Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another solid week!

Hello. this week was great. Good things and miracles happen everyday.
ON Tuesday we had a solid day and even did some really good finding. It is cool to see how the Lord works with a companionship. One of us feels that we go to this area and another person is prompted to visit this persons home and there we find a referral from a muslim. Powerful! THe lord works 2 by 2. that is his pattern established. Also the our drunk friend Noah gave us some fruit from what he says is from the Garden of Eden. hahaha. and guess what? when we got to the tree there was a guy that we got his contact and taught later in the week. Thanks Noah! haha. 

On wednesday we met this super cool member from Kampala and apparently he is moving to Lugazi. he can play the piano and his favorite hymn is America the Beautiful hahaa. He is awesome.
On Thursday there was like a solar eclipse and it was super weird because we were at the apartment and then it got dark but it was still sunny outside. I wasn't sure what it was, but apparently it was solar eclipse. That was pretty cool. Then we got to a lesson later in the day and it started pouring and hailing like nothing! It was insane. Then we came out of the lesson and the tree right next to the home had fallen over. hahaha. Crazy! 

Tree broken during storm in Lugazi

On Friday we had a good day. (the end?  ha ha.  I love that he has good days even when they aren't so good and memorable!!)

On Saturday we had a super powerful lesson with an investigator named Martha. She is only around on the weekends, but she is super smart and loves the lessons. She writes down notes and always has questions and we love teaching her and her children.  Also we went to visit a member to go teach an investigator and when we get there. There are a ton of people crowded around there home and I just thought  " momma is having her baby" and sure enough she was! ha. She delivered it there at the home and then went to the hospital. Pretty crazy. She is doing well and the baby is good as well. So another future missionary is born. It is a boy. 

Sunday we had a great day. had some investigators at church. We got a branch mission leader and he is a great help to us. We have an investigator named Benard. He is progressing to his baptism on the 18th. He is looking good. Also visited some members including the Branch President. he has an awesome family. I love that family. Then today we had a chill p-day. Played some catch phrase and some pool. It was a fun day.Good week.
this week I really liked my reading of the Book of Mormon in 3 nephi. I love the words of the Savior. Especially 3 Nephi 18:25. we are commanded to invite everyone to come closer to christ. If we don't we will be subject to temptation. Invite everyone! Also 3 Nephi 18:32. Us and the savior... we work together. We are like his hands here on earth. He needs us to be diligent and faithful so that he can heal people and change them. The book of mormon is true. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

 favorite recent convert..... Issac Olelo


1. What is your favorite movie?   We need a good one to watch.

My favorite movie is the Testament. Also there is a movie called Everest that Elder Goodrich likes. It sounds good. maybe go and watch that. I really can't remember movies very well. Except for nacho libre. ha  (concho, can I borrow some sweats? ....do you like my frilly shirt?  ha ha... love this movie, maybe we'll watch on his one year date!)

2.  What food  item do you miss from home? 
I miss meat from home. Steaks, Pork. Bacon. Things like that. Super Nice meat.  (we will try to have some SUPER NICE MEAT when he gets home!)

3. What are a couple of things you'd see in Africa, that you'd never see in poky? 

 In Africa you always see motorcycles called boda bodas everywhere. Also a ton of goats and chickens and cows randomly around. Also people with not enough clothing on......stuff like that. (oh my word, he cracks me up!!)
Thank you mother. Love you.
Elder Beck

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