Wednesday, June 21, 2017

On finding, being found and committing to ALL IN!

Elder Beck rabbit ears strikes again!!!  :)

go Jazz!!!

This week was great and we were able to find the elect and also the elect were able to find us!
So some different things that happened this week.......... Wednesday we had Zone Conference! It was amazing. The spirit was strong and the unity was powerful! President Collings is a great man! We have great missionaries right now. There is a different spirit of Desire to work and Unity that was not in Zone conferences 8 months ago. IT is cool to see the mission as a whole change for the good!

Entebbe beauty!

On Thursday we were able to work with a Less Active brother named Boscoe! He is huge and is so awesome! He loves the gospel and he knows it is true. He even came to church on Sunday again and he was wearing some really nice cowboy boots. I wish that I would have taken a picture with him. haha. We have also visited a ton of members this week and it has been amazing to help and get to know the members. They are true pioneers and are such strong disciples. They are few here and have many problems and things come up in their lives, but they still come through!

On Friday we were able to do some finding and we have been really focusing on finding the elect. I have been trying to get up everyday and have the faith that there are 5 people right now that I specifically need to teach and are ready for baptism. I read a bit of the book "member missionary work" it is a great book!. We said a prayer and we did some finding. We were able to teach 2 lesson's in the finding time that we had. The second lesson we taught was to a brother that was about 18 year's old. He gave up schooling and getting a job and becoming rich because he wanted to focus on God. He wants to teach and share with others. SO we said we can teach you how you can do that and at the same time share with you this unique message of truth! He listened and accepted baptism and came to church on SUnday! He is prepared!

Then on Friday night we were sitting at home and we get this call from former investigator that we had dropped. He said that a friend had come from the village and he wanted to meet with us! We were pumped and were surprised! We teach him the next day and have a great lesson with him and he asked inspired questions and he came to church the next day.

Then on Sunday we had a RC come with a friend to church. We taught her that night and she accepted baptism! The Lord truly blessed us to find some great people and for some great people to find us!

I love the talk by Gary B. Sebin this last conference. He talks about how we need to be all in! The Lord needs us to be willing and converted to him. We shouldn't be thinking of what is the least that I can do to get by or to go back to live with God. We need to be more willing to do more. To give of ourselves! To sacrifice for Christ! Because then the miracles will come, Then the change of heart, the change of life come. The power of God will flow in your life if you are ALL IN. It applies to everything! If we are not ALL IN we will miss some of the choicest blessings that God has in store for us. If we are ALL IN then we will receive the choicest blessings that God has for us! Alma 5:26. Have a great week.

Love you.

Love Elder Beck

goofing around!

Missionary bonding??  Looking good....finding...focused

Mom questions......
1.  Do you have a fav Book of Mormon person that you can really relate to?

It is hard to relate to such amazing people, but I really like Captain Moroni. He wasn't a prophet, but he was a mighty man in God!

2.  I love our comfy bed.  What's one comfort of home that you have missed?

I miss a nice bed, also a dishwasher, also a dryer, A/C, Hot water, oh sorry you only wanted one........

3.  What is the education system like there in Uganda?

The education system is really weird here. There are like 13 years of school. Primary 1-7 and Senior 1-6. A lot of people only go to Senior 4. It is confusing. College is different than University. Ya I am not 100% sure on the system still.

4. What helps you to stay focused on missionary work?

I think it is just thinking of Christ and having a reason and remembering why I came on mission. That was to do this work. SO why do I need to focus on anything else? That is what I think.

5.  Need anything?

Nope thanks. Love you.

Entebbe countryside

Lake Victoria?

Tiny frog

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