Tuesday, August 2, 2016

TRANSFERS.... Elder Tembo to Kampala, Elder Goodrich with Elder Beck in Lugazi

Elder Beck and ElderTembo

Hello! This week was good. Transfer was good too. I am going to be staying in Lugazi. Elder Tembo is going to Kampala and I am getting a fresh new missionary to train. haha. I am excited, but also nervous. His name is Elder Goodrich. Also Getting a new DL here in the apartment in Elder Chifamba who is with Elder Roylance.
This week was good, but it seemed like not a lot happened that was too interesting. Got bounced sometimes. had some good lesson. Even one of our lessons with a new investigator we were teaching him and the spirit was strong, but after we finished sharing about the restoration we were talking and he said he felt something when we showed him the picture of the first vision and talked about it that it felt like the environment around us changed. It was really powerful. It reminded me of how important the spirit is and how grateful I am for the spirit. 

Also had a really nice dinner on Friday. WE made Country Fried Steaks and rolls and mashed potatoes. Super nice food. Really enjoyed that one. 

home cooking!

Also Church was good on Sunday. We had a LA come  back to church this week.  Benard and Hanifa are looking good for their marriage on the 13th of August and their baptism soon after on the 14th. SUper stoked! Also something I thought was really cool was we didn't have anything in the late evening before we went home so we did some street contacting and about halfway through I was tired and it seemed like everyone we were talking to stayed outside of Lugazi and didn't seem interested, but then I had this feeling even a boost of energy that I needed to go find somebody and talk to them. After that I met four new people/ potential families that I am really excited to meet this week and I knew that that strength came from prayers from others and back home.  It was something I thought was really cool. I also learned again or was brought to my remembrance that when things get hard it is probably Satan trying to stop you from doing something great. So never give up. It even reminds me of a scripture in Moroni 9:6. Thank you for your prayers and the strength you give me everyday!
I also really liked the talk from President Monson in the last conference about choices. I love his advice he gives us. Choose Christ and it will always be the correct choice. I love that advice. It makes making choices a lot easier. Also really liked the scripture from Alma 26:22 this week. Go read it. Love you. have a great week.

Love Elder Beck.

(sad to say there are no mom questions this week.....stay tuned for next week...)


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