Monday, October 12, 2015

2nd week in Kigali (Rwanda)

Hello! It sounds like everything back home is great! I wish I could watch some volleyball and I can't believe it is already winding down. It felt like they just barely started. That's awesome that you are getting a shed at the property and I wish I could have some of that Ice cream, it sounds delicious. Keep me posted on everything going on there in Poky and other places back home. I love hearing about it every week.

Well where do I begin for the week. I'll start with the end of monday. After emailing we went shopping and I got a pineapple (you will see how that plays a part later). Then every monday we as the missionaries hold an FHE for the young single adults in our branch. Only 3 came, but it was still good. That night I ate the pineapple. The next day I woke up and did not feel good at all. I tried going through the morning routine of working out, eating, and studying, but I did not feel good at all and had to lay down. I rested and had some medicine and tried to feel better and I started to for awhile, so we went out to teach a lesson. They didn't show and I started feeling worse, so we went back to the apartment and I slept till 6. Then we really needed to meet with an investigator that should be getting baptized soon, so we went out for that. The entire time I was trying not to die, but I made it through. We came back and I went directly to bed. Looking back we think it was the pineapple I ate, that it was rotten or something. I feel bad for wasting an entire do though, but I felt a lot better on Wednesday.

Wednesday was a normal day. We taught a few lessons. Had District Development meeting, and went street contacting. There is a really good family that is going to be baptized on the 25th of October. They are a father and a mother with a little baby. They are awesome people. On Thursday it was another pretty normal day, but there were a lot of spiritual times that strengthened my testimony. One was in the morning during personal study. I was reading from the book Our Heritage and it talks about Joseph Smith translating the BOM. While I read that I felt the Spirit testifying of Joseph Smith and the BOM. I know that Joseph Smith is a true prophet and that the only way he could have translated the Gold Plates would be through the power of God. Another experience was at Institue ( the missionaries have a BOM study class on Thursday nights for the members). I taught the lesson. We went over Alma 27. I wasn't that prepared and it is kind of a random chapter, but at the end of the lesson I had everyone tell me something that we learned from this chapter. At the end there were so many things that we learned from just that chapter it amazed me. It grew my testimony of the BOM and how we can learn so much from just one chapter if we just look. I love the BOM. Then later that night we taught an investigator the Plan of Salvation and after teaching it I could feel the joy and the investigator was so happy and joyful from the lesson. It made me realize that we can have so much joy in the knowledge of the POS. It also made me realize that the message of the gospel is one with much joy and many blessings as we live accordingly. The Plan of Salvation is one of much joy and rejoicing. It was a good Thursday.

On Friday it was pretty normal day. My favorite part was Weekly planning because we have so much to look foreward to in this branch. Many baptisms and More potential baptisms. So many good people here in Kigali. Then on Saturday we had a great day planned, but instead we went to a Funeral. It was a 1st Presidents son that passed away from another branch. He was only 6 months old. He passed away from dehydration is what we think. It was sad. A weird thing they do at funerals is film the entire thing. That seemed weird to me to have a guy with a camera in everyones face. Anyways that took most of the day and we only got one other visit in. Sunday was a good day. The Branch President called us and told us he was sick, so I was picked to give a talk in his place. It went well. I just used a modified version of my farewell talk, so it was good. The rest of church went well and we had 56 people at Sacrament Meeting! That is the highest all year! After church it rained like crazy. I've never seen rain like that before. When we ran from the truck to our apartment we got soaked and we were only in the rain for 5 seconds. It was amazing. The thunder was also pretty cool. The rest of the day was good. 
On Monday (today) we washed clothes and then we went to the Genocide memorial. It was really cool to learn about the Genocide and what went on. It was free except for the donation at the end. It is amazing how people could turn on each other like that. Very sad how people died. It was just a horrible event. It is weird to think that where I travel and walk everyday is where some of this stuff happened. And that's my week. It was pretty good.

I am loving it here. I am getting used to the people and especially the kids staring at us, but we just smile and wave. The people here are awesome. I also have seen the hotel that is in Hotel Rwanda. The weather here is usually pretty nice. It can get kind of hot sometime during the day, but usually it is pretty nice. It is not as humid here as in Uganda, but that could partly be because I am getting used to it. It rains quite a bit, but not for very long. We are having a lot of success, I think. I love you guys and thanks for the emails.

Read JSH and anything you can about Joseph Smith and the beginnings of the latter day church. It is awesome.

Love Elder Beck

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