Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

All serious Elder Beck

Christmas Partay!

Hello. I am going to keep it short because I don't have much to say. It was super awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas. The week was also really nice.

On Tuesday I had a feeling to cook, so I made some brownies. They were super sugary, but super nice. I am not used to that much sugar. On Wednesday we had a Christmas Party/conference with other missionaries. It was fun. We did some skits and had some testimonies and watched a video and had some food. It was a good time.I was definitely feeling the Christmas spirit. Also came back in the evening and had a great day of missionary work. We found this man that hasn't been working for like 5 years and he seemed like a super prepared guy and he was just standing on the side of the road. You never know how is ready to hear about this message.

ON Thursday we had a full day in the area so we used it wisely and got a lot of work done. On Friday we had a good day, but it was short because in the evening we had to get together and do caroling as a zone. It was different. Uganda doesn't really feel like the caroling kind of place, but it was good. Traffic was a nightmare right before Christmas though. But we also taught that guy we met on Wednesday on the side of the road and he has a family of like 7 and he is good friends with one of the members in the branch. Super nice.

ON saturday we had a nice day and even when were siting waiting for a member to go with us to a lesson a guy came and sat down and we started talking and even taught a lesson with him. He had been taught by missionaries before. Tender mercy when the Lord brings someone to you. Sunday was a great day. We had a nice sacrament meeting. And even got a family to church that hasn't come all together yet until this Sunday and then we got fed big by a member. It was some of the best food I have eaten here in Uganda. It wasn't your typical american meal, but it was super nice. Then we called and skyped home. Played some basketball for P-day today. Even after the food, I still got it. haha. 

The BEST food ever!!!

This week I am just grateful for Family and Christ. And how those things can be together forever. Families really can be sealed together forever and Christ really did live and He still lives today. Through him we can be healed and filled with peace and joy. Have a happy New Year.

Love Elder Beck

1.  He still LOVES ping pong
2.  He's upset that his sister Eryn named his car KEVIN
3. He might have bronchitis
5. He pronounces the word good.... "gud"
6. He had an awesome meal on Christmas day
7. He's still attempting to play the piano but doesn't practice much....maybe right before church.  He was able to play silent night and angels we have heard on high.
8.  He went caroling.....  when asked how well he is singing... he replies.... good enough ... I mean... gud enough :)
9.  He was wearing his Christmas tie from his companion last year in Rwanda
10.  He bore a strong testimony about the Savior
11.  He noticed that the girls all had different hair.... dyed
12.  He has a washer....woot!
13.  Less misquitos in lugazi than gulu... still sleeps under the misquito net at night
14.  Travels to nearby cities... jinja or kampala  to shop or play sports on PDay.   Bought a web cam in Jinja to skype for Christmas for 71,000 shillings ($20)
15. He loves being a missionary and can sense that he really doesn't have that much time left..... 9 months.


1. Who do  you chat with  or go see if you are not feeling well?
We usually talk to Sister Collings.

2.  Was your Christmas day any different than a usual Sunday for you?
Ya it was different because the entire day was spent eating, sitting, and skyping. SO it was different, but it was nice.

3.  Did you enjoy and share the contents of your Christmas package?
Yes we enjoyed and I shared a little bit of it. haha


Pocatello first ward missionaries over for snowflake making,
ties and dinner.  They are good guys.

card games with our ward elders

Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas!!!

Smiley Elder Beck in his apartment
His hair is getting long
His skin is not getting darker
Lock on his door
Lists on his walls
He's happy.
love him

Hello! This week was a great week! The lord is blessing us seriously right now and is making life fun.

We are teaching some great families right now. We are teaching this one. Their names are Julius and Ida. We were asking Julius about the Book of Mormon and he starts almost quoting and saying exactly what the introduction says, but every few sentences he stops and says " Am I on track?" haha. And I was like... yes exactly on track!! They both came to church on Sunday. Another family we are teaching is Alex and Helen. They are super prepared. They want to get married in the church right now, but they are probably going to have to pay the bride price to the parents first so that could take some time. Another one is William and Justine. They are awesome, but Justine's parents don't want her to get married in this church. Then we have a ton of other families that we are working with as well.

It was a dry week this week, but on Friday we had some rain which was nice. We also thought we were locked out of the church for institute, but it turns out the back door was open.............

Saturday was a not easy day for me. The day before I bought some Chapate and I woke up on Saturday with some stomach problems. I was resting most of the day. I got out a little bit, but it wasn't too fun,

Luckily on Sunday we had a great day. We had 3 and 1/2 of those families come to church. They are talking with the branch president about marriage and even a guy that has a family came to church that Sunday and we taught him and his family after church. The Lord is blessing us and bringing people to us right now. And now this week is Christmas week so things are really going well right now. We also have some part member people that we are teaching right now that could be baptized at the beginning of January right now. 

This week I have been studying through 3 Nephi and Christ's ministry with the Nephites and it is great because Christmas is here. Also I read this book that had different stories about Christmas service and things and it really brought the Christmas spirit into my life. ha. But what I noticed when I was reading those things is that Christ set the perfect example and taught us everything we need to DO. He tells us not to just hear, but to DO. DO what he did. He served and that is how we can hold up our light 3 Nephi 12:16, 3 Nephi 18:24. That is the true meaning of Christmas is to do what Jesus Christ did and serve and give and love. We can light up the entire world! The savior set the perfect example for us! Let us follow it! Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions!!!!
1.  Who does the cooking in your apartment?  Are you learning any new recipes?

Usually I cook for myself. I am not really learning any new recipes. I can kind of make chapate. Some other things we make. Not too special....

2. Does the weather change much in Uganda?  same temp just a rainy season?

The weather is usually the same all year round. It feels the same as it was in July......

3.  How do folks with handicaps get around in Uganda?  Wheelchairs? crutches? stay home?
Some have wheelchair bikes. Some use crutches. I have only seen one wheelchair and it was made with a plastic lawn chair......... I think a lot just have to stay home......

4.  Do you think your mission has changed you?  If so, how?
Yes misison has changed me. It has changed me in helping me come closer to Christ and be more like him.......

5. How was your week?  

Sounds like a good week there. Here it was a nice week. We enjoyed and found a lot of success. It is good to be here in Lugazi right now. We are finding a lot of good things happening. There is only one problem here in Uganda. Legal Marriage.............. We are teaching 9 families ( husband and wife) right now. We even had 3 and 1/2 come to church this Sunday. The only problem is with marriage problems. But we are teaching a lot of awesome families right now. Which is fun.  (most of the couples they are teaching are not legally married d/t the cost of the bride price)

6.  (Teigan)  Are there any traditions for an African Christmas I should know about? 
Most people here go to the village for Christmas and eat Matoke. 
Matoke....plantain banana treat

Not too many traditions here. There seem to be a lot of people getting CIRCUMCISED here though. SO i am not sure if that is a tradition for Christmas.... hahaha. 

(Sister Collings also blogged about this occurence recently.  Males between the ages of 16 and 22 being circumcised as a manhood ritual and to attract tourism??     more info here....  )

Good things this week. Have a great week this week. See you on Christmas. Love you.  Elder Beck

(NOTE TO ALL.... hopefully we will be both hearing his voice and seeing his face via web cam early Sunday morning here in Pocatello.  THANK YOU ALL for praying that the missionaries will find families to teach. It is many cases the families are coming to them.  Now I guess we just need to pray that they can get married!  Keep praying people. thanks.)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Great Week! Milkshakes, baptism, volleyball and tender mercies

Elder Beck, Enoc, Elder Dibatayi

Elder Beck, Enoc

This week was a great way to start off the transfer in Lugazi. I am realizing that it actually isn't too bad that I am staying another here in Lugazi. It is looking like it will be a good transfer.

Tuesday started off well. WE had a good day and we worked with a member named Stephen. He is a cool guy and preparing for his mission. On Wednesday we also had a nice day and we met this super awesome guy in the market and I think I wrote that story to you mom about how we met that guy and eventually his wife. (see Mom questions below) 

On THursday we had a great day. We are teaching a ton of families right now that are actually serious and it is fun everyday going and teaching these great people. We are also finding a lot of great families. On Friday we taught a guy named Alex and he was an orphan most of his life and now he is starting a school for orphans. He is a really cool guy and we had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. On Saturday had a stake sports day and we got to participate in that. I was on the missionary volleyball team. I learned a lot of my skills from my sisters,so it paid off. WE did well and we eventually lost in the championship game and got second. It was fun though. We also had Enoc and his interview for his baptism. He passed and we got to see the Zone Leaders so that was good.

On Sunday me and Elder Dibatayi gave talks in CHurch. It was good. Then we had the baptism for Enoc. THe first time he came out with the baptism suit over all his clothing. haha. THat was funny and I guess I should have explained that better. haha. It went well though. Enoc is a super humble guy. Then after church we taught some powerful lessons to some families. WE taught a word of wisdom lesson and an investigator was telling her husband and her neighbors that she knew it was true and that they needed to keep it and this was the first time she has heard of it. People can become converted right before your eyes and it is a privilege to be able to see that and see the spirit work in them. Tender Mercies! 

Today for P-day we did a deep clean of our apartment and then went and got some super nice food in Jinja. A nice chocolate and peanut butter milkshake................. It went away too fast! Good day though. Also there is a new Elder that is from Pocatello. HIs name is Elder Chandler and he is originally from Ethiopia and was adopted. He went to HIghland. He is a cool guy. 

This week I really like the talk by Elder Kazuhko Yamashita "Be ambitious for Christ". When we are ambitious for Christ we are focused and motivated to HIs work, but it doesn't always mean we will get public honor, but God will always see what we are giving to him and his work. He also talked about not complaining and murmuring about our circumstances and just working hard and finding joy in those trials and difficulties through CHrist. It really is true. THere is no greater joy we can get than in the service of our fellow men and in turn our God! Jesus Christ's church is here and there is no greater cause to work for than for Christ! Have a great week. LOve you.

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions...
1. any details on when we can chat?  We have church from 9 to 10 only on Christmas.... just sacrament.

We can chat on Christmas morning for you guys before Sacrament? Is that possible? maybe at 7 or 7:30a.m. for you guys. 

2.  Have you had any recent spiritual experiences you would like to share?  How did you see the hand of God in your life this week?

THis week we had a cool experience. We were in the market buying something real quick there and I felt like there was someone we needed to contact so I had a contact card ready in my hand and as we were leaving the market area I saw this guy that was walking really fast and I said hello and kind of reached out my hand and it seemed like he might keep going by, but he stopped and said he wanted to know more about us and wanted us to visit him. We visited him the next day and it was a powerful lesson. He is super humble and ready to learn. HE came to church on SUnday and then we went back to visit him on Sunday after church and he brought his wife this time and she said that for her she hasn't been going to church any where for the last 6 months and was really looking for the truth and she feels like that is why we met her and her husband. Pretty awesome! THe lord is preparing people and leading them to us!  (Another reason he is still in Lugazi....more work for him to do!)

3.  What scriptures are you studying right now?  What does a typical personal study time look like for you?

I am studying the book of mormon of course and also the new testament when I get some time, PMG, and a conference talk. Those things I study most of the time in Personal Study.

Peek a boo Elder Beck
(he looks happy and content in this picture... luv it!)

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Transfers.........Not really

Elder Beck all aglow with cute mystery lady

Beauty eh?!!  Makes me smile and the word that comes to mind is....

Hello, Today we got transfer news and..... NOthing is changing in the district. Everyone is staying. So that means my 6 transfer in Lugazi and that I will be here for Christmas. Crazy. Not expecting that.......

Ths week was good though. Tuesday we had a good day except that everyone we met was stubborn and we even talked to these guys that were chewing some magical leaves that make them feel happy...... Word of Wisdom. But we taught Julius and he is super funny and super powerful! He was complementing me in that he could actually understan me and that people from England he can't understand. And then he imitated them and it was very funny. haha. On wednesday we had a powerful ZDM. wow that seemed like it was yesterday....... Anyways we had a good day and got a refferal from an investigator. 

On Thursday I went on exchanges into my former area with Elder Packer. It was a fun day. Elder Packer is an awesome person and missionary and it was good to be in the old area. We had a fun day. We carried some Geri cans for a member up a super big hill. Not easy, but a good work out. Then we just had a nice rest of the day. On Friday we had a pretty usual day. ON saturdaywe had a good day. We found anothyer super nice family that is super humble and I feel like they can really come to love the restored gospel.

On Sunday we had a great sabbath. We got some new investigators to come to church and even we got fed a couple of times because I thought I was leaving.....Oh well. haha It was a good sabbath. Next week we could possibly have a baptism if he doesn't go to the village, so we are excited for that this week. Another transfer ahead in Lugazi!

This week I have been thinking about what the leaders of the church are teaching us and telling us. Most of the time they are just encouraging us to be a little better and to put in a little more effort than we have. Really what it takes to go to the Celestial Kingdom. To live with God again is to be valiant in your testimony of Christ! We just have to put a little more effort into living the gospel and sharing the gospel and when we put that effort in we will see miracles in our live and the blessing of the gospel will flow into our lives. Be a little better than you were the day before. Have a great week. 

Love Elder Beck


Mom/ Marci Reddish Questions:
1. (Marci)  What clothes will you never wear again once you get home?

I will never wear white shirts that are actually brown/red from dirt and sweat. Other than that I am pretty open to wearing all kinds of clothes.

2. (marci)  What foods do you crave the most that you can't get there in Africa?

Nice steak and also bacon. Mexican food!  Also another food that I want that you can't get here. Is super nice Ice Cream....

3. (Marci)  What is your most effective door /hut contact approach?

The most effective is of course using the Book of Mormon and a little Luganda to warm the up!

4. Did you help kill the turkey for thanksgiving? they cooked the turkey over a fire?

Not really. They did it without me even being ready. Yep they used firewood and a fire...

5. any Christmas pkg?  did you have to pay any extra due to my over estimation of cost of contents?  Whats the plan with christmas call?  

The package is here and no I didn't have to pay any extra fees.   and I am staying for Christmas, so we are planning on buying a web cam and doing skype at the church.

6. Where do you email from?

A local internet cafe here in Lugazi