Saturday, May 27, 2017

2 for 1.... 1- Mother's Day 2-Finish off the transfer with a bang!

no words needed

Truly a great week!

Things that happened:
We were able to do a little service this week and dig in someones garden. I love it! Most people here don't think white people can use a hoe or dig or weed or anything. It is funny. Also we had a lesson with an investigator and then his freinds all came and joined the lesson. All were interested and asking good questions. I love it when the lord brings people to us. He does it a lot. ha

We had some tough things happen with investigators. One got a job and so that is good, but the problem is that he works on Sunday's now. It is not an easy balance between providing for the family and also putting in the time for God here. Than another family that we now have dropped. They are such a great family. Humble followers of Christ, but they have just had a lot of things come up and have forgotten God a bit. But they will come around again! And the lord will provide a way for everyone to keep his commandments.

We also were able to have some plans change and drop through on Saturday, but as we came together and had the spirit. We had a really awesome day. All things work together for the good of those that believe. Sunday we had an awesome day as well. Church was great. Many people there. SOme investigators missing, but overall we had a great service. Then of course I got to see the family. That was the best! Love you guys and grateful for the support! Then cool story, we had a guy that we just talked to that called us and wanted to meet with us. He is someone that is really searching for the truth. He has had many questions about different churches and wants to know what is true and what is not true. I love prepared people! A great mother's day! 

This week I really loved a district meeting that we had. It was focused on becoming like Christ and developing Christ-like attributes. We are here to come to know and become like our Savior Jesus Christ. That is life Eternal! Becoming Christ-like though is a life time thing. It won't come over night, but by one choice at a time. Eventually we will see ourselves changing as we constantly remember Christ, learn more about him, and stive to do what he did. Really that is what we are all need to do in this life. Christ set the perfect example and his grace is sufficient for us as we strive to become like Him! Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Look at dem horns! oh my!

What's cookin' good lookin'?


So this week was great! We saw a lot of miracles and definitely felt the spirit!
On Tuesday we had a great day. The highlight was the zone finding that we did. It was awesome. We met all together in Entebbe and did some finding around the market. We met some really awesome people and it was fun with the entire zone and different missionaries there. My favorite part though was we went to an inv that was nearby! His name is Juma and he is the blind man! We sang I am a child of GOd for him and also a less active member that was nearby. It was amazing. The spirit was there and I was just happy. Cool stuff. Good people. God is good. On Wednesday we had another powerful day.. We went to Kampala and had a meeting with the Stake president, Mission President, the Ap's, and some other Zone Leaders. It was an amazing meeting. The spiritual prepardness was there and the revelation was flowing. We also did a live video feed to invite people to the Missionary Fireside that is coming up soon and I was the camera man! haha. It was awesome! We have a great Stake President here!
On thursday we had a great day. Met and taught a lot of new people. It is interesting how some people are so receptive while others are not, but the message is still the same and it is true. Some people are ready and others are not. Friday we had a good day as well. We have some really great people we are teaching. One is David Ochen. He is from Gulu and he really loves the church. He has been coming to church for like 3 or 4 months now! He just needs to work on some marriage problems, but he loves the gospel and truly just wants to do what God want him to do.
On Saturday we had a baptism and it was pouring rain, but they still came. It was awesome. Not many people there, but still felt the spirit and everyone was happy! One of them was Ezera. Me and ELder Anderson have been teaching him. He is a great guy! He hadn't been praying in a church for over 10 years until he found the this church! We also had a nice dinner appointment. One of our RC's bought us KFC! Booyah. So nice! I have never had that happen before........
Sunday we had the confirmation of brother Ezera and the Sister misisonaries had 2 baptism's. SO entebbe was finishing off the transfer with a bang! We had a lot of people at chruch as well. The Ward seems to be stronger and stronger every Sunday!
This week I was learning from Ether 12. I love this chapter and I truly love the scripture in it verse 4 I believe. I just was able to ponder and study that verse for awhile. I liked how faith and hope will allow us to always abound in Good works. If we are always hoping for a better world and always having faith in Christ, when would we ever do something that wasn't good? We wouldn't....... So let us increase our Faith in Jesus Christ and our Hope for a better world! Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck


New convert and Sister missionaries

pday crew....sisters and elders

Elder Beck on the Beck at Lake Victoria

 1.  How are you doing?

Things here are going well. We had one brother baptized and confirmed this weekend. It was really awesome. WE also found some really great people this week and it is the new transfer. Many missionaries moving and coming. So this week will be busy with that and also MLC! Getting the new companion on Wednesday and saying goodbye to Elder Anderson as well. Things are good. 

2.  Are you still taking a malaria pill every day? Because I know now you're not taking any vitamins… Ha ha ha.


3. Are you going to leave most of your stuff in Africa? You might as well leave clothes or other things in there that someone else might need.

 Ya I am planning on leaving most of my things behind, but I am not thinking too much about that now.

4.  What is an example or description  of an effective missionary?

An effective missionary is obedient, hard working, listen's to the spirit always, doesn't waste time, and open's their mouth always!

5.  What is something that you learned this past week that has made a difference in your life?

I learned from the story of Daniel. It is probably my favorite or one of them in the Old Testament. When the King needed to interpret his dream. Daniel did not doubt, but he believed and he went with his companions and they gathered together and prayed for help from God. Then they received it. I learned that when we have the faith of many people together we are a lot stronger and able to do more than if we are just by ourselves. Unity is important.

clouds for cloud addicts

Clouds + sun = fun!

Lake Victoria at sunset

Loves me some purple sunsets -n- clouds and a tropical tree!!

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