Monday, May 9, 2016

The last 2 weeks...Chobe safari and transfer.. 6th companion

Elders on safari..... In chobe (no they didn't ride in a golf cart next to wild animals!)
Peek a boo elder Beck

Elder,Grant and Beck

Beck and Grant

Hello. It was a great week, but I don't want to be too long today.

Tuesday we had a good day,but at the same time got bounced some
because of the rain. We even found and taught some people in the
morning, but they didn't keep there word and come to church this
sunday..... Not easy. But we did have a nice lesson on the P.O.S with
our progressing family. THe spirit was there and the plan of SaLvation
is probably my favorite lesson because of the joy it can bring to
families and people. The plan of happiness and the plan of mercy. Many
different names for it because it can help us in many differnt ways.
The plan of salvation is true. Let it take effect for you!  On
Wednesday we had a fun day. We had a good couple of lessons and the we
traveled to a place somewhat far away kinda into the village to visit
a recent convert. It was fun, but when we got out there it started
raining pretty hard. so we waited for some time, but it continued to
rain and it wasn't letting up anytime soon, so we had to make a fun
trip through the village in rain, in the dark. It was fun. It was
probably the coldest I have been here in africa.ha

On thursday we had a good day, but we found out that one of the
families that was doing well and looking good for baptism in the
coming weeks. That the husband went to somewhere else in Uganda for
work and he was the one really helping the wife a lot. so we are going
to have to rethink it with that family, but praying for the best. On
friday we ahad a good day. We have a Less active member that we visit.
He is awesome, but he will put you to sleep. His voice is perfect for
sleeping. ha. We also had a good day though.

On Saturday. We had a tiring day of walking a lot. Most of our
appointments that we had planned for dropped, but we did some good
finding and found some potentially good families. We also had some
mexican food at a super nice restaurant. They sell some nice food. It
was nice. On sunday we had a good day. THe attendence at church was
low again, but we had some investigators at church still it was Peter
and his son, they are both pretty committed we just have to get the
rest of their family. We also had some great lessons. It was a great
day, but also tiring. This weekend was a hard weekend. Super tired,
but we got to go to Chobe. It was fun. We saw some animals and such,
but we had a nice breakfast and got to enjoy with some other
missionaries. It was fun. OVerall a great week.

I learned a lot this week, but something that has been standing out to
me is humility. I have really tried to be humble. It has made a
difference. Really looking at yourself and wanting to improve and
recognizing your mistakes and flaws and relying on the Lord. it is not
easy to be humble, but it really helps you realize things that you
never have seen before and helps you to avoid pride, which is the
start of all evil. Also I have been learning a lot about John the
Baptist lately. He is an awesome person. He was a humble and great
person. He new what he was suppose to do and he did it. He didn't show
off, He didn't seek to be greater than his calling, but he just did it
and let God really recognize what he really did. He is a great example
to me of Humility. Anyways have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck
Hello! This was a great week. A great last week of the transfer.Not to much interesting happened. Played some volleyball at FHE. Tryingto dominate, but not easy in missionary attire. haha. On Tuesday wehad an interesting lesson with someone. HE can talk. He talk to us itseemed like forever about the war stories of Uganda. man Pretty crazyand also hard to get a word in with this guy. haha. Also got bouncedlike a basketball. On Wednesday we had ZDM. It was a powerful ZDM.
Learned a lot about being a good missionary and things that I can
improve. It is sad that it was the last time we would have ZDM with
this Zone. IT has been fun. Living with all 8 elders in the zone. We
grew pretty close and made some good friendships. A lot of good
missionaries in this zone. We also had a good lesson with Francis and
Dennis. THey a family we are teaching. They are the sons. The parents
are Peter and Vincentina. Great family. Super Humble. Want to learn

On Thursday we had some service in the morning. Digging and weeding a
small field. It was fun, but always they don't believe white people
can dig. haha. Then we had a member go with us for almost the entire
day. It was good. We had some good lessons and even got fed some posho
and beans. Also had a powerful lesson with a recent convert about
Jesus Christ and his atonement. The spirit was there and the Atonement
is real. WHen you teach about the atonement the spirit is there so
strong because it is something so central, so important, so neccasary.
When we teach the spirit is strongest because people need to
understand the atonement the most. I love it. ha ON friday we went on
exchanges with Elder Manqele with a click in the middle. It was great.
We had some powerful lessons and also had to hide from some rain. On
saturday we had a great lesson with Peters family again. We set a
baptism date for the 22nd and they seem pretty excited about it. Also
had a missionary activity. Kind of a bust with people bringing
friends, but got to play some more killer volleyball.

On SUnday we had big hopes for many investigators that promised they
were coming to church, but didn't get a lot, but all of Peters family
showed up. Which was really nice. They will be a great addition to the
branch. I am excited for them. Also had some great talks and lessons
from the branch today. IT was great. Then of course I got to skype you
guys. Awesome. Too bad it was too short. Monday got transfer news. I
am going to Lugazi to be with Elder Tumba. It sounds like a great area
and a great companion. 6th companion. Crazy, but hey I am a traveling
missionary. Learning as much as I can. haha.6 weeks was to short in
Bardege, but I learned so much and got to meet a ton of awesome
people. It was great.

I have learned a lot this week. SOmething I learned from the Book of
Mormon was that it said that the Nephites were a very wicked people,
but in the same chapter it says they were fasting and praying. It made
me realize that just because we do pray, fast, read the scriptures, go
to church. It really doesn't mean anything if we don't have the right
purpose or understand what we are really doing. We need to know why we
pray, go to church, read the scriptures, and do all these things of
the gospel or they really don't do a lot for us and we can still be
unrightouess. I don't know if you understand what I am saying, but
live the gospel with a purpose and an understanding of it and it will
be a lot more of a benefit to you. (Who is this wise young man and what did he do with my boy? Luv it!) 

Also I learned from Helaman 3:35.
It says stronger and stronger and firmer and firmer. It means that it
wasn't just 0nce they got stronger or firmer, but they climbed. They
improved again and again. We need to always improve and always
progress everyday. That is God's plan for us. It doesn't matter where
you are in the gospel, but just as long as you are going up becoming
more converted. That is all that God cares about.(Again, who is this new found young man? So insightful! Love him!)

Thanks for the love
and support. Peace Yall. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

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