Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Transfers.........Not really

Elder Beck all aglow with cute mystery lady

Beauty eh?!!  Makes me smile and the word that comes to mind is....

Hello, Today we got transfer news and..... NOthing is changing in the district. Everyone is staying. So that means my 6 transfer in Lugazi and that I will be here for Christmas. Crazy. Not expecting that.......

Ths week was good though. Tuesday we had a good day except that everyone we met was stubborn and we even talked to these guys that were chewing some magical leaves that make them feel happy...... Word of Wisdom. But we taught Julius and he is super funny and super powerful! He was complementing me in that he could actually understan me and that people from England he can't understand. And then he imitated them and it was very funny. haha. On wednesday we had a powerful ZDM. wow that seemed like it was yesterday....... Anyways we had a good day and got a refferal from an investigator. 

On Thursday I went on exchanges into my former area with Elder Packer. It was a fun day. Elder Packer is an awesome person and missionary and it was good to be in the old area. We had a fun day. We carried some Geri cans for a member up a super big hill. Not easy, but a good work out. Then we just had a nice rest of the day. On Friday we had a pretty usual day. ON saturdaywe had a good day. We found anothyer super nice family that is super humble and I feel like they can really come to love the restored gospel.

On Sunday we had a great sabbath. We got some new investigators to come to church and even we got fed a couple of times because I thought I was leaving.....Oh well. haha It was a good sabbath. Next week we could possibly have a baptism if he doesn't go to the village, so we are excited for that this week. Another transfer ahead in Lugazi!

This week I have been thinking about what the leaders of the church are teaching us and telling us. Most of the time they are just encouraging us to be a little better and to put in a little more effort than we have. Really what it takes to go to the Celestial Kingdom. To live with God again is to be valiant in your testimony of Christ! We just have to put a little more effort into living the gospel and sharing the gospel and when we put that effort in we will see miracles in our live and the blessing of the gospel will flow into our lives. Be a little better than you were the day before. Have a great week. 

Love Elder Beck


Mom/ Marci Reddish Questions:
1. (Marci)  What clothes will you never wear again once you get home?

I will never wear white shirts that are actually brown/red from dirt and sweat. Other than that I am pretty open to wearing all kinds of clothes.

2. (marci)  What foods do you crave the most that you can't get there in Africa?

Nice steak and also bacon. Mexican food!  Also another food that I want that you can't get here. Is super nice Ice Cream....

3. (Marci)  What is your most effective door /hut contact approach?

The most effective is of course using the Book of Mormon and a little Luganda to warm the up!

4. Did you help kill the turkey for thanksgiving? they cooked the turkey over a fire?

Not really. They did it without me even being ready. Yep they used firewood and a fire...

5. any Christmas pkg?  did you have to pay any extra due to my over estimation of cost of contents?  Whats the plan with christmas call?  

The package is here and no I didn't have to pay any extra fees.   and I am staying for Christmas, so we are planning on buying a web cam and doing skype at the church.

6. Where do you email from?

A local internet cafe here in Lugazi

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