Monday, February 13, 2017

the weeks continue......

Elder Anderson and Elder Beck and THE TRUCK

Hello, this was another great week and we continued the momentum from last week. It started on Tuesday when we went on exchanges with Kajjansi elders and I was with my former companion Elder Koopmans. We had a great time and had an awesome day. Elder Koopmans is hillarious and we found some awesome people. WE are doing a lot of finding in an army barracks. WE are finding a lot of soldiers that are educated, friendly, and with families. YOu could say it is a honey hole........ ON wednesday we had a great day.

ON THursday we had an awesome day and we met with a new guy and he led us to his home where he stays with another family that is legally married and very interested. The Lord is bringing people to us and it is funny to look back and see how all the different things that me and Elder ANdersen decided to do led to us finding and teaching different people. The Lord is truly guiding us and it is His plan. Friday we had a tiring day. First we had Zone COnference in Kampala, so we drove there. WE had a nice zone conference, got fed by president, and me and Elder Andersen were the ones that were running it so we were glad it went well. Then we had to do some other stuff and head back to Entebbe. I was very tired from driving...... Tiring day.

ON Saturday we had an awesome day. We taught the trainer and the boxing gym and his family. They are good people. Sunday was a good day as well. We didn't have some investigators come to church that we thought were going to come, but it was still good. ALso met a new investigator and as we met him and were about to go to the home to teach him a member of the church (or one of the three nephites) that we have never seen before came up to us and gave us a referral right on the spot. Crazy! THe lord is blessing us. TOday we played some games and chilled. We saw a monkey with one arm still climbing trees and stuff. Pretty cool. We have some investigators progressing to baptism. One for the 26th of Feb, and some others for the beginning of March.

This week I gave a training on the D.O.C in ZOne conference and I learned a lot as I prepared for it. Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Receiving the Holy Ghost, and ENduring to the ENd. IT is the only way to receive the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ and become clean again (3 Nephi 27;19). I focused a lot on Faith and Repentance. Those two we repeat over and over again throughout our lives. As we try to increase our faith unto repentance and try to change to align with God's will everyday that is when we see a difference in our lives. IT is so simple, but overlooked. It is the only way shown to us by Jesus Christ himself. The Priesthood authority has been restored today and is found in The CHurch of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

1.  We are getting a lot of flooding here after all the snow and melting with the warm weather. In fact, they closed I86  by raft river for a few days last week due to flooding.  do you get much flooding there?

There is some flooding here, but I haven't heard of it being much of a problem for anyone. They just wait for the water to go away and continue on with life. haha. I have seen a road turn into a river though. Pretty cool and a house be surrounded by water for like 30 foot radius around it. SO ya......


2.  Natty is almost done with drivers ed.... do you think she would be capable of driving in Uganda or does she need to be more an expert to drive there? ha ha

Woww...... There needs to be another drivers ed for Uganda. She wouldn't last here...... She would be too scared to even drive. It is also on the other side of the road. Good luck if she ever tries.

3.  How 's the AC working on the truck?

The AC is not to nice right now. It only has been working in the very early morning when we go to the gym and when we don't need it or as we are going home for the night...........

4.How long do you think you and Elder Anderson will get to be companions?

WE are hoping for another one, but we don't know. It is up in the air right now.

5. We fed the Elders on Sunday. How goes feeding of the missionaries in Uganda?

Nice job feeding the Elder's. Missionaries love food appointments. We are good and continue to find a lot of success and have a lot of fun doing it. The Lord is blessing us and helping us find those prepared people.

A gaggle of bodas?

someone get your goat?

Traffic ugandan style

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