Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tender Mercies

Hello this week was a great week. We started on Monday with Zone Conference and we talked a lot about Tender Mercies and this week I noticed a lot of them.
On Tuesday we did some service in the morning. We did some digging. Not easy, but funny to show these Ugandan's that a white guy can actually dig. Three of us digging hahaha. Then we had some good lessons and even met a new family and taught them. 10 Kids! wow that is nice. Also some killer dogs here so we had to wait for a little bit before we could get out. Ha. 

Wednesday we met another great family in the afternoon. This family we met when we just invited a guy to church. He came and now we visited him and his family. His family is great and most of them really want to know of the truth it is great. Definitely a tender mercy to find them. I had some simsim paste that a member gave us. It wasn't amazing, but still edible. Interesting.  (Sim sim paste googled....

On Thursday we had been without power and water for almost 2 days so that wasn't to0 fun, but it came back on in the evening so another tender mercy. haha. In the morning Elder Grant and I were determined to find someone teach them and get a baptism date with them. and guess what??  we did. We found this guy who let us in and we taught him and accepted a baptism date. It was great!! It made us realize how powerful attitude is in the work. Then after lunch we went out kinda to the village and met an Awesome less active. Then we came back and had some good lessons.

On Friday, we had a tough day. We got bounced quite a bit and we were expecting to get a phone finally, but they forgot to bring the Sim card with the phone. Man. I guess we will go an entire transfer without a phone. haha. Also the Grundy's came down. they are the new Senior couple up here. They have been to the UKM (Uganda Kampala Mission) 2 times before this time.
On Saturday we were able to watch some conference.  Man! It was great !  The spirit had prepared me and it was different than any other time I had watched conference.  It was great and it flew by. We also visited the family we met earlier in the week and they had studied and read the book of mormon. Powerful. We also had a dinner appointment. Posho and Beans gotta love it. 

On Sunday, we were able to watch some more conference. Now,I have watched all of it except for priesthood. It was powerful again. Learned so much. Disappointed with low show at church though, but still had some investigators show up. It was a great week. Today we just cleaned and went to the market to eat.
It has been a week full of tender mercies. This week and almost everyday I have been on mission I have noticed the beauty of the earth here in Africa. The clouds. The mountains. The sunsets. or the villages. It is beautiful. God is real. It reminds me everyday. I also see something everyday that makes me laugh. Whether it be another missionary, a pet monkey, or some funny kids. Also, we met some great families this week. Another is that it is mango season and I am enjoying on these mangos here. Many other tender mercies this week. It has been awesome to see all these great blessings that the lord had blessed me with. Look this week for all the tender mercies in your life this week. It will be a great benefit to you because it was for me. Have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

Mom Questions...
1. I know it's mango season but do they get any kinds of berries there? Strawberries raspberries ?
Not really any berries here.

Huts and village in or near Gulu

Gulu at night

Gulu Butterfly

Gulu Sunshine

Gulu sunshine too

Gulu landscape

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