Monday, February 27, 2017

TRANSFERS!!!!! Just enjoying life right now :)

Elder Anderson and Beck on the equator

service project

strike a pose Entebbe missionaries!!!

So this week was great. Transfers.... I am staying with Elder Andersen. Elder Brogan my former companion is coming to entebbe. So things are good right now. We are looking forward to another transfer.

This week was awesome. So some cool things that happened this week was on Tuesday we were going to do some service for a member, but they bounced us, but as we were getting bounced there was this guy who asked us if we needed any help so of course we wanted to share our special message with him so we shared with him and his brother. We needed to be there at that time, just not for what we originally thought.Also another time all our appointments were bouncing so we decided to pray and after I felt we needed to go to the church, SO we headed there, we checked inside first no one, but just outside the church was a guy and his friend sitting in the shade and we taught them. The lord is in truly blessing us and guiding us if we just rely on him and turn to him.

We have this one investigator that is super funny and annoying. He is always asking weird questions and always wants us to bring foreigners for us him to meet and we just say we can't do that. haha. Also Juma the blind man is doing well. WE are just trying to figure out how to get him to church, but he loves us and he loves the message we share.

We also had a really nice baptism on Sunday for sister Mary. She was very happy and everything went well even though the water was cold. haha. We are excited for her. It was a really nice Sabbath except Elder Andersen was a little sick......... but better now.

Mary and company

what the croc?
the croc pot

For P-day we went to the croc farm and the equator. It was awesome. We got to hold baby crocodiles. and Feed a huge one a chicken, There is apparently one that ate 62 people when it was in the river. Also got to ride on a ferry across part of the lake that was cool. It was a fun day. Looking forward to this day. We have a busy week with transfer and MLC, so we are hoping to find some time for the missionary work this week.

"I'm looking for my 63rd human meal...yum yum!"

Oh look, Elder Beck wrestled a baby croc
Maybe he'll bring one home for his sisters

Chicken on a flimsy stick...time to feed the croc

Lurking croc.... ready to pounce

This week I really liked Alma 7 when it talks about the atonement and change through the atonement. Jesus Christ really did suffer everything already, We just have to come unto him and lay aside every sin that easily besets us and get baptized and if we are already baptized then partake of the sacrament and make that commitment never to do it again and always follow Christ. The atonement can help us with anything even when we think it can't it can. SO pray and ask for that help and you can guarantee it will come and you can change through the atonement of Jesus Christ! Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions...
1.  Ok, we might need more stories about what makes you laugh.  I cracked up about the can't breath laughing episode that reminded you of dad..ha ha.  and the fact that you think eryn's blanket looks so hot!  (it's thin and she is freezing in the colder temps down in the basement).  Do you miss the cold and snow?

I will try to think of some more of those stories............ I do miss  the cold and the snow a lot. 

2.  Eryn is considering golf and natty tennis for a spring sport...... which would you recommend?

Both of those I enjoy playing and want to play when I get back. I have played golf on mission, so I would have to go with Golf

3.  you seem to be eating a variety of different foods lately.... mexican, ethiopian, etc... is there a certain food that you get all the time that you're ready to take a break from?  (the ward missionaries requested NO MORE PIZZA .... haha... they are pizza'ed out!)

We always get rolex or kikomando a lot or rice and meat. SO getting mexican food or kfc or ethiopian is a real treat. We don't have the funds to go there everyday......

4.  what do you see when you look into the eyes of the people you teach?

I see people who are humble and loving and also some people that are confused and not understanding what is most important. But overall good eyes.

5.  have you had any animals attack you?

We had a dog bite a member. A crocodile tried to bite Elder Shelton. SO I have been protected pretty good. So I am happy with that.

MORE PICTURES!!!!! woot!

Where's Idaho?

AmI I really here?

On both sides of the equator

Equator hops!

something about how water flows on the north hemisphere

flowing opp on southern hemisphere
not sure...someone google this!!

workout center..... boxing.... yo Adrian!!

Church and nice warm baptismal font..... or maybe coldish

hey...this is our nice and clean

crossing the waters.... to croc farm?

what? goshen?  I thought that was in Utah

Home sweet home Dad...ok maybe it was
goshen, UT elementary.... but still..
pretty cool, huh?

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