Thursday, April 27, 2017


Anette's baptism

This week was an awesome week. There was so much that happened. It felt like 3 weeks, but at the same time felt like 2 days.

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had different meetings one as a zone and one as a district. They were truly amazing. When people come prepared to a meeting or a council and have a desire to learn and improve and participate, meetings and council become something to look forward to.

I was also able to go on exchanges with Elder Koopmans on Tuesday and ELder Obeng from Ghana on Thursday. Elder Koopmans and I had a good time and he is an awesome guy. Elder OBeng is also an awesome guy. We had a good time and really enjoyed.

Stories from this week............ ON exchanges with Elder Obeng we went to a Ghanaian restaurant and we ordered something. They came out with it and the bill said 31k. We just both looked at each other with huge eyes and laughed. We are going to go broke from Ghanaian food! haha..........Also a couple of investigators that we taught once and we didn't really know how they would progress or take the message we shared, but both of them said they felt after we shared and they prayed that what we teach was true. Really cool. Never loose hope on someone.............. On sunday we were invited to attend and preach at a born again church, so we got permission and went to it. We sat through the singing and praising and yelling part. It was fun. The music was pretty good. Then we had our turn. Me and Elder Anderson go up and started sharing the Message of the restoration. There was a completely different spirit there and many of the people there were interested and touched by the spirit. It was an awesome experience. IT was the first time ever doing something like that. It was another testament that what we share is true. We even got invited back to Preach more another time. haha.

Also we had a baptism this week of Sister Anette. It was really awesome. Everything went well. She was happy and it was a huge success! We have some other investigators that are looking good to progress towards baptism on the 7th of May. The Lord is bringing many prepared people to us. We are looking at having a really good week and really meeting a lot of new people. Today for P-day we went to Kampala and did some shopping. I got a suit ordered. SO we will see how that turns out. But Kampala is crazy. So many people. So many taxi's, so many boda's, so many trucks. It is crazy!

This week.I realized the importance of positivity and smiling! Life is usually only bad because we make it that way ourselves. If we smile and are happy and think about how awesome things really are. Life is so much better and feelings of anger and hate and any bad feeling can go away. Laugh a little bit! Have fun. Think about Joy! That is even what Jesus Christ himself did to be able to endure the cross was Joy! Hebrews 12:2. Choose to have more joy in our lives! Have a great week. Love you.;
Love Elder Beck

Mom questions...
1. What do you do when you feel discouraged?

When I feel discouraged......... I try to get myself to pray, or to have a really good study of the word of God, or sing a hymn. That will get me pumped up again!

2.  I've been trying to re-listen to conference talks... so many good ones... r m Nelson talk stood out to me.  I love that in his nineties, he challenged himself to study from the topical guide all about Christ and that he felt he had changed from it.  Wow.   Do you recall any talks that stood out to u?

As a mission we are taking the challenge of President Nelsen and studying the TG on Christ. It is really cool. I really liked Elder Mark S. Palmer's talk as well. I was able to meet that guy in person when he came up for the Stake splitting. He is an awesome guy and I think he is going to be an Apostle someday.

3.  Any pkg yet?

Ya I got the package this week and I am super grateful. Thank you for your love!

4.  Do you generally do you studying in the am?

Ya we usually always study in the morning!

5.  Did a lot of driving this week.  How goes the driving in Uganda?

Just be glad it is not like driving in Kampala. They are crazy here! haha. It is frustrating and stressful, but it will help when I go home. I will be able to get places quickly. hahaha

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