Friday, August 19, 2016

Great week of work! and WEDDING!

What do you get when you have a newlywed, a kid and a missionary.....yup, this here picture!
I think Elder Beck looks pretty darn happy :)

Newlyweds...Hanifa and Benard..and their cute son...woot!

Hello! THis week was awesome. WE did a lot of great things and saw some great things happen.

On Tuesday we had a good day. We really decided to work with members and use members more in our work this week and it really worked out for us. We had some great help from a member and when we did some finding we taught a lesson that went really well and they want us to meet the rest of their family. Tender Mercies. 

On Wednesday we had another good day. We worked with members again and had some really powerful lesson. It is just frustrating when you can see the investigator is fighting the spirit. He starts questioning and going off topic when you know he has felt of the spirit. It is tough to see, but we never give up.

On Thursday we had a really good day. Worked with some members again and also went back to the people we taught on Tuesday and there was another family there that we taught and seem really interested in the gospel. It is a gold mine that place. hahaha. Also met a Less Active that I haven't seen in a long time and it was a blessing that we met up with her. WE stopped by her home and she wasn't there, so I decided to head to this school that I wanted to know where it was with a member. We got there and started talking to someone and then the Less Active member showed up and we went to her home and were able to share with her. It was a tender mercy. 

On Friday we had a good day. Met a new family that is super nice and humble, but the only problem is that he is in the military so he is always moving different places. 

On Saturday, we had a good day. we had some good lessons and also went to the reception of Benard and Hanifa. They had their wedding in the morning and we stopped by at the reception to congratulate. It was funny. Everyone was dancing and having a good time. It was awesome!! WE had to move their baptism till next week because their was no time for their interview before Sunday. But they are excited and ready for it. 

ON Sunday we had a great day. we had 80 at sacrament meeting, I gave a talk, and we also had 8 investigators at church. It was great. The branch is doing well. Both areas are working hard and we are seeing good things happen. The church is true!

This week I have been studying in the war chapters in the BoM and I never realized there were so many great examples for each of us to learn from in them. Moroni is a great example for fathers and husbands and men. The stripling warriors are great examples for Young men. and The mothers of the stripling warriors are great examples for mothers. It went right a long with a talk I read this week by Elder D. Todd Christofferson about Fathers. It was awesome. WE have some many great examples in our life that we can learn from. WE should try to learn something from everyone. I know Heavenly Father loves us so much and wants to help us if we just go to him in prayer. Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck


1. What is one of the favorite things you like about your new companion Elder Goodrich?
 I just saw a glimpse of the 100m finals in the olympics and Usain Bolt won it again. That was cool. This week was good hear. We were busy and did a lot of good things. Benard and Hanifa didn't get baptized this Sunday, but they did get married. So they are looking good for this upcoming SUnday. The work is good. The companion is good. Just working as hard as we can here.

What I really like is he likes to talk sports. Most sports except baseball, but I can talk other sports as well. It is nice talking about sports...(he loves his sports!!)

2. Tell us about a member or nonmember in your branch or area that you either admire or makes you laugh
We have this nonmember guy. He is usually drunk and he is always crazy. We always see him around as we are proselyting. He says we are his best friends and he usually is always there on Sunday. He likes to give us free stuff as well. Like pineapples, pumpkins, ties. hahaha. He makes me laugh when I see him. He always says. "God is good all the time. The demons, they are under our feet." hahaha.

3.  Are you taking your daily malaria pill? Daily exercise? Practicing your piano skills?
Ya I am doing those things...

4. When you struggle to study and read the scriptures, what helps you stay motivated?
It doesn't take much to stay motivated. I love the scriptures too much and there is so much to read. If I get maybe a little unmotivated to read one book. I just switch to another. And I like it. I always love the scriptures though. (this makes a mom heart happy happy happy !)

5.  When you are dismissed or rejected, what do you tell yourself? (oh well, there is someone else right around the corner. who is ready.....or what do you think?)
I try to tell myself there is someone else, but I usually just think man it won't be easy for you in the next life and then I just try to move on.....

6. Are birthdays a big deal in Uganda?  what are the big days of celebration?
Birthdays are not very big here, but weddings are huge here. They always have to make the wedding too big. More than it needs to be. They spend way to much money on weddings. Even Benard and Hanifa...... They went too big. The church is encouraging members and people to just have simple weddings.

7.  If you could encourage us to make one change in our lives to become better people and closer to God, what would that change be?
Prayer. Pray more and with more intent and love and heart. Relying on your Heavenly Father through prayer. It is so simple, but so easy.

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