Monday, December 7, 2015

December ?!? Time is flying.....

Wow. I can't believe it is already december. Does not feel like it here in Rwanda. I have had a great week though. It flew by.

We met a lot of great people this week and even on Wednesday after we were bounced by one of our appointments, we were at the church calling some people to go visit, when a former investigator and someone else walked in. She was someone that was suppose to be baptized when I first got to Rwanda, but kind of disappeared. This time she was visiting the church and brought a friend that is interested. She wants to be baptized and the friend is very interested and wants to learn more. It is funny how we got bounced and were looking for someone to visit and the Lord just sent someone our way. Tender Mercies... Gotta love em! Then on Thursday we met with 4 new Investigators. They are all awesome. We had been struggling a bit to find new investigators lately and we have been blessed this week to find a ton of them. We are going to have to get more missionaries down here in Rwanda!! Also there was a football tournament going on this week. Rwanda played Sudan on Thursday and won on penalty shootout. It was funny right when Rwanda won everyone started celebrating for a while and then they went back to being normal after about 10 seconds.

On Friday we had a good day. We visited the Leibel's (mission couple) home that day and when you go there you know you are gonna be there longer than you plan for because Elder Leibel loves to talk. He is a great guy though. Then we had to go on exchanges with K3 Elders because we had a baptism interview for Miracle. So I was with Elder Myers. It was a good time and we did some street contacting and there was this hilarious drunk guy that was talking in a high pitched voice. It was funny. Then we went treking through the valley in the dark to visit someone. It was a good time. On Saturday, we had a great day other than that Elder Wilson was sick with a bad cold. We met this wonderful family and taught them the first lesson. They are very excited about the church and are a great family. They have one kid. Also Uganda played Rwanda in the final. Uganda won... Elder Wilson was happy about that. Then we took forever to find an investigators home. We were so lost, but we finally found it.

On Sunday we had a wonderful church service. We had 65 in attendance. Another Record. and we had Miracle's baptism. We also have another investigator who is scheduled to be baptized on the 27th December that we taught. We went over to Miracle's home for some food and a get together for her baptism. It was a good time and also it was some good food. They are a powerful family. Martha and Kennedy (the parents) and Anne Mary (one of the kids), was baptized 6 months ago and we just baptized the other 3 kids (Heritier, Peace, Miracle). They are great and really strong in the gospel. It was a great Sunday.
Elder Wilson, Miracle, Elder Beck

This week Flew by.... I saw a ton of blessings this week and the work in Kigali is really progressing. All 3 Branches are doing well. This week I finished reading the Book of Mormon and one of my favorite chapters was Moroni 7 about Faith, Hope, and Charity. Also I really liked the scripture Omni 1:26. It is about coming unto Christ and offering up our whole souls unto him. Especially during this Christmas Season we can offer up our whole souls unto him by serving others and following his example. Christ never did anything for himself during his life. It was always for others. Anyways, thanks for all the emails and have a great week. Love you.
Love Elder Beck

1. The price of gas dropped below $2.  In fact, we just pumped Costco $1.90/ gal. Woot!  What is the price of gasoline in Rwanda? Is filling up the same as in the good ol USA? 
GAS HERE IS LIKE 868 FRANCS A LITER. HERE SOMEONE FILLS IT UP FOR YOU.  (Someone do the math here and get back with me!)  745.25 francs/dollar.  It's .26 gal/liter or 3.7 liter/gal.  $4.31/gallon.  Someone check me!  yikes! that's high! That's a lot of Francs....Francs hot sauce!)

2. Your cousin Braxton is officially in a relationship... According to FB.... Do you have any advice for him and his sweet girl friend?  GOOD JOB BRAXTON. 
Rwandan clouds and skyline

3.  For those of us who have never been to Rwanda, can you describe the flowers, plants, animals and people?  VERY GREEN HERE. THERE ARE PALM TREES. BANANA TREES. NORMAL FLOWERS. BIRDS THAT ARE NOT VERY SMART, THE PEOPLE ARE SKINNY, MOSTLY. THERE ARE SOME WEIRD DOGS. CATS. LOTS OF LIZARDS.
4. Can you take a picture of your name badge and send it to me? I WOULD BUT THE INTERNET IS BEING DUMB.
5. How's your health? Are you maintaining your weight? Staying hydrated? Getting enough to eat? I THINK MY HEALTH IS GOOD, BUT I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THE WEIGHT.

6.  What's the plan with Skype? Do we need to just get it set up and let you know what's going on? Let us know if there's something you need us to do.  I AM NOT SURE WITH SKYPE YET, BUT I WILL LET YOU KNOW AS SOON AS I CAN.

7.  Have you received any letters?  I HAVEN'T RECEIVED ANY LETTERS YET.  (we have sent 3 letters to Rwanda....or to someone :) . 
Love you tons.  We are so happy with all the work you're doing. Bringing the light of the gospel to all who will hear.  I'm just continually amazed at missionary work.
Love, mommacita

Thanks mom. Love you

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