Monday, September 19, 2016

1 YEAR!!!!

Future missionary in toothless form!
Someday he'll go serve in the Uganda Kampala Mission
In honor of Elder Beck's one year mark, we are celebrating with pictures...see below

Hello! This week was great. We are seeing the blessings of hard work and obedience. ALso officially past  1year on mission going on the back side of 2 years. Crazy! Time has flown by and it is weird to think back 1 year ago and think of what was going on. Felt like yesterday.

This week started of a little slower, but on Tuesday we had a good day. There is only 1 problem here in Uganda. People they don't understand time very much. We were teaching Benard, who is suppose to get baptized this week, and he fed us and man he took forever. So we had to make it a quick lesson so we could go do other things that we had planned. haha. They are great people here, but they don't understand time too much. haha. (sounds like a farmer!)   ALso it rained today,. So that was nice.

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Elder Roylance in the morning and so we were with Elder Chifamba for a few hours. We visited some RC's and then we tried meeting with this new guy, but he kept saying he was in a certain place, but he wasn't there. It ends up that me and him were at different hospitals. hahaha. Ooops. WE still ended up meeting him later in the week so that is good. We also met the new missionary in our district. His name is Elder Dibatyi. He is from DRC Congo man! He is an awesome guy. He has a French accent and is a great missionary. I went golfing with him before.
On Thursday we had a great day. There are 2 traveling missionaries now and so they go and visit people in their different areas. SO they visited us. We were with Elder Ward. And we were in his old area. So that was fun. We got a family referred to us which is awesome and we had a good time. 

On Friday, we had a good day, but for some reason i was just really tired and had a headache all day. We taught James who is also going to be baptized this upcoming SUnday! Then we had an institute lesson about Plural Marriage. That was an interesting class and it was super funny as well. haha.

On Saturday, we had a great day. WE had some powerful lessons and we even got some more referrals which was awesome. On

ly problem is that a really powerful investigator that we are teaching. Her husband came back and after we taught her, he told us not to come back to his house that he has his church. So that sucks, but I know someday that family will join the true gospel. 

ON SUnday we had a powerful day as well. Church was good. Attendance was a little low, but After we had some powerful lessons. Even an RC, Benard, that got baptized last,  came limping all the way to church. Man that guy is powerful! We got another referral from a family. So this week was a super nice week for referrals we hope to continue to get more referrals. Solid week. Finding new people. Hoping for some baptisms this upcoming week. Things are good.

My favorite chapter in the Book of Mormon might be Moroni 7. I love when it talks about charity. If we don't have charity than we are nothing. Charity is the pure love of Christ. We need to be praying with all of our heart to have this same love! It really has changed me this week. Also I really like the verse from D&C 123:17. If we do all that we can do, then in the end we will be sitting still and at peace at the last day. We have to do all that is in our power. WE are not perfect, but we can always do our best and never give up. So never give up and pray for that Charity in your life. Love you. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

1. Do you all feel safe?  Anybody try to rob you ? Do you take your passports AND such with you. How does that work?

Ya i feel safe. NObody has tried robbing me. We don't take our passports, but we carry a copy of it. (I think they keep the originals in the mission office safe)

2. Did you do something to celebrate your 1 year mark?   We moved in your honor!!

No not really I didn't know what to do. I was also really tired. hahaha.

such a squeezable kid.... Elder Beck's first tie

Family photo of Elder Beck's early years

Smart, quiet, funny good kid!
Preparing for mission by studying

Packing bags for 2 yrs in Uganda

Taking the essentials!!

A little father son golf time just prior to mission
Good bye amigos!

Temple time

Elder Beck in Rexburg

Bro and Sis

Look out Uganda, here I come!

South East Idaho boys heading out....Uganda have fun!

One last picture with the girls

This picture still pulls at my heart last glimpse of brother and son

The paper captured what we were feeling when sending off Elder Beck...


Here's the evidence...look at those smiles and experiences....priceless


more happy

happy golfing

more happier

mostest happiest

very happy

happy, happy, happy

Smiles everyone!
Giraffes and

Look at my tall friend

just plain cute!
Keep on, Keeping on Elder Beck!
(cue Toto and Africa la la la)
Happy one year mark!

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