Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bouncing and Burnt offerings - -Second week in Lugazi

Happy African trails to you!  Elder Beck into the sunset

Hell-o! THis week was a little slow in terms of teaching, but went by fast because of the spirit.
On Tuesday we had a solid day. We also taught a new family. The lesson went well. He seemed interested and i am sure he felt the spirit, but for some reason he could not understand me. SO... the member we had had to translate my english to their english, but hey it went well. A little frustrating. We also chowed down on some sugar cane with a member. Super nice, but the jaw is a little sore. haha. 

On wednesday we got bounced a ton, but had a nice lesson with a recent convert and she also gave us super hot tea ( not against the word of wisdom type of tea). It was nice, but super hot drink on a super hot day, not easy.
On thursday we had some service in the morning. Me and Elder Tesch chopped wood. It wasn't so easy with an african axe, but we got the job done. haha. I was sore the next day. haha. Then we got bounced like a basketball again, but no worries we still enjoyed. 

ON Friday we had a nice day. WE met this super awesome guy with a family on are way from a RC lesson. I saw this guy and I felt like I needed to talk to him. I love the spirit, but we always have to be listening to it. Then we had institute. After which we got bounced again, but then we taught a great lesson with a part member family. We are planning on Issac to join his family in baptism on the 12th of June. Then we had a district dinner at home. We had Calzones. Not as good as ones back home, but they are still nice.
On Saturday we got bounced some more, but we had a great lesson with a guy. He was asking really good question and he is super humble. I just hope his wife won't be too stubborn. Then we did some powerful finding and found a family that is super smart, but they seem really staunch in their religion. 

On Sunday we got ready and went to the church and got on taxi's with the branch to go to stake conference. It was good. Got to see a lot missionaries and some that I haven't seen in a really long time. Also we had a great stake conference under a huge tent. There were somewhere like 600 people there. President Chatfield and sister Chatfield are preparing to go home at the end of the transfer. They are awesome!! gonna miss them, but they have done some great things here in the mission. Then we came home and did some more powerful finding and found a couple more potential families. we also had a lesson with the family we met yesterday. They are staunch, but they understand well. I know the spirit will testify to them. We also chowed down on some more sugar cane. Today we had a zone activity. We played ping pong. I lost in the championship 22-20.....it was fun to be with the zone.
It has been a great week. It has been full of bounces, but preparing the way for this week. A couple scriptures that I have liked 2 timothy 1:7 and 2 timothy 4:7. Paul he teaches us about the spirit and how to recognize it. He also talks about how he has kept the good faith until the end. Those two seem to be connected. In our lives as we recognize the spirit and do not doubt our faith, then we will remain faithful until the end. The spirit is so important in our lives. It is the comforter, it guides us, it protects us, it teaches us. Rely on they spirit and recognize it. Thanks for the love and support. Have a great week.
Love Elder Beck

Mom questions.....
1. How many missionary couples are there in your mission?
There are like maybe 6? Not too many so encourage more people to come to Africa as senior couples. Everyone loves it that comes here.

2. Did you ever get the ties that I bought for you and Elder Grant?
 I didn't get the ties. I bought some of my own from her. I didn't hear anything about you paying for them, but oh well.

3. What are some animals and plants you see there that we don't see here?
We see a lot of lizards, mice, sugar cane, Goondy Birds, lots of different birds, not to much different things. Different fruit trees. Like Jack fruit?


4. Do people ride mountain bikes there?
Not really, just really basic old bikes with sugar can or jerry cans on them filled with water.

5. How's the electricity and water situation where you're at now? Your bathroom looks a little sketchy but hey at least it's a flushable.
The electricity is great, but the water is running low because we have a leak in the shower, so the water goes quickly. but other than that it is not as bad as it looks. haha

6. Were the pictures you sent last week from people in Gulu or in your new area?
they were from both

Hello Mother.
It sounds like the house is coming along well Also it sounds like you had a pretty fantastic week. Biking, seeing some family, and an awesome sabbath day. wow. Things are going well here a little slow right now, but I see them picking up really quickly. I am enjoying and I have no complaints right now except our shower isn't working so bucket showers ya!. haha
Thanks for the email mother. I love you. Keep enjoying life.
Love Elder Beck

Burnt Offerings!!


Look how dusty my feet are!

Elders in my zone

Sugar Cane Sunset........aaaaaaahhhhhh

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