Monday, August 8, 2016

Week one... being a TRAINER

Elder Beck and Elder Goodrich!!!

Hello! THis week flew by with Transfers, going to Kampala, and getting a brand new missionary. Crazy! It has been a lot of fun too.
ON Tuesday my last day with Elder Tembo we visited a ton of members and it was really awesome. I really tried to get to know them a lot better and build my relationship with them and I learned a lot about the members here in Lugazi and how strong they are. It was a good day a bit hot though. On Wednesday it was transfer day and even I was going to be headed to Kampala. So we headed to Kampala, stuffed in the back of the truck. I got to see some missionaries, but then I had to head to the mission home to get the training for the trainers. It was really good and I got to meet my new comp. Elder Goodrich. He is an awesome guy. He is from washington. He is tall. He loves to go do the work. It was fun getting to know him and even get fed by Sister Collings... hmmmmmm.  Then we headed back to the apartment flat and I got to talk to some missionaries that I hadn't seen for a very long time. It was awesome. Then we headed back to Lugazi in the back of the crampped truck. Then we got right to work. Did some street contacting and got right into it with Elder Goodrich.
On thursday we had a good day. We taught a member refferal, but right in the middle of the lesson it started raining like crazy, so we were stuck for a little bit. Then we had another powerful lesson with a new investigator. and then we did some really nice finding. It was different with a brand new missionary and I probably didn't teach him enough, but I know he is learning and his desire to do the work is great as well. On Friday we had a ton of bounces all day it seemed like it, but it was still really good.
Saturday we had ZDM in Mukono and then we came back and everyone says they can meet on Saturday, but really it is the worst day for meeting people it seems like. haha. It was still good though. We visited some LA and really spiritual lessons with them. and One of them came to church on Sunday and bore a really powerful testimony. It was awesome! On Sunday we had a great day. WE had a powerful testimony meeting. Many people there. Probably the most people at church since I have been here. Then we were confirming the marriage and the baptism for next weekend. Everything is looking good for that. Super Pumped! Then we had a Dinner APpointment and it was fun watching my companion eat the food. He did really well actually. hahaha, but maybe he was just hiding it. hahaha.  It was a good week.
This week was hard, but really awesome too. I am learning a lot of new things being a trainer and learning a lot from my companion. He knows so much from back home. I feel like I don't know anything. hahaha. This week a scripture I really liked was from Alma 37:34 Never be weary of good works. I love that because sometimes we feel like we just need a break, but really we need the opposite we need to do more good works. Then we will receive peace to our souls. True peace in our lives comes form serving others and always doing good. Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Mom questions. ..
1. What do you think was written on the liahona that caused Lehi and his family to fear and tremble when the were murmuring?
I am not sure about the Liahona. It is something to ponder about, but I am sure that it was something crazy. haha.

2.  Do you eat much Chocolate  there?
No not really, only when I buy a small candy bar at the store. I had a snickers this last week though. that was my first chocolate in a long time. ha

3. Any package yet?
No Package yet.

4.  Tell us about your new companion and hows training going?
My new companion is great. He is tall. He is from Moses Lake, Washington. He is a super nice guy. Has a great desire to go do the work. He likes going on Hikes. He likes hot weather. He is fun. He is also green. haha. Training is going ok. I am not sure how I am doing, but I hope to improve this week for myself and have a really fantastic week.

5. I love that you are cooking and trying to play the piano. . Any other skills you are developing?
I am developing some soccer skills, teaching skills, eating strange food skills, and many other skills . hahaha.

6. Do many people have cell phones?

Most people have cell phones here. It is rare for many people not to have a cell phone.

Thanks mother. I love you. You are the best.
Love Elder Beck

Hello Africa!

Our Elder is this beauty...kinda blows my mind still!

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