Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hello Mom! Look what I ate.......NICE!

Hello. This week was a nice week. A bit hot, but still nice.

Tuesday was a good day. We met and taught a refferel from a member. Super nice to get refferals from members. Makes the work easier and more effective. On Wednesday, we had a nice DDM and even I shared a ST about facing trials with joy and looking forward to difficulties because you know it will be for your good or it is for Christ's sake. It is something that has stood out to me. I want to be the person that has a smile on his face when challenges hits and always has a great attitude. THe funny thing is in the afternoon that day we got bounced a ton and it seemed like everybody we taught was super stubborn and wouldn't even let us talk to them. Funny how the Lord works sometimes. ha We also taught a nice family. They seem humble and it was a great lesson. THe thing is they are not legally married. ALso got to try white ants for the first time. It was white ants and cabbage. It actually was really nice. It probably helped that it was dark and I couldn't see what I was eating, but I thoroughly enjoyed. ha Then we had a really nice dinner with Elder and Sister Grundy. Reminded me of a nice meal back home. 

White ants.... Crunchy, yet satisfying!

On Thursday.we had a good day. Had a few bounces, but did some finding which was good. Also taught two powerful families. Sunny and Jennifer and Peter and his family. They are out two progressing families right now. They are really cool people and really want to learn. I am hoping and praying for the best right now. On Friday we were on exchanges with the ZL. WE were with Elder Kgomo. He is from South Africa. He is hilarious and makes missionary work fun. We met with some less actives and some recent converts. We also almost got ran over by a huge cow, but luckily the lord blessed us. THen we got chased by a drunk guy all the way home. hahaha. THat guy was not easy. Also got some awesome refferals. SUper nice.

On Saturday we did a lot of finding. Everyone says they can meet with us on Saturday's, but then they can't. Weird how that works.ha. But we had some good lessons and found some nice families. On SUnday it was a great Sabbath. We had 57 at church and we had 7 investigators at church. 3 families there. It was awesome. The branch was really getting involved and welcoming them and geetting to know them. The spirit was on fire! You could feel it. We also found some really nice families after church and got some nice mangoes from the tree. With the help of some accurate throwing Ugandan kids. Man I need to bring them back to the USA and start a baseball team with them. They have some arms.... ha. Kids are funny. ALso had another version of white ants. THis one was mashed up into a paste dipping thing. It was not as nice. Kinda tasted like dirt.... 

It was a great week. Reallly excited for this upcoming week. The Lord is blessing us in this work. It is fun. I have been studying through Alma this week and really about the missionary work of Alma and the sons of Mosiah. Great examples to all of us. I have been really grateful lately for many of the things that are going on around me. It is one of my favorite things to do is to be grateful. Especially being grateful to my Heavenly father. YOur relationship will grow with your father in Heaven as we are grateful and we realize that we are sons and daughters of him. That he is our father. I know it to be true. It is something so simple, but yet so important to really understand. Have a great week everyone. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions.....
1. How are your allergies?
My allergies haven't really been a problem. I have never even taken an
allergy pill since I have been here. I sneeze sometimes, but other
than that nothing much. (A miracle! Tender mercy)

2. Do you have a cell phone yet?
Ya we got a cell phone. It has been nice to have one. THe phone is a
basic Nokia phone. Just the brick ones.

3.  What kind of cell phone do they give you?  See previous

4. What is the language that they speak in Gulu? Other than English that is...
They speak Acholi up here. IT is a weird language. It sounds like
Chinese or something when they are having a conversation. I have
learned very small since I have been here.(very small? I think he is speaking the local slang language now??)

5. How do you feel about Poky baseball beating highland?
Wow that is
cool! And about Hunter pitching.
Thanks mother for the email and the love. You are the best. Love you. (My favorite part of every email)

Love Elder Beck

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