Tuesday, May 31, 2016

WK 3 of Lugazi transfer.....yum, grasshoppers!!

Elder Beck and fellow missionaries in Lugazi

Hello everyone. This week was a great week. Lots of things happening. Not sure if I can remember all the good stuff because I am a bit discombobulated right now. ha.
Tuesday we had a great day. Taught some lessons that were really powerful. Wednesday we had a nice DDM. Also got to visit an Rc named Francis. He has had a tough path in him and his families life, but for him he always says. If I have faith than it will all work out super powerful man. He also just received the Melchizedek priesthood this Sunday. It is amazing to see the great faith of the members here in Lugazi. Also he helped us this week big time in teaching lessons. he is great. We also taught a new family. They are really humble and friendly. They accepted a baptism date. They struggle a little with english, but a super humble family.
On Thursday we had a solid day. Nothing to complain about. On friday we went to Kampala early ( we woke up at like 5am) for interviews with the zone. It was super nice to be able to talk to President before he leaves at the end of this transfer and to learn as much as I can from such a wealth of knowledge. It is crazy that president is already going. He is a powerful man. I wouldn't be surprised to see him speaking in general conference someday. ha. One thing he told me is that something that has stood out to him the most on his mission is Obedience and the spirit. How important those things are too us. We need to be obedient to have Gods help and to even have the spirit with us and then we need to listen and act on the spirit. Then we came home to Lugazi and had a lesson. They fed us. WE had Grasshoppers. Posho. and greens and Mushrooms. It was actually super nice. I was enjoying big time. haha. Especially the grasshoppers. they are a nice snack. (guess what he'll be looking to eat when he gets home?!?  yum yummy!)
On Saturday we had a good solid day and even helped clean the church and it was looking fresh. ha. On SUnday we had a great day. 68 at sacrament and also got the family we taught on wednesday at church. It was awesome to see them walk in with a member that picked them up in the morning. Powerful. We also after church went with the entire branch presidency and the relief society president and visited two less active members. IT was awesome. The Branch presidency is powerful and the relief society pres is great as well. It is awesome to see how the branch leaders care so much and how big a difference that makes. Today we went to Kampala again for sports day at the super nice church building. I played some basketball and football and got to talk to and meet a lot of missionaries. It was fun. The Taxi ride was a different story. Not easy stuffing 21 people with bags in a 16 passenger van. hahaha, but it was worth it. It was a great week.
Something great I was able to come across many times was faith. Faith is amazing. Hebrews chapter 11 in the new testament just became one of my favorite chapers. It talks all about faith and what was able to happen because of faith. It is crazy to see how powerful faith is and how miracles, tender mercies, and amazing people can come from faith. Also the faith that Francis the RC has. That he trusts in god enough to not worry when he is going through these hard situations with his family. ALso the faith of the Branch leaders to go out and visit people with us and love the people so much. Faith is awesome. I love faith. I am trying to increase my faith everyday by the small and the simple things. Thanks for the love and support. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

MOM Questions..
1. What is your favorite treat to eat in Africa?
My favorite treat is either yogurt or fried grasshoppers.

2.  The girls are starting a new workout conditioning program for vb..... Are you doing a workout or is walking and digging enough?
I am trying to workout in the mornings.

3.I noticed how dusty your shoes are? Is that a daily occurrence? Are you shoes holding up?
Ya they get that dusty everyday.ALl the roads are dirt so they will get dusty. They are holding up pretty well.

4. Ps.. How about a, picture of you in your African tie?
Ok. I think I got your ties you got for me. I haven't opened the small package yet, but I think that is what they are.

Sugar cane....yum yum yum!

Sugar cane

Sugar cane prep

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