Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy New Year! ..... being grateful

did you know there's snow in Uganda? snow in Uganda but snow at Pebble Creek
(he didn't send pictures this week...waaaaa)

Hello! I can't believe it is a new year al ready. 2017! crazy. I still can't really believe it. Time is flying right now. Things are good here.

We had a great week so I am going to keep it short. We have a new goal for the mission and some new news. There are no more areas. It is a free for all. We just have to stay in our districts, but other than that we can go wherever and just have to stay near the church. Pretty crazy. it didn't change things this week, but as time goes on it will probably change things.

We have some people preparing for baptism on the 15th of January. We have Fred and David. Fred is a part member. He is a brother to a powerful member and he is awesome as well. Everything is looking good for him. David is a guy that has been coming to church for awhile and he is blind, but he hasn't been baptized because of marriage issues, but it looks like he will be able to be  baptized because of some new information we have received. Then going into the next transfer some of these families look as if they will get baptized so we are seeing the blessings here in Lugazi.

Time is flying and it is already 2017. It is a great time to set some meaningful goals and also to look back and be grateful for the TENDER MERCIES of 2016. that is something the mission has been focusing on lately. Is BEING GRATEFUL. And it has really helped me stay positive and realize the Lord's hand in my life everyday. A great example of Gratitude is Lehi. He shows gratitude every time he receives a blessing. The first thing he does. let us be grateful everyday for what the Lord does for us and I know he will continue to bless us..... Have a great week.

love Elder Beck

Dear MOM,
This week was nice and we were truly blessed. We have some things that are falling into place for some people to progress towards baptism and really it is all from the Lord. It is not us. Things are good. Last two weeks of the transfer are coming up.

MOM questions.
1. are you feeling better?  can you breath deep without pain? ( he thought he might have bronchitis)

Yes I am feeling better. I still sometimes have it, but it doesn't effect me at all.

2. What is the hardest thing to get used to in Africa? bugs? food?

The hardest thing to get used to is probably the food and the language everything else wasn't too bad.

3.  do you have a favorite part of PMG?

My favorite part of PMG is chapter 6 the Christ like Attributes. I want to focus on those this year.

Thanks mother for the email. Love you.

Love Elder Beck


These folks are Elder Becks Mission Prez and wife..
President Collings and Sister Collings
They are from Utah but we won't hold that against them...jk!
They are super young and energetic and Elder Beck loves their spirits.
They have left family, friends, grandkids at home to serve the Lord.
Their youngest son is on a mission in Hawaii.
They keep us updated on the happenings in the Uganda Kampala mission.
They are AWESOME.
check out their blog for more about their adventures

Not mission related but when Elder Beck was asked if he missed skiing.....he said...YES.  Here are 2 pictures from the same spot with different weather conditions.

looking towards Inkom

Where's the bottom of the hill?
Look you can walk on the clouds over to scout mountain!

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