Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

All serious Elder Beck

Christmas Partay!

Hello. I am going to keep it short because I don't have much to say. It was super awesome to talk to you guys on Christmas. The week was also really nice.

On Tuesday I had a feeling to cook, so I made some brownies. They were super sugary, but super nice. I am not used to that much sugar. On Wednesday we had a Christmas Party/conference with other missionaries. It was fun. We did some skits and had some testimonies and watched a video and had some food. It was a good time.I was definitely feeling the Christmas spirit. Also came back in the evening and had a great day of missionary work. We found this man that hasn't been working for like 5 years and he seemed like a super prepared guy and he was just standing on the side of the road. You never know how is ready to hear about this message.

ON Thursday we had a full day in the area so we used it wisely and got a lot of work done. On Friday we had a good day, but it was short because in the evening we had to get together and do caroling as a zone. It was different. Uganda doesn't really feel like the caroling kind of place, but it was good. Traffic was a nightmare right before Christmas though. But we also taught that guy we met on Wednesday on the side of the road and he has a family of like 7 and he is good friends with one of the members in the branch. Super nice.

ON saturday we had a nice day and even when were siting waiting for a member to go with us to a lesson a guy came and sat down and we started talking and even taught a lesson with him. He had been taught by missionaries before. Tender mercy when the Lord brings someone to you. Sunday was a great day. We had a nice sacrament meeting. And even got a family to church that hasn't come all together yet until this Sunday and then we got fed big by a member. It was some of the best food I have eaten here in Uganda. It wasn't your typical american meal, but it was super nice. Then we called and skyped home. Played some basketball for P-day today. Even after the food, I still got it. haha. 

The BEST food ever!!!

This week I am just grateful for Family and Christ. And how those things can be together forever. Families really can be sealed together forever and Christ really did live and He still lives today. Through him we can be healed and filled with peace and joy. Have a happy New Year.

Love Elder Beck

1.  He still LOVES ping pong
2.  He's upset that his sister Eryn named his car KEVIN
3. He might have bronchitis
5. He pronounces the word good.... "gud"
6. He had an awesome meal on Christmas day
7. He's still attempting to play the piano but doesn't practice much....maybe right before church.  He was able to play silent night and angels we have heard on high.
8.  He went caroling.....  when asked how well he is singing... he replies.... good enough ... I mean... gud enough :)
9.  He was wearing his Christmas tie from his companion last year in Rwanda
10.  He bore a strong testimony about the Savior
11.  He noticed that the girls all had different hair.... dyed
12.  He has a washer....woot!
13.  Less misquitos in lugazi than gulu... still sleeps under the misquito net at night
14.  Travels to nearby cities... jinja or kampala  to shop or play sports on PDay.   Bought a web cam in Jinja to skype for Christmas for 71,000 shillings ($20)
15. He loves being a missionary and can sense that he really doesn't have that much time left..... 9 months.


1. Who do  you chat with  or go see if you are not feeling well?
We usually talk to Sister Collings.

2.  Was your Christmas day any different than a usual Sunday for you?
Ya it was different because the entire day was spent eating, sitting, and skyping. SO it was different, but it was nice.

3.  Did you enjoy and share the contents of your Christmas package?
Yes we enjoyed and I shared a little bit of it. haha


Pocatello first ward missionaries over for snowflake making,
ties and dinner.  They are good guys.

card games with our ward elders

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