Tuesday, June 6, 2017


African cloud....because who doesn't love clouds?
And look at those animals....goats?
and the city
and the sign

hello. This week was a great week here in Entebbe. "where dreams come true"........:)
To start the week we had a great day. We had a meeting with the district leaders in the zone to talk about what to focus on this transfer. It went really well and there is some great counsel that has come from the Mission President. We also had a really nice day. One of the appointments we had bounced, so we decided to pray and find the person we need to find. After praying at the first gate we knock, the lord helps us find someone. We teach the security guard. He was a bit stubborn, but we hope that it was him we were suppose to meet at that time. Later we had a lesson with one of the Recent Converts we shared with him the Restoration, but asked him to think of people that he can share the gospel and need this message in their lives. At the end of the lesson. He said that he had many people that he wants to share with! Tender Mercy.............. 

ON Wednesday. We had a good day as well we did the same thing with another Recent Convert and again he had many people he wanted to share this message with. Sweet! We also have really tried to talk to as many people as we can and we are meeting a lot of new people. Some are interested and some are not, but meeting a lot of people none the less.
On Thursday we had a great day. We have this area right now that we have 4 or 5 different people that we see. So we just are blessed to have these people close by each other. We are also teaching Thomson. HE is the security guard at the apartment. He is a funny guy and has a lot of stories. Some are probably not true, but very entertaining. hahaha. We also got bounced and we were wondering what to do when both me and Elder Phire seemed to see a guy sitting in the park and we both just started walking towards him. We had a great lesson and again the Lord helped us find the person we needed to find.  Friday was good as well. Just a little tired of people always saying they will call us and they never do............ I should be used to it by now......... ha
The weekend was good. Especially Sunday. WE had a nice service. Funny part was during Fast and testimony meeting. One of our investigators goes up and starts to tell a story, but also shouts Hallelujah and tells us to shout amen back to him! hahahaha    He is a great guy and still learning about the church. But makes for a good laugh............ We met a new guy. He is firm in his church, but he is willing to learn and pray about our message. That is all we can ask and then let God guide them. We then had nothing to do so we went to this area and knocked some houses and weren't finding much success, but we kept going. Then the last house we went to we found someone to teach! *(it is always the last house). The Lord again helped us find another person to teach. It was a great week. WE have 2 people progressing to baptism a should be baptized this SUnday. YEA! THings are good. WE have a missionary fireside this week. WE are looking forward to that and hopefully we can get a lot of people to go! Should be a great week.
This week I was studying about Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdry. The Lord tells them that they have been given gifts from God and they need to remember where they came from and to use them! Then I thought all of us have gifts and talents that have been given to us. Sometimes we forget where they come from and sometimes we forget that we have them! All of us are God's children. He has given each of us special gifts and talents to accomplish his work and help others. Use those talents and gifts and seek to do what God needs you to do. We are sent here to this earth at this time for a reason and purpose. God knows all of us and loves us all. Alma 26:37?  Have a great week

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions...
1. you need anything?

I don't think I need anything right now.

2.  How's the humidity there?

The humidity is here. It is good. I am pretty used to it by now, but I still sweat so I know it is here. haha

3.  do you get much winds because it picked up here tonight and about blew us off the hill??

Not much wind here. Usually pretty calm

4.  We are excited about the recent IF temple rededication and cultural event.  How excited are the members there to get a temple closer to them?

People are excited, but they wanted it in Uganda not Kenya. hahaha

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