Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Things are heating up!

Hoops with Elders n Prez (pic by Sister Collings)
Elder Beck in whited

Hello! THis week was awesome. I have a lot of funny memories that i hope not to forget and the work is progressing and the branch is strong.
On Tuesday we had exchanges with the ZL's. We were with Elder Nsenguymva for the day. He is from Rwanda and powerful as dump! (what is this expression?) We had a fun day. It was a bit hot, but it was still good. WE also taught a guy with more than 10 wives! What! Maybe he will bring them all to church with him. hahaha. 

On Wednesday we had a good day as well. we taught some good lessons and got to spend the day with Brian. He is an awesome guy.
On Thursday we had a good day... we got fed. We found a new family and had a member that is in school show us this new salty snack he found. We found out that it was play dough. hahaha. He thought it was food....... 

On Friday we had a great day planned, but it seemed like almost everything fell through, except for a great lesson with a progressing investigator and setting a baptism date for him. I asked a member why people lie to us and why things just have to go south. He told me to go pray about it. hahaha. I thought that was really good advice. If we are troubled. If we have a question. we can always just pray about it. Prayer works anytime and anyplace. SO go and pray about it!
On Saturday we had a good day. Benard, the one that was bapized last Sunday, is improving so much on his learning and even his English. It is amazing to think about the first time I met him and too look at him and his wife now. Tender Mercy/.....  Also had a really great lesson with a new investigator. I mean this lady was the smartest person I have met. She is one of those people that is prepared, so we are hoping the best for her and her family. Also got to carry some geri cans. Super sweaty,, but super fun. haha. Also had a drunk guy named Noah dance for us. hahaha. He is awesome. 

ON Sunday we had a great sabbath. Church was great!   Benard and Hanifa were both confirmed. Had 80 at sacrament meeting. Really super nice. and the other guys had a baptism as well. Really good day and week. Today for P-day we killed some chickens, played some football, and ate some chicken. It was a lot of fun. Things that you can only do in Uganda! haha.
SOmething I really liked and learned came form d&C 101:4-5. It talks about be chastened about being tried and that is what makes us sanctified and purified if we endure. I then thought of the refiners fire and how it has to be really hot to make something the right shape and to purify metal. Sometimes things are going to get "hot" in our lives, but if we endure it well that is how we become sanctified and purified. It is not there to punish us, but to help us become who we need to be for the Lord. Thanks have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

(I love that he is always having a "good" or "great" day!  Love this Elder!  and killing chickens??  He's gaining skills!)

1.  Why do you suppose the BOM is so important to read? 
The book of mormon is so important to read because it teaches us so much more about the plan of salvation and atonement. My favorite lesson is the plan of salvation and the book of mormon is really good at helping me teach it. There are many other reasons, but plan of salvation and atonement.

2.  How goes the training? Is it easier or harder than you thought it would be?
Training is good. It is harder than I though for sure. But I am still loving it more than I thought too.

3.  How's the weather right now?  Still hot and rainy season coming?
The weather has been hot the past 3 weeks. It was suppose to rain this past week, but it didn't. so who knows. The weather is unpredictable here in Uganda.

4. So happy about the marriage and baptism of Henifa and Benard...they looked so happy and YOU looked so happy....makes MOM happy happy happy ( and Phil Robertson!)

Yes very happy!

5.  Is there anything you need? shirts, shoes, undies, letters, etc?  Did you get the last package we sent?

I got the last package and I don't think I need anything else for now. I will let you know when I need something.

6.  I saw Elder Bednar came to visit Rwanda...that is awesome!  I'll bet your people there loved it!!

ya he visited and I really wanted to go back to Rwanda for that. 

7.  What are you doing to be the best missionary that you can be?  Do you think there are a few key things that makes for a great missionary experience?

I am really trying to make my personal study the best I can. I think the morning schedule is so important. 

burning sugar cane field

they are serious about soccer in Uganda.
Elder Beck when to find the field but got lost and ended up at Pizza Hut!!
(picture by Sister Collings)

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