Friday, June 30, 2017

FLYING....tender mercies, being grateful, serving

Another week flies by..... WOW..................This week was great let us remember what happened.

Ethiopian food




So on Tuesday I was on exchanges with E. Asare. HE is from Ghana and he loves Ghana. haha. I am starting to love it too! He is on his first transfer so that was fun to be with a greenie again! We had an awesome day. It even started off that we got bounced, but we decided to knock on this door nearby and guess what...... They let us in and we taught a great lesson! The Lord takes care of his boys! Then we had Rolex and Daddies for lunch......(I will tell you what daddies are later) haha. Then we just had a good time. We had some time at night and so we decided to do some contacting. We said a prayer and truly 2 Nephi 32:8-9 is true. The Lord Consecrated our time for our benefit. WE met some great people and E. Asare is a beast! haha. 

On Wednesday we had a nice day and I felt prompted that I needed to testify of the book of Mormon today and that someone would have a desire to learn more about it! Well I testified to this one person and she wanted us to come back on Friday and teach her! I love the Book of Mormon. We also visited Juma and he told us about another story from his time spent in Japan! it was hilarious and this guy is the best.
ON Thursday we had another exchange. This time E. Magumura came to my area. He is from Zimbabwe. Well we come back to the apartment after switching companions and we find that the floor of our apartment was flooded.......... SO we got to clean that up. It was actually fun and a tender mercy because we didn't have time to mop the floor on monday. hahaha. Also There was the manager guy of the apartments helping clean and I started talking to him and even set a time to meet with him and his family. The lord works in mysterious ways! We had a great day and even found this man as we were knocking doors. He is a born again and has been saved, but he we invited him to prayer to come to know if it is true and he asked "if I am answered what do I need to do?" This guy is prepared! and he is willing to act upon the answer he gets. It was a powerful day! 

squeegy patrol

swimming pool?

Oh boy

On Friday WE had a good day with a lot of bounces mixed in. But on the bright side another member of the church is working on getting married and his future wife wants to be taught the gospel! Marriage is great!
On Saturday. We had a powerful day. We had some great lesson's early in the day and we visited some Less Actives in the evening. WE also taught our security guard about the word of wisdom and he accepted to live it right on the spot! He is powerful!

Sunday was great. Church was awesome and we have some really great investigators right now. One shared with us that MAN means, Make Action Now!. hahaha. it is true. We are here to be agents unto ourselves and to act and do and not to be acted upon! ha. We visited with some members and even some of our investigators are doing missionary work for us and gave us 2 people to teach in the evening! wow! Today we had a chill day,. but we got to enjoy some Ethiopian food! (I will send pictures).
This week was great and read a talk by DIeter F. Uchtdorf "the Greatest Among you". I love this talk because it talks a lot about selfless service and even about leadership. As we give of ourselves we become more and more like the one who gave his all for us: the Savior. I love that quote. To become the greatest in the kingdom of God we have to serve. We need to serve because of a love for our savior and for the people. I have been so blessed to been able to serve as a missionary and so I know how important and great everyone's service is and it is always recognized by God! Let's follow the example of the Master and serve! Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

sun and clouds

sunrise in entebbe? driving on the wrong side of the road!

1. Hey Siri...How many days til September 28th?

Me....88 days!!  say what??  88 days!  woot!

2.  Hey Siri...what's my favorite number?

Siri....  I can do many things,Angelita, but reading your mind is not one of them.
Me.... ha ha... my favorite number is 88!!! anything with an 8 in it!

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