Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Busy week

This week was very busy and a lot going on, but still one that is full of miracles. It started off with Elder Anderson and his last few days in Entebbe. Which was good because it means that we got a lot of dinner appointments hahaha.

On Tuesday we got fed by people 3 different times which was nice! But my favorite part was that we were able to go to the airport to pick up the new missionaries when they arrived in Uganda because my companion is training this transfer. So that was cool. We got to talk to President and the AP's for awhile and then we witnessed the entrance of green missionaries! It was awesome. They were just so full of the spirit and so much curiosity and even some fear. hahaha. It just reminded me when I came on mission for the first time. I was so lost......... hahaha.
Airport time. Elder Anderson gets to meet his newbie companion!

 I also got to eat Eba today. It was actually really nice. It is a west african dish mainly.

...pause for education....
Ẹbà is a Nigerian staple food eaten in West African subregion and beyond. It is made from dried grated cassava (manioc) flour, commonly known as garri.

ON wednesday we had a busy day. I had to drive back and forth from Kampala twice. Picking up and dropping off missionaries most of the day. But it was also a tender mercy because we didn't get in an accident, no missionary was forgotten, and no luggage was lost!! We also had some really powerful lesson's with Elder Phiri that evening. By the way. Elder Phiri is my new companion. He is from Zimbabwe. He came on mission one transfer after me. He is humble. He loves cricket. He served in Rwanda in K2 branch. He is teaching me about cricket! He is a great companion. We even pulled a prank on him. We had a member pretend to be an investigator and I started arguing with the member and getting heated and the member told me and Elder Phiri to leave so as we were getting up the member dropped his missionary nametag that he got from his mission. hahahahaha It was funny. Elder Phiri didn't say much, but I think we got him pretty good. hahahahahaha.

On thursday we had a powerful day. Had some great lessons. Even we had a lesson with 3 new people that we met last week. At first they didn't seem interested and weren't paying any attention, but as we taught you could see their countenance change and they became interested and started participating and asking questions. By the end of the lesson they were excited to come to church on SUnday. It was cool to see how the spirit can soften someone and change them! On friday we had MLC. It was awesome and I learned a lot from it.
eating after MLC...yum!

MLC leaders

Saturday we got back into our area and had a nice day. We were in a certain area in the evening and I felt like we needed to go visit a former investigator and so we headed there. They weren't around, but E Phiri started talking to a guy and we eventually were welcomed in and we taught a lesson. It is funny how you can be prompted to see a former investigator, but the reason you are suppose to be there is to find a different person.

Sunday was good. WE had a member take us to a west african restaurant after church. I need to repent about the sabbath day, but we had fufu and had a good time with this member. He is a member from Sierra Leon, but lives in American and works for the UN. He was telling us stories about his mission and was just an awesome guy. YOu meet the coolest people on mission. Then we had a powerful lesson with some LA's and also with a progressing investigator. We are working to have some baptism's on the 11th of  June. Should be good. Had a great week here.

....another pause to become more learned.....
Fufu (variants of the name include foofoofufuofoufou) is a staple food, common in many countries in Africa. It is often made with cassava and green Plantain Flour.
fu fu

fu fu and mcgoo

This week I started the Book of Mormon again and I am planning on finishing it one more time before I get home. But this week I was a bit stressed and feeling overwhelmed. I started reading the first chapter in Nephi. It talks about how Lehi saw and heard many great and marvelous things and how he was overcome with the spirit. Then I thought, wow I am sure he saw many things and was just like what I am I going to do. He was feeling overwhelmed like me. Then I kept reading. He had a vision and read a book and learned more things on what he needed to do and what was going to happen to Jerusalem. Then the first thing he does is praise and thank God for what he has told him and given to him. Then he goes out and does what he knows. He warns the people and teaches them. SO I realized that instead of worrying so much and being overwhelmed I just needed to show more gratitude. Review the guidance from the mission president and do what I know how to do! It answered me directly. I love the Book of Mormon. I know it is true. I know it can help us in our time of need. It can answer all of our questions. and without any doubt it will draw you closer to Christ. So read it, ponder its words, and pray and ask God if it is true. You will fell the Holy Ghost in your life.

Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beckwe (African name or typo?) shenanigans.....

nice aprons Elders!!!

eating our home made pizza

muscle pose

Elder Beck , Anderson and ?

selfie stick pic

1.  how blessed am I to have a son who wants to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ?
Mom answer....very blessed indeed

2. What is this a picture of?
Mom answer.....I have no idea.  Anyone?

3.  Is Elder Beck hungry all the time?
Mom answer....who knows but sounds like he got fed well and a lot this week!!!!

Having a discussion at another church....not lds

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