Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tender Mercy...manna from heaven

Elder Beck, ? , Elder  Goodrich with his usual hang loose sign (love it!)
Elder Beck and mystery woman?
(I beg for pics and then he didn't label....sorry)

Hello! I am glad everything is going good back home. Things here are also going well. 

Tuesday we had a busy day of teaching and finding. We even went on splits with the members for part of the day. It was awesome. The members are a great help here. 

On Wednesday we had a zone meeting. It was good. WE have some fresh new misisionaries in the ZOne and man I forgot how green you really are when you first come to the UKM. hahaha. It was good though. Then we did some finding, but all we found was a bunch of stubborn people that have trouble with english or at least pretend to, but maybe we are planting some seeds. haha.

ON Thursday we had a nice day even had a lunch appointment which was super nice.It also rained a ton, so it messed up with some of the missionary work in the evening. Got to see some cool lighting and stuff though. 

ON Friday we had a great day. WE taught some powerful lessons and even taught a new family that we had found. I love teaching families so much. THe spirit is there!  (keep praying people....for the missionaries to find families!!)

 On saturday, we had a good morning. WE visited this member. He has a small farm and even a small truck. He is a super good guy as well. His name is SUnday! Then the ZOne Leaders came down for an interview for Joseph. WE also went to lunch. It was fun. Our zone leaders are powerful. One of them is my mission brother Elder Foster and the other is from SOuth AFrica named Elder Kgomo. Then in the evening I was able to go to my old area to do an interview for them, but also to visit and see some people I used to visit all the time. It was good to see them. 

On Sunday we had a good day. It was fast sunday. Got to hear some powerful testimonies. ALso they did like 6 or 7 baby blessings. Not easy, but good to bless those babies! ALso had 2 baptisms. One on our side and one on the other side. Super nice! Then we had a good rest of the day. I was super hungry and we were visiting this RC and she came to me and gave me a piece of bread and some soya cup. Tender Mercy right there! haha. (he loves food!!) For P-day we played some b-ball. It was good!

This week was good and I learned a lot! I was reading at the end of Mosiah this week in the book of Mormon. I love the story of ALma the Younger. I love the way he tells us about his change and how through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can accomplish that change. He talks about how each of us needs to experience a change from our carnal state to a state of righteousness and if we don't go through that we can't be saved. Mosiah 27:25-26. No one is born ready to inherit the kingdom of God. That is why there is this life. To prepare ourselves and to learn and to grow so that we are ready to Inherit the kingdom of God. We need to be constantly changing from carnal to righteousness and preparing everyday to meet God again. WHich is all possible through the atonement of Jesus Christ! He lives and He is our savior and Redeemer!

Love Elder Beck

MOM questions....
1. What do you think about the Cubs beating the Indians in the world series?
WHat i feel is that man.... I really wanted clevelend to win.  Not the cubs...they are my team's DIvision rivals.  Division rivals winning the world series. NOt easy, but they needed it. It had been a long long time. ahhaha. Also just wanted to be able to watch it. hahaha.

2. Getting your Christmas package together....what do you need?
goldfish, white shirts, face sunscreen and wash, candy, essential oil
3. Is there anything else we can do to support your mission?
NOthing else. I am doing well right now.

cutie patootie baptism....

A family Elder Beck loves....

FYI for those interested......
Mckaden has talked about food and eating this - - you can try on your own.  We may try and surprise him when he gets home in a year.  Plenty of time to practice.  Enjoy.

Kikomando. “An affordable meal on the go”, best describes kikomando. The meal of chapatti and beans became popular with many a casual worker but today has been modified and is served in upscale restaurants as well.
fried beans and chappattis

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