Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Another week, where did it go? Baptism, golf, riots, malaria

the Photo bombing continues...golfing African style

African golf wear? (Elder Gangire/Beck)

Hello! This week was weird because the days felt long, but I don't
know where the week went.

On Tuesday we had a lot of bounces of potential investigators, but had
a good lesson with Isaac preparing for his baptism on Sunday. Also had
a super frustrating lesson with a family that we had previously
dropped and I remember why we dropped them. They are super stubborn
and I just want to get up and walk away in the middle of the lesson.
Not easy. SOmetimes people just frustrate me. Why does sharing the
truth have to be so hard sometimes? ha. Then ON Wednesday we had a
super powerful lesson with our progressing family. Benard and Anipha.
They are awesome. Then we had a solid rest of the day.

On Thursday we did a lot of finding. And we met a lot of people that
weren't really interested in the gospel. Let's just say we hope that
we planted seeds for a lot of the people we talked too.ha. Then we had
a powerful lesson at the end of the day with a family. They are really
interested and they are both super smart. On Friday we had a tough day
full of bounces, but Isaac passed his interview and I taught institute
about the Book of Mormon. It was cool to learn more about how the Book
of Mormon came about and how important it is the the gospel and
church. I also know that anyone who reads it will get closer to God!
No matter if you have read it 100 times or Zero times.

ON Saturday we got bounced a lot again by our Potential Investigator
families. Nothing much happened except that Elder Tesch was taken to
the hospital and he has Malaria and Typhoid. SO that is not good.  (THAT IS
fun. He is improving though and doing well. So it was me and Elder
Tembo just us for a couple days. 

Sunday was awesome. 73 at church.
with 2 inv (investigating) families there and I gave a talk on Obedience. Then we had
an awesome baptism service for Issacc. It was great and he is an
awesome kid. His family is awesome as well. Then we had a tender mercy
in the afternoon. There was no one to help us translate for a mama
that we had a lesson with, but a member from Lira was visiting Lugazi
and helped us translate and it was an awesome lesson. Also found some
really cool people that want to learn more and join the church so
hopefully we can teach them and their families. Today for P-day there
was some rioting and such so we stayed at home. I played soccer with
Elder Tembo and 3 other members of the church. It was fun. soccer is
fun. |Then Elder Tesch and Elder Roylance came back. Elder Tesch is
doing better and is recovering. SOme some rioting and stuff on the way
to emailing. Pretty weird to see, but we are ok. DOn't worry. (SAY WHAT?!!)

Elder Beck, Issacc and Elder Tembo

I learned a lot this week. One thing I really like was from the Book
of MOrmon. I started over reading it again and it is amazing how I can
continue to get new things from it every time that I read it. I really
like the story of Sariah and Lehi. How Sariah was complaining and
worrying about her sons and LEhi was able to comfort her with his
testimony. A testimony is very useful. Share it with others. I also
like HOw Sariah went through a trial of her faith. She was perfect in
her faith, but with the help of Lehi she was able to make it through
and she recieved a witness in the end that they were doing what GOd
wanted them to do and that Lehi was a prophet. She gained that witness
after the trial of her faith. Ether 12:6 I thought that was a powerful
lesson for each of us. We don't have to be perfect, but we have to
push through and after the trial or the difficulty we gain that
witness and we know the truth. Even Sariah says " I know of a
surety......" Powerful.

PUSH THROUGH with FAITH amidst any trial and
you will strengthen your testimony and personal conversion so much.
Love you. Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions.
1.  Do you guys usually dress down on payday? Or does it depend? I noticed that you were wearing your white shirts when you went golfing and I didn't see any golf clubs? Do you use golf clubs? Or is there a new golf in Africa?
Ya we dress down when we do different activities on P-day, but usually
in public if we are just walking around town we are in our uniform.
ha. I don't know what picture you are talking about. When we were
golfing we were in p-day clothing. That was after golfing on our way
back home. WE used golf clubs and the golf is the same as in America

2.  How is the music there¿ Does it vary from pave to place? Do you enjoy it?
The music is good. They have a lot of american music but also local
music. It isn't too bad. Some is good, some isn't. Just depends.

3. What are some of the activities that the teenagers do for fun?
Play soccer, and not sure what else. Hang out. Listen to music. Not really sure.

4.  Have you learned to cook anything new? If so ,what?
I have learned a little bit. Like gravy. brownies. crepes. tortillas.
and tacos. I am going to learn how to make a rolex. so I can make them
for you when I get back. (yum!)

5.  Did you say you have a washing machine or are you back to bucket washing?
WE have a washing machine, but we don't have enough water to use it or
we will be out of water, so we hand wash. I do some of mine or I pay
the guard to wash them.

Elder Beck in the sugar cane

Hello Beautiful Africa!!

Just another day in Africa for Elder Beck

Sunset in Africa


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