Tuesday, April 5, 2016

First week in Uganda (Gulu)....new digs, new area

WELCOME TO UGANDA.... (Uganda's equivalent to the Walmart greeter!)

Hello! This week has been pretty crazy! It has been weird to change and leave Rwanda to Uganda, but it is great as well.
On Tuesday I had to wash my clothes and pack. I am a slow packer as well. It takes me forever! We also visited some people to say goodbye, but it seemed like the day went by way to fast and I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone that I wanted. We also had a dinner appointment with Diuedonne and Kellen from K2. They were my first lesson I taught on mission and they doing great. Powerful family. It was fun to have a dinner and sing Hymns with them and the neighbors. It was sad to leave them though. 

Last supper in Rwanda at Kellen and Duidene's home

Elders Brogan, Beck, Koopmans (hiding), Mumba?

Elder Beck and Dieudonne

Elder Beck, Dieudonne, Kennedy?

On Wednesday I woke up super early at like 4. I couldn't sleep that night. Got ready and took off to the airport with the other 3 missionaries leaving Rwanda. It was sad realizing this could easily be the last time I will be in Rwanda, but let us hope not. We arrived in Uganda and I had my first Rolex. It is a Uganda signature. It is Chapati (bread) and Eggs (omelet w veggies and spices). Really it is pretty good. 

How to make your own Rolex .  (this is right up Elder Beck's alley as he lives on Eggs and toast! ha ha!)

Then we met everyone at the apartments in Kampala and I got to see and talk to a lot of missionaries. IT was a good time talking to them all. In Rwanda you don't get to see a lot of missionaries. IT was awesome. Got to see ELder Grant as well. Good to see my old and new companion.
On Thursday I woke up and again I didn't get a lot of sleep because it was hot and not comfortable. We got ready and left with Elder and SIster Taylor to Gulu. I got to ride in a sweet new Ford Ranger. SIck truck! IT was great to get to know the taylors as well. They are awesome people. We saw the NIle River on the way there as well. It was huge and a lot of water is coming down that thing. 

Elder Beck is in denial....ok, maybe he's not actually in the Nile but right by the Nile!

We got to gulu and moved in and checked out the area. It is pretty cool. all 8 missionaries and the senior couple stay in the same compound. so it will be fun. On Friday we had a solid day. We got to go out into our area with Elder Majawa who was in the area formerly, but now it is split and he is in the other half of the area. He showed us around, but I was so lost that day. I can't remember anything! haha. It was a good day though.

On Saturday we had a zone meeting and then me and Elder Grant got to go in our area alone and tried not to get lost. haha. It was good. We met a ton of families and some stubborn people as well. This area has a lot of families and a lot more people speak English here. It is really nice and we didn't even get lost.... That much. 

On Sunday we had church in the morning. The church building is pretty nice. The branch is struggling a bit right now. Only had 38 at church, but there are a lot of solid members. It is going to get better. We also had a couple lessons in the day and we have a super powerful person we are teaching. He is from India, but married or engaged to a lady from Gulu. THey are super nice and he says he feels something different at church. He is going to come here from now on. IT is awesome to see people recognize the spirit in their life. It was an awesome day. Today we cleaned and went and played some basketball. It was an actually pretty nice court and it was fun.
Overall it is awesome here. IT is different from Rwanda, but I am excited for the time I get to be here. There are more people that speak English. The missionaries in the Zone are awesome. It will be fun. Elder Grant is a great missionary. I am excited to learn from him.

Hoop time!

Full court on pday!

I have learned a lot from this week, but something that I really remember was in Romans 8:18 It says something like the sufferings that we go through now are not worthy of the glory that awaits us. Life can be hard,  things can be hard, but if we stay faithful the glory and the gift we receive will be something so much better we can't even compare them. Someone said one time that 'When we get to heaven and receive Eternal life we will be asking ourselves and Heavenly Father. Is this all that was required of me?' I am excited for that day....to  be with my family forever. It is what gives me hope and what should give us all hope in the great plan of happiness. I am grateful for this gospel. Have a great week. Love you
Love Elder Beck

MOM (and others) QUESTIONS:
1. Did you get your birthday package?  (his birthday is April 9th!)
Yes, picked it up at  mission home on way to my area.  (YES!)

2. How is your new area and is it far from your living quarters? Where do you email from? 
Our new area is only  like 5 minutes or 10 away from our apartment.
There is a small internet cafe near the apartment. The computers are a little older, but still nice. 

3. How are you doing? How is Uganda compared to Rwanda.From all the accounts of missionaries  going from Uganda to Rwanda think say Rwanda is supposed to be the nicest living area and most modern of all the areas compared to Uganda. Is that true?
I am doing well. Rwanda is one of the nicest places on the mission, but here in Gulu it isn't too bad. (I think he thought he would be living in a grass hut and cooking over an open flame)  
There are 4 of us in a apartment and we stay in the same compound as the other 4 missionaries and the senior couple. SO it is pretty awesome.  Things are well here. The apartment isn't too bad at all. They say that the water runs out sometimes and the power goes out occasionally, but so far so good. Except the water smelled a little funny at first, but it is getting better. The area is good. There seems to be a lot of families here. Me and Elder Grant see the great potential this place has. THe branch is smaller right now.... only 38 at sacrament meeting, but it has some strong members and is going to start strengthening. It is going to be difficult, but some great things can come out of it. 

4. I was wondering some clarification to the pictures you sent from the Safari last week. You were pointing to something. Was that the hippo out in the middle of the water that you're pointing to or Tanzania? 
I wasn't pointing at anything. haha. 

5.  Also, in your pictures from  last week.....who was baptizing Adrienne? She looked pretty happy! 
It was Bizimana baptizing her. He is the Elders Quorum President. 

6. When do you get to listen to General Conference?  It was awesome!
General Conference I am excited for. We should be getting it in a couple weeks or so, not sure on the exact date though. 

Sounds like you had a great week. 

THanks for being such a great example to me. You are the best Mom! Love YOu!  Thanks for the support Dad. I love you!

Love Elder Beck

Study area in apartment in Gulu

Open air and comfy couches

This is where the magic happens...eggs and toast anyone?

Misquitoes aren't getting though that net! 

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