Monday, May 1, 2017

Great week! Rainy weekend but it doesn't stop the work...

Early mother's day present..... African clouds!! Score!

SO this week was awesome.......... we had an awesome day. WE taught two friends of the recent convert Derrick that was baptized a few weeks ago. They are awesome and accepted baptism!! 

Also as we were going home a guy that we contacted came up to us and gave us a paper that had answers to the questions that were on the back of a pass along card that we gave him. That was super awesome! And it was all because we contacted one more person one night last week. And later in the week we taught him and had an awesome lesson with him. No effort is wasted. You never know until you try! Then later in the week we found this new place to go finding and it was on top of this hill that overlooked Entebbe. Really beautiful! and we found a new family and the Mama's name is Angela! Shout out to my mom! Great name!  (woot!! I agree!!)

Also side story...... Everyone here is talking about a Pastor guy who was burning bibles because they used Holy Ghost instead of Holy SPirit.......... People think the Holy Ghost is something evil here. It is amazing how we run into that problem a lot here......

Also during the week a guy called us and said he wanted to meet with us. So we set a meeting for on Saturday morning. Then saturday morning we call him to see if we are still meeting and it doesn't go through the first couple of times. Then I try again later and it goes through and he just says "I will be there in 10 minutes." and at the same time it is raining really hard and usually no one moves around when it is raining in Uganda. We meet him at the spot and he us just soaking! Then he takes us to his home and we share with him. He is shivering as we share. Truly dedicated, but the story doesn't end there. On Sunday, it rained again in the morning. SO we weren't expecting a lot of investigators to come to church that day, but again...... He came to the church early completely soaked! I have not seen that guy dry. haha. It was truly amazing. He is an awesome guy!

Things are going really well right now here in Entebbe the work is progressing! We might have two baptisms this week. SO we hope for that and the Lord continues to bless us. Thanks for the prayers. They are working!

This week I have been preparing a training I am going to give in a Zone Conference and it is all about the atonement of Jesus Christ! And it has really just brought me to a greater knowledge and remembrance of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how truly great and infinite it was. The talk by Jeffrey R. Holland in May 2015 Ensign ( Elder Holland - Where justice, love and mercy meet  )  is a really great one and I invite all to go and read that talk. SOmetimes the atonement of Jesus Christ becomes to commonplace or it is not front and center in our lives, but truly it needs to be. It is the reason for life, it is the motivation to be obedient, it is the motivation to keep on trying no matter what, and it is the way to immortality and eternal life and sometimes we forget about that! I have been going through many scriptures and talks about the atonement of Jesus Christ and it has really changed my perspective on it! Jesus Christ does live and he did provide the ultimate sacrifice! Never forget that. We can receive power in our lives to overcome anything! Weather small or great! 

Have a great week. Love You.

Elder Beck

Mom questions...
1.  What's the plan for Mother's Day call?

Mother's day might be a phone call......... WE are trying to talk to some members about using their ipad or their computer so it might be a face to face or a voice to voice. I will confirm next week, but I liked the program we used last time.

2. Hey I'm doing book club in May and I choose the book .....elephant whisperer ....about a guy who had a game reserve Africa and inherited away a bunch of crazy escape artist elephants and how he tamed them and became their friend. Did you know elephants are very smart?  AnyWho I was thinking about providing  African food. What do you suggest?

I didn't know that they were really smart. That is cool. Ya that is a great idea. African food is the best! Matooke, Posho, Beans, Rice, Meat chunks in soup, Sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes. Any of that is good.

3. Most missionaries been getting their packages? Or are we just lucky.?

Ya most missionaries get there packages. I rarely hear anyone not getting a package that was sent to them.

4. What is one new thing that you learned about yourself or the gospel this week?

I really learned a lot about the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how truly great it is and how it should be our motivation for anything.

more cloud love from Uganda

On a side note from momma beck....I think sharing this song that was performed at my oldest's institute graduation is appropriate to share here.  It really touched my heart and seems right to add to my son's testimony of Jesus 
Christ and His atonement... I know that my redeemer lives.

(click below to listen to the song Testimony. I promise you won't be sorry.)


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