Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Great Week! Milkshakes, baptism, volleyball and tender mercies

Elder Beck, Enoc, Elder Dibatayi

Elder Beck, Enoc

This week was a great way to start off the transfer in Lugazi. I am realizing that it actually isn't too bad that I am staying another here in Lugazi. It is looking like it will be a good transfer.

Tuesday started off well. WE had a good day and we worked with a member named Stephen. He is a cool guy and preparing for his mission. On Wednesday we also had a nice day and we met this super awesome guy in the market and I think I wrote that story to you mom about how we met that guy and eventually his wife. (see Mom questions below) 

On THursday we had a great day. We are teaching a ton of families right now that are actually serious and it is fun everyday going and teaching these great people. We are also finding a lot of great families. On Friday we taught a guy named Alex and he was an orphan most of his life and now he is starting a school for orphans. He is a really cool guy and we had a great lesson on the Plan of Salvation. On Saturday had a stake sports day and we got to participate in that. I was on the missionary volleyball team. I learned a lot of my skills from my sisters,so it paid off. WE did well and we eventually lost in the championship game and got second. It was fun though. We also had Enoc and his interview for his baptism. He passed and we got to see the Zone Leaders so that was good.

On Sunday me and Elder Dibatayi gave talks in CHurch. It was good. Then we had the baptism for Enoc. THe first time he came out with the baptism suit over all his clothing. haha. THat was funny and I guess I should have explained that better. haha. It went well though. Enoc is a super humble guy. Then after church we taught some powerful lessons to some families. WE taught a word of wisdom lesson and an investigator was telling her husband and her neighbors that she knew it was true and that they needed to keep it and this was the first time she has heard of it. People can become converted right before your eyes and it is a privilege to be able to see that and see the spirit work in them. Tender Mercies! 

Today for P-day we did a deep clean of our apartment and then went and got some super nice food in Jinja. A nice chocolate and peanut butter milkshake................. It went away too fast! Good day though. Also there is a new Elder that is from Pocatello. HIs name is Elder Chandler and he is originally from Ethiopia and was adopted. He went to HIghland. He is a cool guy. 

This week I really like the talk by Elder Kazuhko Yamashita "Be ambitious for Christ". When we are ambitious for Christ we are focused and motivated to HIs work, but it doesn't always mean we will get public honor, but God will always see what we are giving to him and his work. He also talked about not complaining and murmuring about our circumstances and just working hard and finding joy in those trials and difficulties through CHrist. It really is true. THere is no greater joy we can get than in the service of our fellow men and in turn our God! Jesus Christ's church is here and there is no greater cause to work for than for Christ! Have a great week. LOve you.

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions...
1. any details on when we can chat?  We have church from 9 to 10 only on Christmas.... just sacrament.

We can chat on Christmas morning for you guys before Sacrament? Is that possible? maybe at 7 or 7:30a.m. for you guys. 

2.  Have you had any recent spiritual experiences you would like to share?  How did you see the hand of God in your life this week?

THis week we had a cool experience. We were in the market buying something real quick there and I felt like there was someone we needed to contact so I had a contact card ready in my hand and as we were leaving the market area I saw this guy that was walking really fast and I said hello and kind of reached out my hand and it seemed like he might keep going by, but he stopped and said he wanted to know more about us and wanted us to visit him. We visited him the next day and it was a powerful lesson. He is super humble and ready to learn. HE came to church on SUnday and then we went back to visit him on Sunday after church and he brought his wife this time and she said that for her she hasn't been going to church any where for the last 6 months and was really looking for the truth and she feels like that is why we met her and her husband. Pretty awesome! THe lord is preparing people and leading them to us!  (Another reason he is still in Lugazi....more work for him to do!)

3.  What scriptures are you studying right now?  What does a typical personal study time look like for you?

I am studying the book of mormon of course and also the new testament when I get some time, PMG, and a conference talk. Those things I study most of the time in Personal Study.

Peek a boo Elder Beck
(he looks happy and content in this picture... luv it!)

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