Monday, February 6, 2017

Straight up week!! Cow on a boda, anything goes on a boda

Hello! THis week was awesome! WE saw the Lord's hand in our lives this week. It started on Tuesday when I went on exchanges with Elder Richardson from Rigby Idaho. He is an awesome kid and we had a fun day together. we even saw someone carrying a cow on the back of a boda! Crazy. hahaha. Then the rest of the week me and Elder Andersen had a good ol' time. WE got to work and strove to reach our goals and the Lord helped us reach them.


Cow on a comfy!!

Snuggle time with boda and bessie the cow!

Friends and cows who ride a boda are bonded for life!

Suburban style boda or soccer mom boda.. holy cow!

Where's the boda?

Last but not least...boda on boda!!

Everyday we found new people to teach. We had some truly great lessons with some people. ALso a lot of the investigators we have are getting answers to their prayers or they feel in their heart that what we share is true. The Lord was blessing them with answers to their prayers. WE even had an investigator come to us and tell us she wanted to be baptized! It is truly awesome here in Entebbe. We also had a guy call us that Elder Andersen street contacted and said he felt different about us and wanted to meet with us. We taught him on the tailgate of the truck. It was awesome!

We seem to be finding a lot of people that have been confused about churches for a long time, or haven't prayed for a while, or feel they are not close to God. These ones are the ones that are prepared. The lord somehow puts these people in our paths and we stumble upon them. People have been really open to baptism as well lately and even coming to church. Entebbe hasn't been having much success in getting people to church, but the Lord blessed us and helped a good number of them come to church and even a lot of members. WE had 128 at sacrament! Elder Andersen said that is the most he has seen since he has been here.. THe work is great right now. The lord truly blesses us as we work towards worthy goals. WE have awesome missionaries in the zone as well. WE had a chill day and played some games with some of them. Overall things are good.

This week I have been studying about King Benjamin's address and also the Old Testament about Abraham. King Benjamin's address might be one of the best in all of scripture. He teaches simply yet so profound of Jesus Christ and his Atonement. Abraham is the perfect example of trusting in the Lord even when we don't understand everything or something is hard. Increase faith and repent. Then do it over and over again consistently. That is a man  that has salvation. Mosiah 4:?Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

1. Do you all ever watch movies in your mission?

We sometimes watch the church movies or the church videos, but not very often.

2. Tell us about your companion....Elder Anderson... I hope he was feeling better... a massage?  who couldn't use a massage....good play Elder.....

Elder Andersen is originally from California and moved to Utah. He is a great person. He is obedient. He loves this mission. He is a thinker. He always has different ideas. He loves games, especially ones with strategy. He makes really dumb jokes that are hilarious. He is feeling better from his Back and headache thing.

3. What is different about your new area Entebbe v Lugazi?

Entebbe is more wealthy. It is bigger and more population. There is a little bit less dust here. More spread out area. More members that have been for a while. More returned missionaries. Both are awesome though.

4. I'm glad you got the shoes...yippee!  Do you need anything else as your birthday will be here before you know it?
Ummm.  face wash, More of those taco seasonings, or gravy packet, or alfredo packets are nice. Candy is always much appreciated.

Things here are going really well. We saw a lot of tender mercies and the Lord blessing us with his work. We are finding a lot of new people and teaching a lot of people right now. It was a great week! It is amazing what the Lord can help you accomplish when you work together than just doing everything on your own. The only way is through Christ. Everything is awesome right now. Entebbe is great!

love, Elder Beck

Elder Richardson from Rigby Idaho doing some sleep studying

PEACE OUT...... Elder Beck

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