Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas in Africa: 3 transfers, 3 companions, 2 baptisms and a giraffe in an acacia tree!

It has been a while since I wrote about what I have been up to here in Rwanda. I will try to remember what happened. 

Last week was a pretty normal week. It was week 6 of this 12 week transfer. We got Isabell and Mignione ready for the Baptism on the 20th.

I also found a small Christmas tree to help bring the Christmas spirit here to Rwanda. ha.

We also had a branch Christmas party on Saturday. It went really well. A lot of people showed up and it was a good time. A little disorganized, but still really good. Saturday Night Elder Osei-tutu went into the hospital and had acute apendicitis. He had surgery that night.
As well the Leibels got robbed that night, so pretty crazy time! (Elder Beck can relate as the same thing happened to him as he slept at night with his dad in a hotel room in San Diego the week before he went it in his mission.... Crazy burglars! Everyone is safe though it is frustrating!)

Then on Sunday we had a great day. We had a good church service. We were a little low on attendence at 44, but it was still really good. After Church we had the Baptism of Isabelle and her daughter Mignione. It went really well. I was able to baptize Isabelle and Elder Wilson was able to baptize Mignione. They had a really good experience and bore really strong testimonies afterwards. It was powerful to see. Isabelle was one of the first people I taught when I got here in Rwanda and to see her and her daughter baptized was one of the best feelings and things to be a part of.  They even invited us over to eat afterwards, which is always a bonus. Even if it is Bugali.ha

This week was also very very good. It started of with a trip to Akagara game park on P-day! It was awesome. We saw so many animals. Zebras, Girafees, Cape Buffalo, Impala, Warthogs, Wildabeasts?, Elephants, Hippos, and many other animals. My favorite part was probably the Elephants. We found a group of like 8-10 and we followed them around for some time. It was amazing to see. It was a great P-day. Except I wasn't able to email home. ON Tuesday we had a busy day of lessons. We visited many people. 

On Wednesday, President and Sister Chatfield and the two AP's came down for Zone Conference and a little bit of a small Christmas party. Zone conference was really good. I learned a lot of really good things and we focused on Unity. Unity is something very important in Missionary work and every other aspect of life. THen in the afternoon and evening we visited some people and went out with the AP's. 

On Thursday, we had a small Christmas party with the Chatfields, where they took us out to eat at a really nice place called Heaven. It was super nice. Then we went back to one of the Branches and watched the Christmas slide show for the year. I even made it into the slideshow. Then we took the Chatfields and the AP's to the airport. It was  a good Christmas Eve.

On Friday, Christmas! I opened the package I got from home and also the small present the mission gave all the missionaries. It was a Uganda Kampala Mission Temple Recommend Holder. It is sweet! Then of course it was great to skype home and talk to the family. It went by way too fast though.

Then on Saturday, we got back to work and had a busy full day. Sunday was a great day. We got to church and we ended up with 63 at Sacrament! And with a lot of our investigators at church as well. Then we visited some families afterwards and helped K1 teach some people, because Elder Osei-tutu is out of commison(appendix recovery). 

On Sunday night we got news that Elder Wilson will become the new AP and that I will get a new companion named Elder Brogan. He will also become the new Zone Leader. We will be really young now here in Rwanda. The Oldest being on mission for only 8 months. SO ya... 3 companions in 3 transfers. Right when I get used to one they take them away and give me a new one. haha, but it should be good. Next week we have most likely 4 baptisms and then 2 the week after. so it should be really good coming up.

It has been a great couple of weeks and these past two weeks I have been really studying about Jesus Christ and Christ-like attributes. I have found that developing Christ-like attributes is neccesary for our salvation. It is not something that is optional. Also that we can always be improving on those different attributes no matter how well we think we are. And the way we can improve those is by looking to the source and that is Jesus Christ. He was the perfect example for us and we should strive to be like him. One thing I really liked from studying this week was about Humility is when He is suffering in the Garden he says in Mathew 26: 39 "Not my will but thine be done...." Great example of being humble and submitting to the Father. It makes me want to become more humble and develop those Christ like attributes.

By the way the haircut is actually a couple weeks old, so it was even shorter than it was. ha!

Thanks for the emails, the love, and the support. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Talk to ya next Year. 

Love Elder Beck

Mom questions:

Hello Mother! It was great to talk to you and everyone else as well. It was too short though. I wish it could be longer. It sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas and continue to have one as you travel to St. George for the wedding. I love the pictures. Thanks for the email and thanks for the prayer you gave during the skype call. (So sweet, I love missionary gratitude!)

1. How many total missionaries in your mission? 
There are about 126 missionaries total in the entire mission.

2. What are the names of all the missionaries in Rwanda?
See below

3. Elder Liebel (of the missionary couple from BLACKFOOT Idaho)  sent us a safari picture of you, other missionaries... Who are all the other young men in this picture?

Elder Wilson (companion.. Tallest one), Elder Myers (Utah) his head poking out from the back and Elder Gondwe (Zambia) standing next to the sign, Elder Erckanbrack (St. George) wearing red shorts in picture and Elder Osei-tutu (Ghana) not present dt appendectomy. (He is recovering and doing fine btw!)

Jimmy far left. He is leaving for a mission to the Congo in January. JP is next from the left he is K3 don't know that much about him. good guy though. then Emile is next. He is awesome. He is 1st Counselour in K3 branch. Then Bisimana. (not sure if I spelled it right). 

4. Tell us again about elder Wilson. What is his first name and where is he from? What do you like most about him?
Elder Wilson's first name is Elliot. He is from LA.  He is really good at impersanations from different movies. Also for him he is going to be the new AP. SO he is leaving this Wednesday and I am getting a new companion and a new Zone Leader. His name is Elder Brogan . Don't know much more about him. Should be interesting.

That is all for now. Love, mom

Pictures from akagera safari..

Can you feel the love from Africa?
See the giraffe in the background?!
Giraffe to the far right..

I don't know why but this picture reminds me of elder beck!
Elder Beck said the elephants charged the truck ..or at least moved menacingly towards them...

What do you see in the African sky?

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