Tuesday, November 29, 2016


pet or din din?

Hello. So this week was really nice! A nice feast and powerful missionary work.

So this week started off ok, and it also rained a lot this week. It was nice. Except for all the Mud. But the week really jumped forward on Thursday. Thanksgiving day! We went to Mukono in the morning and had a quick meeting preparing us for the mission tour of President and Sister Hamilton. Then we came back to Lugazi and had a thanksgiving lunch! I bought a nice turkey and we had a member come and cook it for us. Also made a ton of mashed potatoes and some rolls. Then we feasted. My stomach was smiling the rest of the day. I can't compare it to Thanksgiving back home, but it was nice...... Then we got to work. We have two members George and Steven that helped us a ton this week and we were even able to go on splits to cover a ton of lessons this week. It was awesome!

unsuspecting turkey

Steven the branch member and Elder Beck

Steven in hat and Elder Beck looking for people to teach

Elder Beck and helpful member Reagan

We kept getting help the rest of the week from these members and we found some powerful families. We are focusing as a mission on finding constantly. Never stop talking and trying to find those elect people and I saw a big difference this week. The lord is preparing people for us we just have to open our mouths. On Sunday we had a great day. We didn't get as many investigators to church as we wanted, but definitely next week. The Lord is blessing us here in Lugazi and I am so grateful to be a part of this work.

Today we got to learn from President Hamilton of the seventy. It was great and we learned a lot. They are great people and it is amazing to think we have such great people leading us in this life. Also got fed some nice pulled pork from Elder and Sister Phelps....... Bonus!!!! Transfers are next week, so maybe it is my time to go somewhere else, but who knows! I will know next week. 

In the conference with President Hamilton we talked a little bit about pure testimony. Then we had some people bear pure testimony. The spirit is there when you bear pure testimony. Not when you share a story or teach a principle, but when you bear SIMPLE, HEARTFELT TRUTH. Our testimonies are found as we share them. Have a great week. 

LOve, Elder Beck


Step one...purchase turkey and try not to become attached

Step 2... have other people do the dirty work. buh bye feathers

Step 3... build a fire....just like we do back home....ummm.. not so much

Step 4... skip the other steps but set up a fine spread of turkey, taters, rolls n coke
Also...wear Indiana Jones hat :)

Step 5....Invite your roomies
Lugazi Elders with thanksgiving dinner and photo walls

STEP 6...  look for your next meal??

Step 7.... relax and enjoy an African rainbow
(is that another turkey in the street?)

1.  how do you get to and fro from one area to another or city or to jinja?  carpool? bus? walk? those crazy motorcycles?
If we move from one place to another we move by taxi. It is like a 14 passenger van, but small. They squish us in and we ride in a sweaty and uncomfortable taxi until we get where we want to go. Not my favorite.

2.  What should I get dad for Christmas?
Get him a ping pong table........ I am not sure what to get him. Maybe something for his bishop service......  or a lump of coal

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