Thursday, August 25, 2016

Baptisms! Basketball w the prez! Pizza!

Elder goodrich, Elder Beck Hanifa Bernard, ?, ?
Newlyweds......ready for baptism

Hello! This week was great. WE had another great week of work and interviews with the president and finished it off with Benard and Hanifa's baptism. It was a great week. Can't ask for a better one.
This week we worked hard and me and Elder Goodrich continue to improve together as a companionship. He is learning quickly and the food isn't getting to him as much as I thought it would....... hahahaha. It is also hard because here in Uganda a lot of people they lie to us. they say yes yes we would love to meet you and come to church, but then they disappear. Number busy our phone and say don't come. not easy, but hey if they weren't here it wouldn't be called missionary WORK. haha. WE also had some great interviews with president. President Collings is a great man and so intune with the spirit. Some really good things I learned from him. For example, if we are being obedient and doing what we are suppose to do and we get a feeling or a prompting we need to do it. Act on those promptings from the spirit. Don't hesitate just do it! Also had some really good lessons with Elder Goodrich. We were teaching a lesson and I felt like we needed to talk about and teach about the sacrament. So i started teaching about that and after the lesson. Elder Goodrich said he had the same prompting. It was a strong testament to me of the spirit and that we need to always follow it. Crazy how we can teach and agree on something that we never said anything to each other about or had to do with the lesson we planned.
Also on Sunday we finished with the baptism of Benard and Hanifa. It feels like they are already members. Their baptism took a little bit longer than we thought, but it happened and it was awesome to see and be a part of their baptism. Families can be blessed by the Gospel and they can be together forever. They were so happy and the branch was excited as well. Also had a lot of other investigators at church as well and had a good sacrament attendence as well. It is going well here in Lugazi. It was a little hot this week, but no problem. Also helped carry some geri cans for a member and man those things are heavy. I can't believe they women carry them on their heads with no hands! Crazy. Still don't know how they do it. hahaha. Also got to go to Kampala today for P-day. Played some bball with President COllings. I got matched up on him. He is pretty good for an old guy. hahaha. It was fun. Also got to eat some pizza hut today. Weird. Some places in Kampala are crazy nice. 

Hello Pizza Hut!

Goodbye Pizza!  Yum!

this week I have been reading in the book of mormon. Finishing up about the war chapters. the stripling warriors amaze me every time. they give everything to the lord. Their faith is insane. Not one of them had the smallest amount of doubt. That is something I want. To be able to completely and totally rely on the lord. Also I learned about faith. In the bible dictionary it tells us " Faith is kindled when hearing the testimony of someone having faith" That is awesome. Go and share your testimony strenghten someone else. Give them that desire to increase their faith. Thanks for the lvoe and support. I love you. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

Sunset Uganda
MOM and other questions.....

1 (Stacy George)  Do you experience voodoo there like in Brazil?.
Ya there is definitely voodo here. There was more of it in Gulu, but I haven't seen to much of it personally.
2. (Kelly Barnes) what  do the little kids think about the missionaries.?
The little kids when they see a white missionary they just saw bye mzungu (white person) over and over like a thousand times a day. lets just say it gets kind of annoying, but it is also fun to mess with the kids as well. haha. Some of the little ones start crying. hahaha. (teasing the little children Elder?)

3. (Sue Ann Hodge)  How big are the bugs? Is there any bug or snake you've  been warned about?
The bugs are pretty big. I guess. There are some big cockroaches here and a lot of ants and stuff. Ants in the pants is something that actually happens here, but the bugs overall are not to bad. Nothing they told us to run away from. ha

4. Whatcha eating?  Do you eat the same things most of the time? Give us the low down on your grocery shopping and what you eat and cook.
I usually eat eggs or oatmeal for breakfast pancakes. For lunch maybe noodles, maybe a rolex, maybe some kikomondo( what is that? isn't that a karate move? ), maybe some beans and rice. Whatever I am feeling like. For dinner something small. The members and investigators feed us sometimes during the week. SO that is extra. hahaha.

found this on internet....Kikomando – Seen as a poor man’s food, kikomando is a chopped up chapati with stewed beans dripped over the top. Not the tastiest thing in the world but it is very filling. If you can only eat one cheap meal a day I can see why this would be it.

5. If you could have prepared more as a teenager for a mission, what would you have done or what do you recommend for those preparing to go?
ust read your scriptures more and pray more. SImple things. Maybe work with the missionaries as well.

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