Monday, November 14, 2016


Companions overlooking Mukono

Hello! This week was a great week. YOu could even say it was a powerful week! There is a guy we are teaching. Even his children are baptized, but him and his wife have some marriage issues, but he comes every week to church and even he is blind. But every time we finish saying a prayer he says, Powerful! haha. It is the best.

So this week turned out well. WE started of strong and even on Wednesday we had ZOne interviews. WE gathered in Mukono as a zone and had a powerful meeting and I also had a greagt interview with the President. He is an awesome guy and he brings the spirit and the excitement for the work everywhere he goes. Every time I see and talk to him. I know that the church is true. hhaha. AFter the zone interviews we had the Zone leaders come on exchanges with us. We were with Elder Kgomo. He is an awesome guy.

We are teaching some really great people right now. THere is this one family that I really like. We found them last week and we have taught them a couple times now. Their english is pretty good, but sometimes struggles. They are super nice and we taught them on Saturday. It was a great lesson. I couldn't help, but smile after the lesson and feel the spirit and love of God. Families are awesome and they are so blessed with the restored gospel. There name is William and Justine. Even on Sunday we had 2 families come to church and even we had a few other investigators come to church and we had a baptism. The baptism went super well. The lord is blessing us at the end of the year. Even the entire mission is being blessed. 

Also for P-day we went to this super cool place and took some pics and also found 3 drunk guys singing and yelling. Super funny. haha. Uganda is the best. 

This week was an awesome week. I was reading in Alma about alma and amulek. They are a great example for us, but I really like what amulek said. IN alma 10:5-6 he talks about how  he has seen the power of God in his life, but didn't notice and he has been called many times and didn't hear, but eventually he heard and he saw and he realized the power of God in his life. Sometimes for us we may feel like that. We may question or feel like he isn't there or he is not apart of our lives. But if we take a second and we look. We can find Him there. HIs is in our lives everyday. If we pray and seek for His hand we can see His hand in our lives and we can realize the power and the help he is giving us everyday and even to those around us that we love. God is our loving Heavenly; father and Jesus Christ is His son and the Savior and Redeemer of the World.

Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck


Buddies....three friends

in mukono

Elder Beck hanging loose

Silly brothers in the zone

Brothers in the Zone

Brothers having fun!


1.  Do you see the super moon there?  here is a picture melanie johnson camera couldn't capture how big it is.

That is a super nice pic. It looks like a super moon to me.....

2.  Are you driving at all?  have you driven since being in Rwands?

No I am not driving. I haven't driven since I have been in Rwanda.

3. How is being a district leader?  What responsibilities do you have?  is it hard?

Being a district leader is good. It is not much different. ALl you do is talk to the zone leaders twice a week. and a few other things. It is not too bad

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