Monday, June 12, 2017

Missionary Fireside

Billy? and Brenda


This week was great and it went by really fast because of a missionary fireside we had. So it started out with some big news. We have been teaching this investigator named Brenda and we have been using a RM to help teach her and her brothers. She is the one that was baptized this Sunday. Well the Rm named Billy calls us and says that he is engaged and he wants to show us the video. SO we meet up with him and we watch the video and in the video he proposes to our Investigator.... Brenda! So They are going to get married. WOW............ We have a really good fellowshipper now. hahaha.  That was something exciting that happened. he is really happy and so is she. SO I hope all things work out for them and I am glad I was able to find Billy's wife for him. hahahahahaha. Eternal Marriage is important to salvation. hahaha   (I love this.... hilarious but awesome at the same time.  Elder Beck was so focused on teaching Brenda that he didn't see the love bug hit Billy and Brenda - - ha ha is right!)

Brenda's family

Smile Everyone!

Then on Wednesday we had an awesome District meeting with Kajjansi Elder's. there was a great spirit of Unity and love there and in doing the work. Gotta love the mission. Then we had a finding activity with 2 zones in Kabowa. It is where the missionary fireside will be taking place and so we went out finding from4-8pm inviting people to the fireside and even to teach them. It was good. It went by really fast and many people were contacted in a small amount of time. It is amazing how missionaries can be so willing to sacrifice their time in their area to go to another to try and help. It went really well though. 

On thursday we had an awesome day. We were able to get some new investigators and even set a baptism date with one of them!
On Friday we had the Fireside. IT was amazing! The spirit was great there! Many members came and even some visitors came! We had a powerful missionary choir and I was able to lead a discussion about using social media to share the gospel! IT went well even though I haven't used social media in like 2 years. hahaha. That is something I want to do back home. Is use social media to share more about the gospel with others. Also we heard from Bro Bill And Bro Raymond. They bore testimony about their experience of sharing and receiving the gospel! Represent Entebbe! Also a couple people that I remember contacting came to the event! It was an answer to my prayers because it seemed like most people have been rejecting what I have been sharing, but seeing those few people come to the fireside showed me that there are people that are ready and willing. ONe of those people was a guy named Shadrack. He is a cool guy. He only has one working leg because of Polio. He uses a stick to move around. It is amazing how he gets around. He came late, but we were sitting there and enjoying some refreshments and just talking. He said something that touched me. He said "I feel the love of God here". He talked about how there was something different and something great here that he could feel. It was the Love of God............ He said that this is the Love that can change people and even that he wanted to be apart of it. IT was amazing. It made me realize the spirit and love that was there at the fireside. This man felt it and he promised to come on Sunday and meet with the missionaries. Just a cool experience on Friday.
On Saturday, we had a lesson with Juma the blind man and also a member family. Both of them were just simple lesson's, but you could tell that the simple message we shared brought light unto them and just brightened their day. Again I felt the Love of God and the Light! 

Sunday we had a baptism of Sister Brenda. It was awesome. The members were all excited, Brenda was excited, and especially Billly. haha.(he is cracking me up!!)   We also visited another member family that we had taken awhile since visiting and again felt the Love of God. They thanked us for what we did as missionaries. People even when they face challenges are able to be grateful and also to be happy and put God first. It is amazing and humbling to see. Today we had a zone activity and we have an awesome zone. We played some games and had some food and laughed a lot. It was great and my zone is the best for sure. Missionaries are the best and this mission is the best!

Biker dude!


We cool!


fun times!


This week I read in D&C 11. 13. It talks about the Light of the spirit and how it fills us with joy and  hope. That is what I experienced this week was the Light of the gospel and the spirit in individuals lives. It is something that is so distinct and so special. Only the Light of the gospel can change someone on the spot! Only the light of the gospel can satisfy our souls! We should seek for more light in our lives and see the light everyday. Have a great week. Love you guys.
love Elder Beck

Brother? (Juma?) and Elder Beck

MOM questions....
1.  What do you enjoy the most about your mission? Least?
I enjoy the members and teaching. And also learning from the other missionaries. I don't like the excuses that people have.

2. What are some terms or phrases used in Uganda that you would never hear in Idaho?
They use words like Nane, Gundi Auntie. It means something that you don't know the name of. Also phrases like Ova!, or Alow! When I get back I will tell you what I mean. haha. IT is funny. Also they always say "Well Done" LIke a greeting! Also they say "Tell me"............ Without saying anything specific.

3..Do they have trouble understanding what you are saying in English?
Some people yes, but they understand me pretty well compared to other americans. so I guess I am clear when I speak........

HAPPY.......... :) 

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