soooooo happy!  Service is the key!   Duly noted. Time to implement.

1.  Do you have a senior couple in your area? How many senior couples in the mission?

No we don't have a senior couple. There are 3 Senior couples in the mission. ONe for each country..... We could use some more.  WANTED.....more senior couples!  Apply now!  (YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!! DO IT!!)

2.  Do you usually drink water or what beverage?

I usually drink water, but sometimes soda and passion fruit juice is good as well. I am going to stop drinking soda my last 2 transfers though.

3. What kind of activities do you have there for the youth?  We just got done with an awesome girls camp!!

I am glad young womens camp went well. It is weird here. They don't have much youth and don't do many activities because of the lack of numbers and coordination. It is amazing seeing how different a ward functions at home and then here in a relatively new ward with new members of the church. It is amazing how strong the church is and how it has grown from the Early saints.

more beauty of Uganda

photo taker? mystery guy

Elder Phiri.... here am I

Elder Beck....happy, happy, happy..... :)


Friday, June 30, 2017

FLYING....tender mercies, being grateful, serving

Another week flies by..... WOW..................This week was great let us remember what happened.

Ethiopian food




So on Tuesday I was on exchanges with E. Asare. HE is from Ghana and he loves Ghana. haha. I am starting to love it too! He is on his first transfer so that was fun to be with a greenie again! We had an awesome day. It even started off that we got bounced, but we decided to knock on this door nearby and guess what...... They let us in and we taught a great lesson! The Lord takes care of his boys! Then we had Rolex and Daddies for lunch......(I will tell you what daddies are later) haha. Then we just had a good time. We had some time at night and so we decided to do some contacting. We said a prayer and truly 2 Nephi 32:8-9 is true. The Lord Consecrated our time for our benefit. WE met some great people and E. Asare is a beast! haha. 

On Wednesday we had a nice day and I felt prompted that I needed to testify of the book of Mormon today and that someone would have a desire to learn more about it! Well I testified to this one person and she wanted us to come back on Friday and teach her! I love the Book of Mormon. We also visited Juma and he told us about another story from his time spent in Japan! it was hilarious and this guy is the best.
ON Thursday we had another exchange. This time E. Magumura came to my area. He is from Zimbabwe. Well we come back to the apartment after switching companions and we find that the floor of our apartment was flooded.......... SO we got to clean that up. It was actually fun and a tender mercy because we didn't have time to mop the floor on monday. hahaha. Also There was the manager guy of the apartments helping clean and I started talking to him and even set a time to meet with him and his family. The lord works in mysterious ways! We had a great day and even found this man as we were knocking doors. He is a born again and has been saved, but he we invited him to prayer to come to know if it is true and he asked "if I am answered what do I need to do?" This guy is prepared! and he is willing to act upon the answer he gets. It was a powerful day! 

squeegy patrol

swimming pool?

Oh boy

On Friday WE had a good day with a lot of bounces mixed in. But on the bright side another member of the church is working on getting married and his future wife wants to be taught the gospel! Marriage is great!
On Saturday. We had a powerful day. We had some great lesson's early in the day and we visited some Less Actives in the evening. WE also taught our security guard about the word of wisdom and he accepted to live it right on the spot! He is powerful!

Sunday was great. Church was awesome and we have some really great investigators right now. One shared with us that MAN means, Make Action Now!. hahaha. it is true. We are here to be agents unto ourselves and to act and do and not to be acted upon! ha. We visited with some members and even some of our investigators are doing missionary work for us and gave us 2 people to teach in the evening! wow! Today we had a chill day,. but we got to enjoy some Ethiopian food! (I will send pictures).
This week was great and read a talk by DIeter F. Uchtdorf "the Greatest Among you". I love this talk because it talks a lot about selfless service and even about leadership. As we give of ourselves we become more and more like the one who gave his all for us: the Savior. I love that quote. To become the greatest in the kingdom of God we have to serve. We need to serve because of a love for our savior and for the people. I have been so blessed to been able to serve as a missionary and so I know how important and great everyone's service is and it is always recognized by God! Let's follow the example of the Master and serve! Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

sun and clouds

sunrise in entebbe? driving on the wrong side of the road!

1. Hey Siri...How many days til September 28th?

Me....88 days!!  say what??  88 days!  woot!

2.  Hey Siri...what's my favorite number?

Siri....  I can do many things,Angelita, but reading your mind is not one of them.
Me.... ha ha... my favorite number is 88!!! anything with an 8 in it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On finding, being found and committing to ALL IN!

Elder Beck rabbit ears strikes again!!!  :)

go Jazz!!!

This week was great and we were able to find the elect and also the elect were able to find us!
So some different things that happened this week.......... Wednesday we had Zone Conference! It was amazing. The spirit was strong and the unity was powerful! President Collings is a great man! We have great missionaries right now. There is a different spirit of Desire to work and Unity that was not in Zone conferences 8 months ago. IT is cool to see the mission as a whole change for the good!

Entebbe beauty!

On Thursday we were able to work with a Less Active brother named Boscoe! He is huge and is so awesome! He loves the gospel and he knows it is true. He even came to church on Sunday again and he was wearing some really nice cowboy boots. I wish that I would have taken a picture with him. haha. We have also visited a ton of members this week and it has been amazing to help and get to know the members. They are true pioneers and are such strong disciples. They are few here and have many problems and things come up in their lives, but they still come through!

On Friday we were able to do some finding and we have been really focusing on finding the elect. I have been trying to get up everyday and have the faith that there are 5 people right now that I specifically need to teach and are ready for baptism. I read a bit of the book "member missionary work" it is a great book!. We said a prayer and we did some finding. We were able to teach 2 lesson's in the finding time that we had. The second lesson we taught was to a brother that was about 18 year's old. He gave up schooling and getting a job and becoming rich because he wanted to focus on God. He wants to teach and share with others. SO we said we can teach you how you can do that and at the same time share with you this unique message of truth! He listened and accepted baptism and came to church on SUnday! He is prepared!

Then on Friday night we were sitting at home and we get this call from former investigator that we had dropped. He said that a friend had come from the village and he wanted to meet with us! We were pumped and were surprised! We teach him the next day and have a great lesson with him and he asked inspired questions and he came to church the next day.

Then on Sunday we had a RC come with a friend to church. We taught her that night and she accepted baptism! The Lord truly blessed us to find some great people and for some great people to find us!

I love the talk by Gary B. Sebin this last conference. He talks about how we need to be all in! The Lord needs us to be willing and converted to him. We shouldn't be thinking of what is the least that I can do to get by or to go back to live with God. We need to be more willing to do more. To give of ourselves! To sacrifice for Christ! Because then the miracles will come, Then the change of heart, the change of life come. The power of God will flow in your life if you are ALL IN. It applies to everything! If we are not ALL IN we will miss some of the choicest blessings that God has in store for us. If we are ALL IN then we will receive the choicest blessings that God has for us! Alma 5:26. Have a great week.

Love you.

Love Elder Beck

goofing around!

Missionary bonding??  Looking good....finding...focused

Mom questions......
1.  Do you have a fav Book of Mormon person that you can really relate to?

It is hard to relate to such amazing people, but I really like Captain Moroni. He wasn't a prophet, but he was a mighty man in God!

2.  I love our comfy bed.  What's one comfort of home that you have missed?

I miss a nice bed, also a dishwasher, also a dryer, A/C, Hot water, oh sorry you only wanted one........

3.  What is the education system like there in Uganda?

The education system is really weird here. There are like 13 years of school. Primary 1-7 and Senior 1-6. A lot of people only go to Senior 4. It is confusing. College is different than University. Ya I am not 100% sure on the system still.

4. What helps you to stay focused on missionary work?

I think it is just thinking of Christ and having a reason and remembering why I came on mission. That was to do this work. SO why do I need to focus on anything else? That is what I think.

5.  Need anything?

Nope thanks. Love you.

Entebbe countryside

Lake Victoria?

Tiny frog

Monday, June 12, 2017

Missionary Fireside

Billy? and Brenda


This week was great and it went by really fast because of a missionary fireside we had. So it started out with some big news. We have been teaching this investigator named Brenda and we have been using a RM to help teach her and her brothers. She is the one that was baptized this Sunday. Well the Rm named Billy calls us and says that he is engaged and he wants to show us the video. SO we meet up with him and we watch the video and in the video he proposes to our Investigator.... Brenda! So They are going to get married. WOW............ We have a really good fellowshipper now. hahaha.  That was something exciting that happened. he is really happy and so is she. SO I hope all things work out for them and I am glad I was able to find Billy's wife for him. hahahahahaha. Eternal Marriage is important to salvation. hahaha   (I love this.... hilarious but awesome at the same time.  Elder Beck was so focused on teaching Brenda that he didn't see the love bug hit Billy and Brenda - - ha ha is right!)

Brenda's family

Smile Everyone!

Then on Wednesday we had an awesome District meeting with Kajjansi Elder's. there was a great spirit of Unity and love there and in doing the work. Gotta love the mission. Then we had a finding activity with 2 zones in Kabowa. It is where the missionary fireside will be taking place and so we went out finding from4-8pm inviting people to the fireside and even to teach them. It was good. It went by really fast and many people were contacted in a small amount of time. It is amazing how missionaries can be so willing to sacrifice their time in their area to go to another to try and help. It went really well though. 

On thursday we had an awesome day. We were able to get some new investigators and even set a baptism date with one of them!
On Friday we had the Fireside. IT was amazing! The spirit was great there! Many members came and even some visitors came! We had a powerful missionary choir and I was able to lead a discussion about using social media to share the gospel! IT went well even though I haven't used social media in like 2 years. hahaha. That is something I want to do back home. Is use social media to share more about the gospel with others. Also we heard from Bro Bill And Bro Raymond. They bore testimony about their experience of sharing and receiving the gospel! Represent Entebbe! Also a couple people that I remember contacting came to the event! It was an answer to my prayers because it seemed like most people have been rejecting what I have been sharing, but seeing those few people come to the fireside showed me that there are people that are ready and willing. ONe of those people was a guy named Shadrack. He is a cool guy. He only has one working leg because of Polio. He uses a stick to move around. It is amazing how he gets around. He came late, but we were sitting there and enjoying some refreshments and just talking. He said something that touched me. He said "I feel the love of God here". He talked about how there was something different and something great here that he could feel. It was the Love of God............ He said that this is the Love that can change people and even that he wanted to be apart of it. IT was amazing. It made me realize the spirit and love that was there at the fireside. This man felt it and he promised to come on Sunday and meet with the missionaries. Just a cool experience on Friday.
On Saturday, we had a lesson with Juma the blind man and also a member family. Both of them were just simple lesson's, but you could tell that the simple message we shared brought light unto them and just brightened their day. Again I felt the Love of God and the Light! 

Sunday we had a baptism of Sister Brenda. It was awesome. The members were all excited, Brenda was excited, and especially Billly. haha.(he is cracking me up!!)   We also visited another member family that we had taken awhile since visiting and again felt the Love of God. They thanked us for what we did as missionaries. People even when they face challenges are able to be grateful and also to be happy and put God first. It is amazing and humbling to see. Today we had a zone activity and we have an awesome zone. We played some games and had some food and laughed a lot. It was great and my zone is the best for sure. Missionaries are the best and this mission is the best!

Biker dude!


We cool!


fun times!


This week I read in D&C 11. 13. It talks about the Light of the spirit and how it fills us with joy and  hope. That is what I experienced this week was the Light of the gospel and the spirit in individuals lives. It is something that is so distinct and so special. Only the Light of the gospel can change someone on the spot! Only the light of the gospel can satisfy our souls! We should seek for more light in our lives and see the light everyday. Have a great week. Love you guys.
love Elder Beck

Brother? (Juma?) and Elder Beck

MOM questions....
1.  What do you enjoy the most about your mission? Least?
I enjoy the members and teaching. And also learning from the other missionaries. I don't like the excuses that people have.

2. What are some terms or phrases used in Uganda that you would never hear in Idaho?
They use words like Nane, Gundi Auntie. It means something that you don't know the name of. Also phrases like Ova!, or Alow! When I get back I will tell you what I mean. haha. IT is funny. Also they always say "Well Done" LIke a greeting! Also they say "Tell me"............ Without saying anything specific.

3..Do they have trouble understanding what you are saying in English?
Some people yes, but they understand me pretty well compared to other americans. so I guess I am clear when I speak........

HAPPY.......... :)