Friday, February 24, 2017

This transfer is flying. ... service, eating clay, baptism, on being thankful

Elder Osei-tutu and Beck moving the rabbit cage.  (He looks happy but it makes me miss him)

Hello. This transfer is flying by. I can't believe it is the last week of the transfer and we will be getting transfer news on Saturday night....... WHo knows what will happen, but me and Elder Andersen are hoping to be staying another. THis week was also another great week.

On Tuesday I was on exchanges with ELder Osei-tutu. He came into my area. He is from Ghana and he came on mission the same time as me. We were both in Rwanda at the same time and his birthday is APril 9th! Crazy. It was also our third time going on exchanges together. SO we are good friends and we had a nice day. The Lord brought more people to us to teach and we had a really fun day. He loves soccer, so we talked about that for most of the day. We also did service for a guy. We carried his rabbit cage to a new location. It was good. ON Wednesday me and Elder ANdersen went to Kampala to be on exchanges with the AP"s and the other elder's there. I was with the AP's Elder Malaza and Elder Dean. They are both awesome guys and  have a fun time while doing awesome missionary work. They are bold. We had a nice day.

Thursday we got back to Entebbe just after lunch in kampala(we had some nice mexican food) and we got to work. One of our investigators was eating a rock looking thing and she said it was clay. So we asked if we could try it and we did..... It tastes just like dirt....... SO it was disappointing. haha. We had a nice day though. ON friday we also had a solid day.

ON the weekend we had some ethiopian food with the Ethiopian Americans. IT was good. Definitely got to go try it. We had a powerful day. A lot of bounces, but a really nice day. SUnday was awesome. We had a nice sacrament attendence, we had a lot of investigators at church, and we have someone progressing to baptism this SUnday! Her name is Mary, She is a good person. She loves the Hymns. Ate some free Mandaze! Worked with an awesome Member named Dan! Just a really nice day. For p-day played some basketball. Realized I am out of shape in terms of running...........

This week I was studying about Alma's people escaping and going back to Zarahemla in the book of Mosiah. These people were truly converted. When they were in bondage to the Lamanites they never doubted the Lord and when they escaped they didn't forget the Lord, but actually thanked the Lord and right after that Alma received the impression to continue because the Lamanites were following them. What if they forgot the Lord and relaxed and became prideful. They would have been captured again and be in the same place they just escaped. Even in our lives we do something great or we follow the spirit or we see a miracle and we sometimes relax and forget the Lord and think that all is done, that we are good. But we need to continue to listen to the spirit and thank and remember the Lord always, continually. If we do, we won't miss out on important things we need to know and follow.

Love you. Have a great week.
Elder Beck
Entebbe wild life

Elder Beck loves food!  MexIcan food?

Hello lovely Lake Victoria 

1.  how are the shoes working out that we sent?
The shoes are nice. I used them today to play some bball and I use them for the gym everydaY

2.  Tell us about something that made you
 laugh out loud this week
We have an investigator named Juma and he was telling us about people that want money instead of the gospel and he started laughing so hard, like when dad laughs so hard he falls over and is barely breathing. haha. It made me laugh so hard. haha. Also I was on exchanges with Elder Dean and we were street contacting and there was this Nyabo(girl) that blew him off when he tried to talk to her so he was like "OHHHHHH, OHHHHHHH, OOOOKKKKKK, We got a hot shot here..... Look out!" It was funny

3. How goes the kick boxing (and neat that you are teaching your instructor)? do you go there every day?
It is only boxing, not kickboxing, but it is going well. I am enjoying.

4. Do you have access to a washer and dryer?

I have access to a washer not a dryer.

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