Monday, March 14, 2016

Great week

Hello. It sounds like everyone had a great week and I know that I had a great week as well. Lots of great things going on here.

On Monday in the evening. It started coming down like crazy! We kinda had to stay under shelter. ON Tuesday, in the morning. It also started coming down like crazy. It was nice. It mad the rest of the day nice and cool. Nice weather for Proselyting. We had a solid day. Something I liked was in a talk by Elder Uchtdorf. He said "Now it falls to us to live as believers in a world of disbelief." I really like that quote. We have something great to do. SOmething Noble. That is to believe. On Wednesday, it was overcast so it was nice. We had a nice DDM and we had a good day.

On Thursday we found a great family the day before and we visited them. They were a nice family, but they are the people that like to yell and to shout while they pray. Always a little scary and have to keep one eye open because you never know what they will do. haha. We also visited both Adrianne and Aarron that day. They are preparing for baptism probalby for the 28th of March. Excited for them. On Friday we didn't have many lessons, but we did some good finding.

On Saturday, Jordan, the Branch Mission Leader, came to work with us for pretty much the entire day. It was awesome. We visited this awesome family in the morning. The wife came to church and the husband is trying to get Sunday's off so he can come to church. They are an awesome family, so pray for the husband to be able to come to church. We also visited another great family that evening. They are excited about the church and want to come from now on. It was an awesome day. We also cooked dinner for another family. THey wanted to see AMerican cooking. So we cooked them pasta. Hahaha. It was good though. Reminded me of eating dinner with the family back home.

On Sunday, we had a great Sabbath. We had 72 at church and a ton of our investigators came to church as well. I also gave a talk in church about humility. I thought it went pretty well, but you never know do ya. It was also great to see the branch getting excited about the missionary work. Many people welcoming the new investigators and many people coming up to me asking if they can help or that they have some people that want to hear about the gospel. It is awesome when the entire branch gets excited about the work. It was a great week and it was awesome to see some families and people progress.

It was a great week. I learned a lot as well. This week I have been studying in the book of Helaman. It is a great book and talks a lot about how they became wicked and then they became righteous. How they became wicked again, but then they became righteous again. Back and forth. It all was because of pride. Even in my talk on Sunday I talked about Humility and how it is the opposite of pride. Everyone can improve on being more humble. Humble yourselves and forget about yourselves and what can make you better and what can make you great in the sight of Man. Remember Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, the perfect example of Humility. Be Grateful. Being Grateful drives pride away. Put God First in everything that you do. Your joy will be so much more fullfilling and satisfying. Being Humble can be hard sometimes, but is worth it. Have a great week. Love you.

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions....
1. Being on vacation everyone asks for your I.D.... It's kind of a pain.  Do you carry your papers and identification with you everywhere you go?
I don't really carry anything with me. Except my National ID. I have never been asked for my ID, but I don't know if others have or not, but seems to not be a problem.

2.  What has in inspired you this week? For me it has been people staying strong in their faith in God even with the trials and struggles they have.....
Elder Beck:This week. What has inspired me is Conference talks. I have been reading one almost every morning and it is great to hear from the living prophets and apostles. They are inspired with modern day scripture specifically for us. I am trying to finish all the last conference talks before conference happens in the U.S. I can't belive that there is only like 3 weeks till conference again. I am getting pumped. Even though it will be longer for us.

American food.... Spaghetti dinner!  It was either that or eggs and toast.

So this is what you eat in America?

yogurt baby

More spaghetti please

Elder Beck??

Cool clouds in rwanda

Still can't believe Eryn is driving. Seems to young. Snowboarding.... Sounds fun, but skiing is the best. That is true about the family and the constancy. It is nice and a great blessing. Pumped for Luke. That is awesome. It was a great week this week. We had a lot of success with our investigators and them really progressing. It is awesome to see the fruits of our labors. We should be having at least 2 baptisms these last two weeks of March. 2 more weeks of the transfer. Excited. I am hoping I stay at least another transfer where I am.

Thanks for the email. Mom. Good to hear that everything is going well. I love you. Have a great week.

Love Elder Beck

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