Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fast week, teaching and golf

Super nice week in Lugazi that felt like a couple of days

Hello beautiful golf course in beautiful Uganda!

Hello! This week was a super fast one so I will try to remember what happened.

SO tuesday was a super nice day. Because the ZOne Leaders came for surprise exchanges. Me and Elder Tembo were with Elder Nsengyumva. He is from Rwanda and  super nice guy and powerful missionary. I learned a lot with him. He was bold and confident in everything that he did. Learned a ton from him and had a great time as well. Something he said was that if you are a great missionary and obedient you will never be comfortable. YOu will always be pushing yourself. Even applies to life in general. WE also need to be improving and pushing ourselves to be better. We should never get comfortable wherever we are.

On Wednesday, we had a zone meeting. It went really well. We had some super powerful finding in the evening. We found two new families and taught another unexpected lesson.

On thursday it rained serious in the early afternoon, but was nice after that and me and Elder Tembo had a great day. WE had 3 powerful lesson. 2 with families that we met yesterday. and one with a super nice guy that could benefit so much from this gospel. I was excited about today. 2 new families that have great potential.

On Friday we had a solid day. But it is weird the things people think about the church. It is crazy the influence of satan and funny when people ask dumb questions.

On Saturday we had a good day. Really good lesson with Benard the father of the progressing family. He is humble and loving and willing to learn. It is awesome.

On Sunday we had a great sabbath and church service. We had 70 at church which was awesome. A great fast and testimony meeting. and an awesome baptism for the other elders in the branch. Also had a great lesson which led to a referal which led to a person that we met cleaning her house that seems interested. I love How the Lord works. Just Bam bam bam. SUper nice.

Then today for P-day we went golfing at the course here. It was a super nice course, but it is not easy when you are golfing with people that have never golfed before. hahaha, but still really fun and definitely gonna do it again. let's just say the swing is still there. haha
Hole in one in Africa....not! not yet!

Golfing in missionary fashion...but where are the clubs?
Do they just throw the ball?

This week was great and a few things I learned and that stood out to me. Was how contention really drives the spirit away. Not just contention on the outside, but also on the inside. The contention that people can't see. We need to get rid of that contention in everything we do even inside of us. Also that leads to what stood out to me as well. I read this talk from last general conference. it was from the women's general session. the first talk. It is about love and service. It was a really awesome talk and it is what we should do whenever we have contention in our lives. WE should replace with love and serve others. Always looking for opportunities to serve. We are here to be the hands of God and serve others it is our responsibility. So Love and serve others. Thanks for everything you do for me. Love You.
Love Elder Beck

Mom questions....
1.  Tell me something that made you laugh out loud this week? I showed a picture of you and two of your  companions from Africa to one of my patients and asked her if she could pick you out from the group of 3.... She nailed it!

When we were walking to the chapel in Mukono for a Zone meeting the other two missionaries were in front of me and Elder Tembo and there was this taxi entering into the road. When it went out it peeled out and shot water at the missionaries in front of me and Elder Tembo. It made me and Elder Tembo laugh all the way to the chapel. haha.

2. Does the mosquito netting really keep the mosquitoes out? Are the mosquitoes worse where you're at and then your other locations? Do you take a malaria pill every day?

Mosquito netting helps, but it is not perfect. There are not bad here at all compared to Gulu. In Gulu I got eaten alive. I am trying to remember to take a pill everyday.

3. What is one of the most beautiful things or areas in your current location in the lugazi?
The sugar can fields and also the golf course here. WE played golf today and it is super nice and beautiful.

4. How many people are you teaching right now?

We are teaching around like 15-20 people right now. some in the same family and such.

Thanks mother for the questions and the update about home. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Hi there African Lizard friend.

Do you see it?
Ya, me neither.... not sure what he was going for in this picture.
Where's Waldo?

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