Tuesday, May 9, 2017

WOW! (Word Of Week) = "AWESOME" The Church is true!

Raymond's baptism


THis week was awesome!

It started off, I was on exchanges with Elder Brogan (my former companion from Bear Lake). It was an awesome day. It was also a really rainy day. We had some really awesome lessons especially with Raymond. He is the one that was baptized this Sunday. He just understands so well and is really one of the most prepared people I know. Also got some departing advice from Elder Brogan who is going home in like 2 weeks from now! (wonder what that advice was?) 

Then on Wednesday I was able to go on a run with Elder Brogan in the morning. It was awesome. Uganda is a great place to run in the morning! Really beautiful!Wednesday was kind of a so-so day. Not sure why, but the rest of the week made up for it.

Thursday we had Zone Conference. It was a really amazing Zone conference. The spirit was different. It was so thick you could touch it! haha. But really Kampala South Zone is the best! Then we came back and just had powerful lessons in the evening! We even taught a new guy named Robert. This guy is awesome. He is someone who has been searching for the truth and the right place to be for a while. He loves to learn and he is the one who contacted us. The lord is truly awesomeFriday. We had a good day. We had some weird bounces and stuff, but everything ended up really well. Celebrated Cinco de Mayo by having chili and tortilla chips!

Kampala South Zone!!

Saturday was just straight up awesome! It started out with Elder Anderson going to do a baptism interview for the other guys and I was with Elder Obeng. We had a super nice lesson with some brothers and they even came to church the next day! And they want to come again next week! Then we did some finding in an area we had gone before but felt like we were just on the verge of finding someone. We go there and the second person we talk to invites us in and we had a really nice first lesson. Then our next program we met a new guy named Godfrey. This guy might be the most humble person I have ever met. He was just willing to listen and he wants to learn more and he has an awesome family and works hard. He has so much potential. Problem is that he works on Sunday......... Darn............

Sunday was just another awesome day. We had a great Church service. No Rain - -  so more people came. Then we had 3 baptisms in the ward! One on our side and 2 from the other missionaries! IT was really awesome and I was just a happy camper that day! Raymond is a great person and was really happy about his baptism! Then we had a really good lesson with a semi less active member and we brought another semi less active member with us and it was just an awesome lesson. One of them shared their conversion story of when he was in Abu- dabi? Somewhere in the India area where he found the church. Cool story! For P-day we had a zone activity it was really awesome. WE made a rap as a zone. Beat awesome!
boxing and singing about the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was
Truly an amazing week.

What I liked from the scriptures was in 3 Nephi when Jesus Christ is telling us that we are the salt of the earth and we are the light of the world. He says that it is given unto us..........  That means we have been foreordained to be the salt and light of the world! We were given great responsibilities and knowledge before we came here to the earth! Now, we just have to be obedient and we can achieve that calling! Each of us have great things to do here that God needs us to do! Have a great week. Love You.

Love Elder Beck



....bold over vegetation

Mom questions....
1.  Skype or call?  Time?  I'm sure you'll give us the deets
I am planning on skyping, I am not 100% sure with the time because I don't know when you have church and when you guys will be around. Backup plan if skyping doesn't work is I will just call, but I am hoping it will work. It should.

2.  What touched your heart this week that u wouldn't mind sharing?

This Sunday I felt a different spirit in all the meeting. Many people were there. Investigators were there. the lesson's were really good. Then the baptism's were awesome. Everyone seemed happy. Everyone seemed at peace. I was just happy...... Singing the hymns with all our heart and just getting a simple confirmation that yes...... This is true!

3.  What is something you'll miss about Uganda and what is something you won't miss?

I will miss about Uganda is the Friendly people and the funny questions they have and theories they have!

I won't miss is the Trash piles.....

4.  Do you see a physical change in people when they embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Ya you can see a physical change. It happens. The soul is the body and the spirit combined. Everything is connected!

......happy  :)

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