Friday, June 24, 2016

Transfer News!!

Hello! Transfer New today and guess what! NObody is moving in Lugazi all four missionaries are staying here. NOt what I was expecting and different than I am used to, as this will be my first time with a companion for more than 1 transfer. Should be interesting. This week though was a good week. I had a feeling that it was going to be a good week at the beginning of the week too.
So on Tuesday. We just had a nice day. All our appointments went through. We did some nice finding. A member came back from Kampala today, Francis. good to have him back. He loves to help us and is powerful. Finished the day with a powerful lesson with a family. Godfrey and Justine. I have high hopes for this family. Godfrey is super smart and can understand us so well. Justine is really humble and kind. They are already talking to the president about getting married and we also took Branch President with us to the lesson. It was a great lesson. 

On wednesday we had a nice day as well. WE taught our progressing family Benard and Anipha. They are great. Talking about their baptism and getting the church marriage, but they already are legally married ready for baptism. I just worry a little about how much they understand because of the struggle with English, but they haven't missed a Sunday since we started teaching them. I am excited for them. They will be baptized in July.
Thursday had a nice little tender mercy. I prayed to find an answer to a question an investigator had and my book of mormon reading for that day led me right to the answer. Heavenly Father does answer prayers! Also met a funny drunk guy. That wants me to tempt him? He also Loves me? then we had a super powerful lesson with a new guy. He wants his wife to be taught now. He is a super awesome guy. Friday was a good day. One of the members we visited his family and Robison, he is 14, ate soap after I faked eating it. haha. Robison is crazy!
Saturday was a tough day. We didn't go out much because of the rain and my companion doesn't like rain very much, So it was a slow day. Also found out that Godfrey got his schedule changed so he will be hard to meet with for a couple of weeks. So not the best day. 

Then Sunday we had a good day, but a lot of our investigators either got sick or their children got sick or they went to the village for their sisters wedding. Something always has to stop these people. Satan is not easy. But a good day. Isaac got confirmed and he helps us teach when he is not at school. 

Monday we got transfer news. Nothing new. Waited for the plumber at home. Got some things fixed at the home. Nothing to0 exciting. Overall it was a good week. We have about 5 families we are teaching. And there are a lot more that are waiting for us out there. So.... pretty excited to be here another transfer.
I also had a lot of really good personal studies this week as I continue to read the Book of Mormon and started Doctrine and Covenants. I really liked chapter 4 from 2 Nephi. Nephi really just expresses himself from the heart. His word are really powerful. He talks about the trials he has gone through and the pain and sorrow he has because of his weaknesses, but he finishes with a pep talk he tells us to put away that sorrow and pain and anger that comes from the devil and to let it have no place in you (2 Nephi 4:28) and says to put your trust in the rock of your salvation who is Christ who he trusted and will trust for ever and ever! (2 Nephi 4:34). Who is our trust in? Is it in man? Ourselves? or Christ? If it is in Christ we need not fear or doubt, because we will be filled with Hope and Love and Joy and Peace even amidist our imperfections as a person. I love that chapter from Nephi.
Thanks for the love and support and everything you guys do for me. It really helps me every week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

NO QUESTIONS FROM MOMMA THIS WEEK....Since something went wrong with my gmail, I did not receive any messages from my son OR pictures..... {sad face}... however, I have found some interesting info about Lugazi.  See below.

Mormon Helping Hands Project at Mehta Hospital in Lugazi Uganda Africa...this was in 2015

Here is a map and information about Lugazi, Uganda.... where Elder Beck is right now....

Lugazi is a town in the Buikwe District of the Central Region of Uganda. The town is also called "Kawolo", and the two names are interchangeably used by the local inhabitants.

The town is on the Kampala-Jinja Highway, approximately 45 kilometres (28 mi) by road, east of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. (Kampala is where the mission home is)

In 2014, the national population census put the population of Lugazi at 39,483.

In 2012, a Little League baseball team from Lugazi qualified for the 2012 Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This was the second ever team from Uganda to qualify and the first to make the trip to the USA.[8]
Lugazi is also the home of the Uganda Revenue Authority SC, a member of the Uganda Premier Soccer League.
Sugar cane industry is big and wikipedia also mentions a golf course, which, I believe Elder Beck has golfed on.

On a side note, to update y'all. Elder Beck was in Kigali Rwanda for about 7 months, then transferred to Gulu, Uganda (nothern Uganda) for 6 weeks and now is in Lugazi, Uganda.

That's all I know.... anyone else want to add their 2 cents about Lugazi??

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