Monday, October 12, 2015

If a picture is worth a thousand words, we have thirteen thousand words for your viewing pleasure

Bird's eye view out our apartment window.. Note the barbwire and the birdie
Work out room in our apartment complex. Getting buff in AFRICA!

Look mom, my bathroom is clean! Flushables and running water...

Here's where I eat.  I buy groceries every day.
(note: the phone with the cord....I didn't realize these still exist)

Idaho missionaries in Rwanda.. Elder Empey from Idaho falls and Elder Beck from pocatello

First day in Uganda with Elder Mugishi
Friendly handshake and let's go teach some people.

First outing in Uganda with Elder Oliverson,  Elder Mugisha and Elder Beck.
Learning what it feels like to be called...  mzugu, mzugu, mzugu... white person, white person, really white person.
He is getting used to it now.

They live in an apartment with two other elders.... Elder Ngwenya and Elder Anderson 

It's raining cats and dogs!
Hold on to your britches Ethel, it's raining elephants and hippos!
(cue la... bless the rains down in Africa... la la)

nummy little African treat!!  It's creamy goodness!

You can take the boy out of Idaho but he'll always find another Idaho boy!
(His companion and Zone Leader Elder Empey from Idaho Falls in Kigali, Rwanda)

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