Sunday, October 2, 2016


Hello, this week was great. Also got some rain. No baptisms though.

We had some great lessons this week and we got some more referrals.
The members are awesome! We are teaching this family that is from
Sudan because of the wars and stuff going on there. They are super
nice family. Also we had scheduled an appointment with this guy and so
we were waiting for him to show. Of course he never showed, but this
guy saw us and came over to us and we started talking and before you
know it we taught him the Restoration and he wanted to come to church
and wanted to meet us again. I love it when people come to us! Tender
Mercies of the Lord! 

On thursday it rained like crazy in the afternoon. We were at a members 
house teaching a referral and it just
started coming down like nothing. The wind was going crazy. It is hard
to teach a lesson here because all of the houses have metal roofs or
tin roofs and the rain is crazy loud! hahaha. Also the member said
when the rain was coming that it was the second coming of Jesus
Christ! hahaha Super funny.

Also we met with our friend Joel for the last time. Joel is a guy that
was a leader in the church of Uganda, but he came to our church just
to see and he has come every week for like 3 or 4 months now. He knows
Joseph Smith is a true prophet. He knows the church is true. The only
problem. he is not legally married and he went back to his home
village. Far away, but we prepared him with BoM's pamphlets and such
to go and share the gospel with people from his home. He is funny! he
always says "Sincerely" after everything we say. hahaha. But he went
home this Saturday. 
Elder Beck's friend Joel

This week we were preparing the 2 candidates for
baptism, but at the end of the week. Benard said he wanted to first
tell his parents why he is getting baptized and James, his sister got
sick or something so he had to go leave to see her at the end of the
week. But they are both looking good for this Sunday coming up. The
work is good here and things are continuing to pick up from our hard

This week I started the Book of Mormon again. Reading through Nephi's
story again, but still learning from it. Nephi he always tells his
brothers why have ye forgotten. Remember what you have seen. what you
have experienced! The way we remember is by always doing and living
it. Nephi always went and did. His brothers never went and did and they
soon forgot what they had experienced. He put it into ACTION what
others didn't. Even I am reading the Book of Mormon again so I can
always remember! We need to always remember the spirit we have felt,
the things we have experienced, and that is by continually having
those experiences in our life. Continually partaking of the fruit of
the tree of life. Never stop doing and living the Word and Always
remember the Savior Jesus Christ!

Thanks for the love and support you show. It helps me every week. You
da best. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

this fella always give them food and advice... thx  sir

MOM questions....
1. Following sister collings blog...she posted a picture of Rwanda.  Looks like they have more missionaries and now a set of sisters....very cool.  Any other changes going on?  

Ya Rwanda went from 6 missionaries at one point to now having 12. 2
sisters and 4 missionaries in each branch. Pretty crazy. Maybe I will
go back. hahaha.

2. are the rains down in Africa?   Crazy down pours?  can you get a picture of how crazy the rain is?
The rain is super nice here. and it has been raining lately so that is
nice. We had a pretty crazy storm this week. One of the members said
that Jesus Christ was coming again. hahaha. It is hard to get a good
picture of the rain. The pictures just don't do justice.\

3.  do you need anything?
Great.  supa great.  nope. I don't need anything.

4.  How heavy are those gerry cans that the people carry?

The Geri cans are heavy!  Not easy to carry. The people here carry
them on their heads. Still don't know how they do it!....

not geri cans but hands....
(pic thx to the Goodwins)

Hey, the Becks had the missionaries in their home.
Photo opportunity sent to their mommas!  woot!
Mommas love their missionary photos!
CHALLENGE...find a missionary, take photo and send to moms.  GO!

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