Sunday, October 11, 2015

September 24th.....hey Mom and Dad!

Elder Beck in front of Johannesberg MTC

Hey Mom and Dad! You guys are the best. It sounds like life back in Pocatello is still awesome and I can't believe that there were two people that finished the American Ninja Warrior Course. I wished I could see that. It is awesome here at the MTC. There are 28 missionaries and 19 going to Uganda and 9 going to Durban. They are all really awesome. I am trying to learn something from each and every one of them. My companion is Elder Grant. He is an awesome person. He played basketball in High School. I believe at Wood Cross. We get along really well. We've grown a lot in our teaching skills. Our fist lesson went really bad. We didn't teach the person we taught a lesson. The next time we taught we did a lot better. We had the spirit with us and we taught to the needs of the investigator. It was really powerful and made me realize how important the Spirit is. There is a ping pong table, fooseball table, volleyball court, basketball court, and soccer field. We played soccer one day and the two African missionaries are really good, but everyone else isn't too good. I did score a goal though.... I've played basketball and football, but I still like playing ping pong the best. Brother Machi is the MTC Manager. He is really good at Ping Pong. I lost to him in a best of three match. There are a couple other Elders who are pretty good too. Elder Rokotomalala ( he is from madagascar) is really good at Fooseball. He is so quick with his hands. It is insane! My roomates are Elder Pearson (from blackfoot), Elder Foster (from Utah), Elder Lubamba (from South Africa), Elder Lasuer ( from Arizona), and Elder Grant (from Utah). They are hilarious and we laugh so much it is a blast. One of the highlights was going to the Johanessburg Temple. It was really cool. I did Initiatory and Sealings ( they didn't have enough room for everyone to do an Endowment). It was beautiful and the garden was really cool. I learned that my people eat cats and dogs in Uganda, so that will be cool. Everyone gets along, I think. We are pretty close here at the MTC. A typical day is wake up get ready, eat breakfast, personal study for an hour, Fundamental Study Guide with the Teacher, then we practice teaching in different scenearios. Then we teach an investigator. Then we have lunch.The food is like american food, but slightly different. For example the Spaghetti is good, but it is just a little sweeter than back home. We eat burritos, sloppy joes, and other normal foods. They are just a little different. Then after lunch we go back to class for an hour. We then practice teaching the other missionaries. Then we have sports time and have dinner afterwards. Then we teach another investigator.hat Then we read the BOM as a district or something else like that. Then we have snack time, comp planning, and go to bed. My P-day is on thursday in the MTC, but it will most likely be Monday in the field. I am learning so much, I can't believe it. There is so much more than just learning the lessons and I still have a lot to learn about those. The teachers are so awesome. The spirit is so strong here even though sometimes I just want to sleep. I am doing well though and am a little scared about actually going to Uganda, but I am excited to help others and invite them to Christ. I want to see the joy they can get from the gospel and from service. The African people are awesome. Everyone I have met is always smiling and they are hilarious. The church is true. I love you guys and definitely miss you. 2 Nephi 31 and 3 Nephi 27 are great chapters to read. I've learned so much hoe ere and I can't wait to keep learning. I hope I answered your questions. Keep writing me and I love you.

Love Elder Beck

P.S. The beds are kinda comfy, but I definitely like my bed back home better.

Amazing temple experience!

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